Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Let me help you…” The voice said again.

“Who are you?” I asked with the feeling of pains and surprise.

“My name is Henry, we met at the club with madam grace” He said with a kind of feminine voice.

“Oh Jesus Christ” I wailed as I used my hands to rub over my face, trying to figure out exactly what happened. I took away the blanket that covered my body and discovered I was totally naked.

“What happened to me?” I questioned curiously

“You should know” He replied as he feigned ignorance about the question I poised to him. I tried adjusting on the bed, but I felt a sharp pain right through my anus. I slowly touched it and the pain increased greatly.

“Did you…” I paused looking at him with a feeling that conveyed both anger and confusion. “Did you…” I repeated again without knowing the exact words to use.

“Did I do what?” He asked again. I was confused whether to use the word rape or have “sex with me.” I wondered how I could ask my fellow guy if he had sex with me. But I already knew that he had disvirgined me right through my anus hole.

“You fvcked me?” I finally spoke out with anger.

“You asked me to” He replied with confidence.

Pointing at myself with my mouth agape, I paused for a second to reminisce over what I heard from his mouth. “I asked you to fvck me?” I asked with tears almost coming out of my eyes.

“Yes you did” Was his honest reply.

I quickly placed my hands on my head as a sign of lamentation and he even came close to hug me.

“Don’t be angry babe” He said as he wrapped me in his arms. I quickly pulled out immediately at the words I heard

“Did you just call me babe?” I asked surprised “oh fvck!”

“You know what, just get out!” I ordered as I pointed towards the door.

“Just get out” I repeated.

“Baby calm down” He repeated again

“Now listen” I said sounding very mean and harsh. “Let this be the very last time you would call me baby” I repeated holding onto my anus that was already hurting so badly. I could barely adjust from the bed, but so I positioned myself ass down to avoid feeling the pain so much. He nodded in agreement after my warning and slowly stood up to where his clothes were. I saw the sight of his dick and busted into tears immediately. I never believe I was a recipient of such huge flesh of meat entering into my body.

“Was that what you used on me?” I asked as I held back tears. He didn’t say anything but kept on putting on his clothes. I tried inserting my hands into my anus hole, but the pains that surrounded it were very terrible. I quietly went back to being quiet as I allowed him dress up as he was prepared to take his leave.

“I should just beat him up” I said to myself. But it wasn’t gonna be possible because he was much more bigger in size than I was and moreover, I was already handicapped as a result of the pains I felt. He finally left the house and I managed to get to the bathroom and positioned myself right under the shower.

“Arrgghhh” I moaned in pains as the water flowed through my back down to my ass. I held onto my fits tightly as the pains persisted. I felt so restless that I couldn’t eat, talk more of sitting down properly. It was mid-day on Saturday and I knew how restless the day would be. I went down to the parlor, sat on the floor and just started to cry. I didn’t know exactly why I cried, but I just cried. I had barely gone far into my cries before my phone rang; I crawled up slowly to check-out the caller and it was Jenny.

“Hello” I said as I tried hard to make sure my voice was clear enough, not to show any form of sadness.

“Are you okay baby?” She asked.

“Yes I am” I lied as I held onto my nose to avoid crying out loud.

“You don’t seem okay” She said as she kept pestering me to say something. I reasoned how I could explain to her that I just got raped by a fellow guy; it wasn’t possible to say such a thing.

“I am just okay baby” I reminded her.

“I missed you so much” She confessed with a smile as I cried silently harder.

“Baby you are not okay” She repeated “Should I come down and see you?” She asked

“Don’t worry baby, we will see later” I assured her. We discussed for a little while, before she finally said “I love you” and I terminated the call. I started to feel feverish, but I couldn’t just move outside to get some drugs. I had become so weak and I couldn’t tell what was wrong exactly. I tried to drink some water to calm my temperature down, but it was on the increase.

I finally managed to get money from my drawer as I put on my clothes and went outside to get some drugs. My walking movement was funny as I couldn’t close my legs and walk well. I had to walk so slowly to avoid people asking a lot of questions.

“Did you injure in your leg?” Mama Dapo as we fondly called her asked me when she saw me walk past her shop

“Yes Ma” I said in whispers but nodded my head to show I actually injured myself on my leg.

“Make I see” She went further to enquire

“See wetin?” I asked immediately

“Where you wound na “ She replied as she beckoned on me to come closer. I looked around as some group of people stared at me, so I had to smile and tell her

“Na old wound Ma, but na just the small pains I dey feel”

She smiled and nodded in agreement with my explanation, as I walked slowly to get the drugs. I bought some pain relievers and headache drugs, coupled with a malaria drug. I got home after I bought it and hurriedly took the drugs. After some point after I took the drugs, I felt a little bit better but the pains were still there. I decided to rest a little bit, just before my phone rang again!


*****”Have you forgotten?”********

“Oh God” I screamed out of frustration immediately****************

To Be Continued!

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