Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I stood there looking like someone who was practically lost with no idea of what to do next.

“Won’t you open the door for us?” Madam Grace queried with a weird look. That was when I remembered that people were actually outside. I had been caught red-handed and there was no viable explanation to what has happened. They slowly marched inside the house, madam Grace and oga Paul like I called him; with no idea of the shock they were about to receive.

“Who is this?” Was the next shout I heard from within the house. I stood outside shaking my head vigorously with no idea of what to do. I sluggishly went inside and saw the three of them looking at each other.

“Who the hell is this?” Madam Grace asked with a degrading voice.

“My sister” I replied almost immediately

“What!” Jenny intercepted immediately as she stood up from her seat and looked me in the face.

“If you are not his sister; who are you then?” Madam Grace asked in fury

“The girlfriend and who are you?” Jenny questioned back. The slap that accompanied the statement was enough to pull the foundation of a house down. She staggered back as soon as madam Grace landed the slap on her face. I wanted to react, but the look that madam Grace gave to me reminded me of something I couldn’t comprehend.

“You are standing here and you did nothing to the slap she gave to me?” Jenny moaned as she held on to her cheek. I stood there looking emotionless as Madam Graced dragged her from one place to another with her hair.

“Now get out of this house before I open and close my eyes”

Jenny was visibly crying. I stood there and looked on with no emotions attached as I watched how they humiliated her. She bent down to pick up her bracelet before Oga Paul spanked her heavily on her ass. She cried even not loud, but I knew she was so pained by the incident.

“Thank you for the insult” She said “One day you will come begging me, when all these ones have disappointed you”

She immediately tried to clean her face but she was pushed outside roughly. She tried to fight back but a little push from Madam Grace sent her rolling on the floor as she sent crashing her head to the wall lightly. All these while, oga Paul was busy staring at me, waiting for my actions. I stood calm and exhibited no emotions.

“Next time don’t do this” Oga Paul warned

“Yes sir” I replied gently.

“See how you have disgraced me: Madam Grace came back to the house yelling..

“I am sorry” I apologized

“Mtcheewww” She hissed as she went inside the bedroom with Paul and sat down on the bed. I was now a stranger in my own house, but there was nothing I could do about it. She paid the rent and most of the equipment in was bought by her. If I attempted to act funny, I would sleep outside or most likely under the bridge the next day.

“So why the visit today” I said as I entered inside the room and saw them discussing on my own bed.

“Henry complained that you treated him badly when he came here” Madam Grace complained

“Who is Henry?” I acted like I didn’t remember such name. If there was a name I would forget in a hurry, that name would be Henry.

“So you don’t remember Henry again? The guy that slept in your house the other day” She said as she looked at Oga Paul with a stunning look. I wonder what a man was oga Paul. He speaks less and always acts either on instruction from Madam Grace or acted out of necessity. Apart from all these, he wouldn’t act or speak again.

“You sent him here to me?” I asked with a little anger in me.

“That is the normal thing we always do” She replied back. I nodded my head in surprise.

“You know how much he injured my ass?”

“Doesn’t matter”

“Really?” I asked back

“Yeap” She replied.

“So why are you guys here?” I asked once again with confidence

“We want you to go on your first assignment” She replied

“What assignment are we talking about?” I asked curiously

“Give him the bag” Madam Grace directed Paul as she directed his view towards the bag. He brought the bag and opened it and it was those white substances again.

“I guess this is cocaine” I asked

“Exactly” She replied

“I want you to deliver it somewhere for me”

I nodded my head as she kept on with many explanations. She was done and finally asked “understand?”

“Yes!” I replied with a smile

“Can you two do me one favor?” I requested. They opened their eyes wider in form of acceptance and waited patiently for me to speak.

“Now I want the both of you assholes to stand up and get the fuck out of my house” I yelled as I pointed towards the exit door which I couldn’t actually see from the inner room. She looked at oga Paul and back to me before they both went into deep laughter.

“Okay… good I made both of you to laugh, but I will count just from one to two and let me see you two idiots outside of my house immediately.”

“You house?” She asked sarcastically

“Yes my house” I replied while nodding my head positively. They were still having a good laugh at the subject matter as I left the room and came back with nothing. I thought of what exactly I would do to the two assholes sitting right there on my bed. I quietly went to Paul’s side and dragged him up in fury, sending him crashing across the wall.

“To you madam, I am giving you just the count of 10 before I bundle you outside in a rather disgracing manner” I yelled in anger

She was visibly shocked and Paul who held on to his head with no urge to fight back at all.

I looked at him while I anticipated his next move. He held on to his head when he finally stood up from the floor. Madam Grace was still reluctant to leave, so I went to her side and dragged her up in fury as she struggled to let go of me. I finally pushed her off the bed as I pushed her towards the exit door of the room.

“It’s okay” She yelled as she loosened herself from my grip.

“You have finally bitten more than you could chew” She said with a smile which was rather portrayed deceit.

“You think I care?” I asked out of anger “Do I look like a fool you can manipulate their life just like that?” I yelled out in anger

“Fvck you, fuck you too” I said pointing at the both of them and “Fvck the next person I will see in this house from you two”

“Before I forget, tell your Henry I am coming for a little show with him when the time is right”

I immediately watched them as they took hold of their possessions and made way out of the house. Oga Paul had barely left the door, when I slapped the back of his bald hair. HE looked at me with a flash of anger and I gently reminded him with a smile

“That one’s for Jenny”

He nodded his head in affirmation and left the door. “Fvckers!” I exclaimed. I remembered I had a meeting with Madam Juliet from my workplace, so I quickly went over to the bathroom to have a good shower.

*********phone rings*****

“Hello Bae” I said as I answered the call.

“You still coming?” She asked

“For sure I replied” As I smiled to myself.

“Will be waiting babe, just be fast”

I quickly terminated the call and went back into the shower that was already dripping down with warm water. It wasn’t long before I was set and ready to go have the best of nights in a very unknown location.

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