Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Hello” I greeted as I looked into my phone to have a closer look who the caller is really before I screamed out lightly.

“Good afternoon Ma” I rephrased

“Where are you and why haven’t I heard from you for a while?” Madam Juliet quizzed.

“I have been down for a while” I responded as I adjusted my voice to perfectly suit my present condition.

“So what has been wrong?” She asked again as I felt so uncomfortable with the questions she was posing at me. I knew it wasn’t difficult to detect that my condition wasn’t a funny one judging from my voice on phone.

“I am just fine” I replied as I exhaled deeply.

“Come to my house tomorrow” She requested and I was about to raise an objection before she objected before me.

“No excuses, 3pm tomorrow.”

“Ok babe” I said as I terminated the call. It wasn’t long before I felt obliged to answer the call of nature in the rest room. I quickly stood up and padded my ass gently before reaching to the rest room. I had barely removed my boxers before I felt drops of poo running out of my ass coupled with great pains. I screamed and I tried forcing the others out of my body. At a point it was as if hot coals were deposited inside of me. I forced myself and screamed before it finally fell off into the loo. I immediately ran to the shower and I bent my ass and water fell on it to reduce the great pains that accompanied it.

I felt a huge sigh of relief as I walked naked into the parlor that was already getting chilly as a result of the Air-conditioner.  It wasn’t long before I fell asleep.

The next day I barely stood up from bed as the pains grew worse and the ass was aching so badly. I kept feeling so uncomfortable and the thought of going to church didn’t even cross my mind. I was still groaning away in pains when I heard a knock on my door and I sluggishly stood up to check out who knocked on the door.

“Hi babe” I said and forced a smile onto my face. She looked so excited and smiled back. “But you didn’t tell me you were coming around”

“I wanted to just surprise you” She said as I opened the door and she quickly gave me the warmest of hugs I had ever received in ages. She gave me a deep kiss before I even remembered to lock up the door.

“You didn’t go to church?” I enquired

“Here is my church” She replied as she made way for the fridge and made herself comfortable with some drinks she found right there in the fridge.

“So have they finally freed you?” She asked sarcastically.

“Who?” I asked back

“The women that won’t allow you rest”

“Oh… I see” I muttered. “Was anyone ever holding me ransom?” I asked as I created a false mean look on my face.

“The other day I came here, I knew there was someone in the house” She said with confidence.

“And you told you there was someone?” I asked

“Because you felt I went home, but I hung around” She confessed. The shock on my face would have been enough to kill a boy of 10years.

“Baby I love you and I won’t ever let you go without a fight. You mean the world to me and you are all I have in this world” She professed to me. I looked so dumbfounded as guilt took over my heart almost immediately.

“I am sorry baby” I pleaded as I brought her closer to my side.

“I have been an asshole but I know that you will always forgive.” I could see tears in her eyes as she hugged me so tight and cried upon my shoulder.

“I want to make love to you” She whispered into my ears gently.

“What?” I exclaimed. She immediately pulled out and looked me in the face to be sure I was actually the one that made such reaction.

“What for what?” She asked surprised.

“I don’t just feel fine, so I am just too weak to do anything” I complained to her. She hyperventilated before she nodded in agreement. I knew it was a passive agreement, but there was nothing I could do about it. She had barely shifted from my side, when I brought her closer and gave her a deep kiss. She reacted almost immediately like a starved lion who was served with a lamb for lunch. She quickly grabbed hold of me and sent me downwards as he mounted me with full force.

“Arrghh” I moaned in pain

‘Are you okay?” She asked

“Yes Babe” Just a little pin that injured my back

“Sorry babe” She apologized before heading straight for my undies. She quickly brought out my rod and stroked it in such a way that I felt every bit of the stroke. I moaned in pleasure as she also inserted it inside of her mouth and licked it like it was a juicy straw sweet. I held onto her hair at every stroke she made and it was getting more and more intense.

I closed my eyes and imagined every bit of what was going on as I also reached for her boobs and tickled the nipple. I undressed her after I forgot the pains that lingered in my ass and I was ready to devour her as ever. I quickly removed the polo she wore and flung her bra off within a record time of 2seconds.

“Kill me babe” She yelled out of excitement. I went down a bit on her and tickled her clits with my tongue as she grabbed my hair and scratched it badly. I opened her little hole perfectly as to have an inner view before I stuck my tongue right inside of it.

She was already dripping wet as I licked every bit of the juice she was releasing from inside her hole. I tongued screwed her so badly that she kept repeating “fvck me baby.”

I was finally set to unleash my dragon inside of her before I heard a knock on the door. I was reluctant to stand and go because I was fully focused on tearing Jenny apart. The knock persisted and I quickly had to pull up my boxers before I made way for the door. I opened the net when I got there and looked to see who the visitor was.

“Jesus” I muttered with a huge shock and disappointment on my face.

“Won’t you open the door for us?” Was what they said next.

“Are you okay baby?” Jenny shouted from within.

“Who is that inside?” They asked me.

“Fuck!” I yelled…. To Be Continued.

***Who were they and what were they looking for?”


Catch it on the next episode**************

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