Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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We reached the club on the Island part of the state. We walked  inside and I was surprised we were not even disturbed by the presence of bouncer at the entrance. They greeted her like they have known her for long and I am quite sure that they actually knew her.

We walked inside majestically and the look they gave to me wasn’t really nice, but I didn’t really care. We walked in to meet an already crowded hall that was filled with young girls and guys, dancing away themselves. I quickly smiled as I walked past them. The asses I was seeing was good enough to make an impotent man fully erect. Majority of the ladies stared at me and tried coming closer but Madam Graced grabbed my hands as we walked past the crowd of young people having fun.

We climbed a stair as we finally got to a place I assumed was a VIP section. It was my first time of coming to a club and I was amazed at what a club finally looked like.

‘What about the other guys?’ I asked her. The way she mumbled up words, I didn’t bother asking her again for more explanations.

I guess she had been a regular visitor in this VIP section because the way she moved around the room made me end such conclusion. She made some little calls and when I tried to pay attention to them, she stared at me in disapproval and shifted quite far from where I was.

‘Who were you calling that you moved away from where I was?’ I asked trying to act as if I should be in control

‘Why do you want to know’ She responded back almost immediately with a smirk on her face.

‘I need to know who my baby is calling’ I asked back harmlessly. ‘Go and lock that door’ She replied and she drew her skirt up a bit and I was able to see her vigay mound.

‘Wow’ I whispered as I inhaled a deep breath. I quickly stood up and went towards the door, locking it with all seriousness. I came back and saw a sight so heavenly and maverlous. She signaled to me and asked me to come forward, pointing to the hole between her legs. It was actually covered with a white pant but was transparent enough to allow me see the lips between the hips.

‘Come and have a taste of it’ She whispered in a low voice. I stood out there for a while, staring at what I would love to devour within the next few seconds. My jeans trouser was already protruding and was fighting to contain the monster embedded inside of it. It kept shaking and nodding it’s head vigorously and was asking for permission to come out and have it’s night meal. She used the tip of her finger to separate the pant form it position and there was I having a view that was clearer that spring water. I walked up in style towards her and I tilted slight and landed a kiss on her lips before she held my head and pointed it downwards towards her legs.

The sour taste of the lips between her hips made me wanted more of it. She rubbed the clit vigorously as I inserted my tongues deep down into the reddish hole. She squeezed every part of my head as she forced me to enter deeper with my tongue. I was almost chocking due to lack of oxygen there. It became so intense that she almost started pulling of my shirt from my body.

Her yellow sweet laps and pvssy was all I wanted as I quickly stood up and adjusted my zip, while she remained in position with her legs wide opened. I brought out my rod as I teased her with her with it. I had barely penetrated, when I heard a heavy bang on the door.

‘Dress up fast’ She hurried as I quickly adjusted my trouser back again, as she stood up and adjusted her pants. My dicck was visibly still erect as I tried to sit and adjusted while she went for the door.

I saw 4 men and one young lady come in. The two guys I saw in the car while we headed to this club was also among them. They exchanged pleasantries as I maintained my sitting position.

‘Is this the guy?’ One of the guys asked

“Yes” Madam Grace answered as he looked my direction and asked me to come over. I didn’t even know what was going on because I wasn’t prepared to know. I came to have fun and that was what I was after. The man shook me and introduced himself as Paul.

‘Nice to meet you Mr. Paul’

“Nice to meet you too” He chipped in as I went back to my seat.

“Have you briefed him?” The man asked as I immediately turned back to know exactly what they wanted to brief me about

“Errmm…. Don’t worry, go back to the seat, I will handle it” Madam Grace said to me as I slowly walked back to the seat confused. I saw how the other guys and girls stared at me while I was seated, and the only way to remove such attention was to operate my phone.  I tried fondling with my phone, but I saw how they still kept looking at me stylishly and discussing in low voices. My heartbeat was already on the increase and I was starting to sweat lightly in an A.C powered room.

I could imagine some voices in my head, telling me how I was going to be slaughtered like a Christmas goat or most likely, how they would use me for some rituals. I was visibly feeling uncomfortable till the only lady among them came closer and sat by my side.

“How are you?” She asked with a smile.

“Fine” I replied, trying so hard to create a smile.

“Are you okay?” She asked when she noticed I wasn’t being myself

“Why should I be okay when you guys are trying to use me for rituals, or most like; trying to sell me off to people that will kill me” I whispered inside my heart without showing any expression.

‘Yea! I am fine’ I said as I finally regained my smile. Well, the smile didn’t come cheaply but seeing that cleavage showing from the little space between her shirt zip, I had no option than to smile. I guess she knew I was having a good look at them, and she positioned herself properly.

‘Get out from that place jare’ Madam Grace yelled at her when she finally came into the room with Mr. Paul

‘Sorry ooo’ She apologized reluctantly as she said goodbye and went over to the other side.

Mr. Paul pointing to one of the guys, quickly ordered him to go and get the box and bring it to the table. I was trying so hard not to seem interested because this wasn’t the reason I was here.

“Excuse me Ma’ I requested from Madam Grace

‘Did he call you Ma?’ Mr. Paul asked jokingly as everyone fell into a wild laughter. I was embarrassed but still managed to keep a smiling face.

“I thought we came here to dance and other stuff? What is happening na” I asked confused

“Dance Ke” She replied like she has never heard the word in her existence before

“Did I tell you that we were here to dance?” She asked surprised

Well I think she was right. I never knew what I was coming to the club to do, and a matter of fact, I didn’t ask. I only assumed that since it is a club, that it would be associated with dancing and touching of the female ass with my dicck.

“We will still dance, but let us finish first” She replied as she kissed my cheek and went back to where Mr. Paul was seated. The two guys finally surfaced with a box that was average in size.

“Open it na” Mr. Paul commanded them. It was finally opened and I had to look because I was so tempted to look. Lo and Behold, it was …

To Be Continued.

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