Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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*********phone rings*****

“Hello Bae” I said as I answered the call.

“You still coming?” She asked

“For sure I replied” As I smiled to myself.

“Will be waiting babe, just be fast”

I quickly terminated the call and went back into the shower that was already dripping down with warm water. It wasn’t long before I was set and ready to go have the best of nights in a very unknown location.


******************Next few minutes*******************

I was set for the night in a very tushed up apparel. I carefully locked up the windows and the door before finding my way out of the estate. I looked around and no sign of any form of transportation for me, then I decided to do what was needed. I picked up my phone and dialed the number of my favorite taxi guys that lives around the neighborhood.

“Bro how far” I asked when he picked up his call

“You still dey around make you come pick me?”

There a positive response from him and I waited just a bit before I saw him come around.

“Obalende” I told him as I hopped in and made myself comfortable. I brought out my phone  and fiddled with it while we navigated our way to Obalende.

“Stop me at the closet bank” I requested from the driver.

‘No probs my Oga” He replied. That word Oga got me so emotional. I had been a young kid that no one cared about. I had struggled my way to land my first job despite finishing school at a bright age and time. Life is a struggle, and when I looked back and saw some of my mates that were already swimming in money, I knew that I had to double up my hustle. I couldn’t steal, I couldn’t kidnap rich people, but I know exactly the idea of using what I have to get what I want. I stopped by at a new generation bank and made way for the ATM, while my driver provided security for me. I decided to check out my account balance, and I couldn’t just believe my eyes.

Imagine for a guy who had been hustling and taking up various jobs just to buy various things in the house, having more money than he could ever imagine. I quickly withdrew about 50 thousand and made way back into the car.

“Let’s go” I informed the driver who ignited the car and off we were. We continued the journey till we approached Obalende.

“Just wait, make I call who wan pick me” I told the driver

‘You be boss na, anything wey you say I go do” He responded.

“Hahaha” I giggled and made the call. Few minutes later, a guy came around with a car and asked me to enter.

‘Why?” I asked surprised

“She said I should pick you up” He responded. I looked at the driver that brought me here and the one that was about driving me and inhaled loudly. The driver that brought me to that junction gave me a “do your wish” sign. I quickly paid him off before entering reluctantly into the car.

I am a hustler and I was willing to take any risk just to survive. I have been through a lot and the pressure was already getting to me. I had money, but I couldn’t call it mine. I took some few minutes to recap my life history while inside the car. I was still in thoughts, when the driver informed me that we had arrived the destination.

“Is this madam Juliet’s house” I asked him quietly. He smiled and looked at me

“Any problems?”

“No” I replied shaking my head horizontally.

“Follow me” He said as he led me through the stairs of the building. We finally got into the gigantic building and I sat on the sofa inside the parlor. I was served a drink by that man, which I rejected on the basis that I don’t take alcohol. I wish he knew that my second name in the university then was Crocodile.

It wasn’t long before I saw something that made my heart jump into my stomach. An elderly man in his 60’s I presumed approached me while I was seated, and I immediately stood up to greet.

‘Her father?” I questioned myself. I kept calm and didn’t want to show how scared I was. I looked around trying to find possible escape routes that would serve as an emergency exit. I stood up to greet him.

“Don’t worry, have your seat” He politely told me as he went over to his own chair. I was carefully anticipating every move and regretted coming out so late for such a meeting. He was staring at me in a manner that made me quite uncomfortable. I resisted eye contacts with me, as I made sure we never had any of them again. The silence was becoming unbearable coupled with the way he was looking at me.

“I came to see my boss” I said on purpose in other to break the silence.

“You came to see your boss?” He asked in a sarcastically manner. At this point I was confused on whether to tell him a yes or a no. I knew all the illegal thing I and madam Juliet had done, so it was a nightmare knowing the correct answer to give to him.

“Yes! I came to see my boss” I replied trying to make myself look confident. Few minutes later, Madam Juliet appeared from inside the house, tying a sexy towel as I lusted over her laps. I knew the taste of those laps, but the present condition wouldn’t allow me to gush over it just well.

She walked closer and gave me a peck on my cheek right in front right there in the presence of the man.

“It is him I told you about” Madam Juliet said to the man.

“Oh nice, he already told me” The man responded. Deep down my heart I was praying that this shouldn’t be the case of Madam Grace and the bald hair oga Paul.

“So tell him why you came” Madam Juliet directed me

“What?” I said with my mouth agape. I looked at the man and Madam Juliet surprised and was left confused like a woman who was asked to boil and fry specified eggs.

“Tell him why you came na” She repeated again.

“You asked me to come Ma” I responded like a little boy who was caught stealing.

“Come to do what?” She interrogated further. I was not only surprised but was confused by the reason she was asking such questions.

I looked at the man and around the house, to know what would become of my miserable self, when I finally confess that I actually came to have sex. I was as weak as a man who just finished 5 rounds of sex, and didn’t just know what to do. I bent my head and starred downwards, because looking at them got me confused the more.

Finally, the man broke the silence with words that pierced my soul like a hot knife to butter…

“So I heard you came to …”

To Be Continued!!

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