Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Open it na” Mr. Paul commanded them. It was finally opened and I had to look because I was so tempted to look. Lo and Behold, it was filled with white stashed nylons all over it. I wasn’t oblivious of what it was, because I am not so naïve about that.

I held my hand on my mouth as my heartbeat was pounding so hard. “Jesus” I kept on whispering to myself.

“Ermm… I need to use the rest room” I said as I stood up and was about to move.

‘Not now sweety” Madam said as she came closer and resisted my movement.

‘When we are done, you can now go and ease yourself” She said as she walked back to where Mr. Paul was busy inspecting the box. My head was moving haywire as I looked so confused at what was going on.

“Go and bring my bag for me” Mr. Paul commanded one of the guys. The guy quickly moved and went straight for the bag and brought it closer.

“Do it to him”

Madam grace quickly collected the bag and came closer to me, looking at me in the eyes and whispered, welcome to our family.

“What family?” I asked surprised. She smiled and responded “Don’t worry, you will soon know the family.”

“Jesus… I will just exit the room and go to the rest room” I asked again with a more calm tone “I really need to piss”. I guess my body language sold me out because it was clear that I wanted to run away even without my shoes on.

“Don’t move, just remain seated where you are” She responded with a different tone all together. I have never seen her in such a manner before as looked at her shocked.

“This wasn’t the plan na” I pleaded with a very sad face.

“Yes honey, things change so you are welcome to the change” She responded and later laughed hysterically.

“Show me your hand” She ordered

“What?” I asked as I saw her holding a pin and a cup in her hand

‘For what?” I asked with a very sad face. I was still on the verge of arguing, before those guys stood up, walked gently towards my position. They lifted their clothes a little bit just like it happens in movies and looked at me waiting for my next reaction. I would either choose shouting and waking up somewhere in hell, or I comply and get things done as fast as possible.

‘Ma please” I begged with tears almost coming out from my eyes. She looked at me surprised and looked at the other who almost laughed till I became embarrassed and almost started crying.

“You are wasting my time” She reminded me. I reluctantly stretched my hand towards her, as she gripped them and said something which I didn’t just understand.

“The day you will fail any of our code, that is the day you will die” She said

“You will be sent on so many errands, any one you fail to do, and you expose our dealing… you shall also die”

“You have seen all we are into, therefore I welcome you into the family and hereby you shall prosper if you keep to our rules and regulations” She said as she quickly punctured the tip of my thumb with a small needle and drained it into the cup she was holding.

“Thank God, that is by the way” I said to myself. She quickly walked round the other people and also did the same thing as I watched surprised. The look on my face with my eyes all widened showed fear and shock. “My God!” I shouted inside of me.

It finally got to her turn, she punctured her own thump too and drained a little of the blood inside the cup and brought it closer to me. I already knew what she was up to, so I just decided to beg and plead.

‘Please, I can’t do this”

I shook my head vigorously to register displeasure at what was about to happen but she reminded me

“Everyone will still drink from it, so there is no need saying no. You are already part of us, and when you start reaping the good rewards, you won’t remember all these”

“What if any of them was infected?” I asked to myself as she came presented the cup to me to gulp from. With tears in my eyes, I took the cup and was thinking of how exactly I could perform some action moves and run away from the room, but the thought of a hot bullet passing through my chest didn’t allow it materialize. I carefully closed my eyes and held my breath before gulping down the little of the blood in the cup, and then I swallowed it.

“Huuaahhh” I exhaled at the terrible taste that filled my mouth. I looked at them all in disgust as they all kept smiling and after a while, they started clapping just like I won an award.

‘Welcome to the family” Madam Grace said and she stood me up and hugged me so tightly. The other guys came forward too and hugged me, but one of them quickly touched my dick and held it firmly before releasing it.

My eyes were still spinning as a result of what I just took, and I never knew that blood was intoxicating.

“You can now sit” madam Grace ordered as I quietly sat down while still gazing into the air like I had no idea where I was. The other guy that touched my dick came close again and sat very close to where I was.

“You wan rape am now?” Was all I heard, but I didn’t even know what and who they were referring too. I gently lay down on the sofa properly as I waited for them to conclude. After a while, I felt dizzy and everywhere went blank!

“Oh please”

“Easy please I beg you” was all I kept screaming at night but I didn’t even know what was wrong. I was feeling pains but I didn’t just know the cause of the pain. Very early in the morning, I woke up and tried turning to the other side of the bed, when my hand touched something. I woke up immediately and looked over my bed before I screamed


“What is that?” The voice

‘Help!!!” I yelled as I tried jumping out of the bed, but my waist couldn’t just allow me.

“Arrghh” I groaned in pains.

“Let me help you…” The voice said again.

“Who are you?” I asked with the feeling of pains and surprise.

My name is ….

To Be continued.

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