Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I bundled the boy into the house and tied him to a chair with help from my guy as Chopbellefull assisted in settling the driver and paying him off. We finally got him tied-up to a chair with his eyes still blindfolded.
Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief as we finally got home. Just as I was about to adjust and sit on a seat, Chopbellefull draggedme out into another room.
“Why didn’t you kill her?” He yelled lightly. I gazed around the room without a single excuse to give to give.
“Now you have compounded our woes and we are all going to be in this mess together” He said while holding to my shirt.
“We are not, I am the only person that will be in whatever I have to create” I told him.
“Okay, so what next?” Chopbellefull asked.

I have about 5 million in my account, you are gonna split it into three. You take two million, the other guy takes two million, and you leave the one for you” I explained to him.
“They will arrest us in the bank” Chopbellefull explained.
“They won’t, I have an insider top level manager that will help fix things as possible. I will call him and write a cheque for the amount I mentioned now.” I explained. He looked relieved and nodded his head positively to my suggestion. There was a long time silence between us before he finally broke it.
“So what do we do with the money?”
“You guys should move outside the country. There are agents that could help you work out visas to countries like Dubai, South Africa and many other lowkey countries with ease”
“Okay, nice but what about you?” He asked
“I still have unfinished business to settle” I said as I was about to move out of the room. He dragged me back and held on to my shirt.
“Bro, you have to let it go. You should forgive that woman and forget” Chopbellefull said. I smiled deeply and held on to his shoulder while looking him in the eyes
“Madam Grace never forgets and also I don’t forgive. I have started the killings, and I need to end it” I said
“You are gonna die in this” Chopbellefull stressed
“Okay, so I die. There is no big deal in dying.” I said with anger as I stormed out of the room. I headed straight to the room where the young man was kept. I introduced myself to him with a thunderous slap to his face.
He moaned in pains and wriggled his body voraciously.
I finally removed his blindfold. I blasted the rays of a bright torchlight straight down his eyes and he bent his head trying to avoid the rays.
“If you make any sound, you will be gone in less than 60seconds” I reminded him. He struggled so hard to hold on to his cries as tears continued to flow from his eyes uncontrollably.
“I guess you are innocent right?” I asked him. He nodded even before I finished the question. I quietly went to where my wallet was, switched on the light and brought it closer to him.
“I want to show you something” I said as I searched my wallet for some pictures. I finally found them and showed it to him.
“You see this guy?” I said as I pointed to the picture. He nodded positively.
“You see this other one?” I pointed at another. He still nodded.
“I hope you can see all these?” I said as I pointed to other two pictures in my possession including that of Jenny, “They are all innocent” I said to him as tears dripped down his face.
“These people I showed you all have something in common. They were all innocent, but they all died because of one person” I explained gently to him.
“You know who?” I asked.
He shook his head negatively as tears continued to roll down his cheek.
“Your Mum” I said. He was shocked and that was when the tempo of his cries rose up.
“Shhhiiii” I muttered while demonstrating with my finger placed across my lips. “Don’t do it or you will be forgotten within seconds”
“You see this girl?” I said to him while I pointed at Jenny’s picture. “She was the only child, your mum tricked me and I killed her. When she died, her mum couldn’t bear the pains and after few months, I heard she died too. Her father became so sick from being left all alone in this world and died after few days too.”
“Let me ask you; is your life more precious than theirs?” I asked in anger as tears filled up my eyes. I stood up in a flash and located the wooden stick in the room while lashing it on the side of his face with anger. He screamed but wasn’t loud as his mouth remained tied. The resulting cut was horrible as blood gushed from the wound that was created immediately.
“You, your mother will pay for the sins committed against humanity.” I said to him.
“Let me show you again. You see these two guys?” I showed him Myles and Wind’s picture “They were also innocent, yet your mum made them to die for nothing.” I said with anger.
“You wana die like them?” I asked him. He nodded his head negatively out of fear. “Good!” I said.
“Are you the only child?” I asked. He nodded his head positively.
“Great. You will make a call to your mother, beg her to pay so that we can release you and you won’t die. Is that clear?” I asked in plain terms. He nodded his head once again and I looked at his body language and he was willing to do anything.
I left the room and went to meet with the other guys in the room.
“It is time bro” I said to Chopbellefull. We quickly routed the sim through a VPN and created a secured call transmission.
“Where is it reading?” I asked him
“California” He said
“Perfect!” I collected the phone and went straight to meet with the youngman. I was on my way and realized I was yet to complete the puzzle. I took out the phone and dialed a number immediately.
“Hello bro, you will be receiving some amount of cash, you will help me with the clearance” I said to him
“What category?” He asked
“Duress” I replied.
“I guess it will be my last one” He asked
“Hefty sum, pick and run” I replied.
“I always gat your back bro” He said.
I immediately went straight to the room where the boy was and untied just one of his hands. His body was already soaked with blood and he was becoming so weak.
“You will call your mum and ask her to transfer the sum of 100million to an account that will be forwarded to her. Tell her that if she doesn’t do it, this will be your last conversation with her” I explained and handed the phone over to him. He dialed the number and placed it on his ears.
“Hello mummy” He said with a weak voice
“I am not fine please I don’t want to die” He paused for a while before he continued
“Mummy please don’t call the police, they will kill me immediately” He said as he busted into cry immediately
“No mummy please….” He continued to sob. The mum was telling him a lot of things on the phone as he continued to sob.
“He promised not to harm me if you pay in 100 million into his account” The boy said amidst tears.
“Yes please just sell the entire cars and anything you have mummy please, I don’t want to die” He continued to sob. I immediately went to him and collected the phone and terminated the call.
*****9:30 AM, the next morning******
Chopbellefull had already forwarded the account number to the number the young man called last night and had gotten his baggage prepared and was about to leave the country. He went straight to Marina branch of my bank and met with my banker friend who was to help him clear the cheque.
******11:00 AM*******
He arrived home with the lump sum of money and we divided it accordingly. I thanked the other guy, and we hugged each other dearly.
“I will miss you” He said to me. I smiled and bade him goodbye as he left the house.
“Can’t you leave all these, let’s leave this country and find a better life outside this country where nobody can trace us?” Chopbellefull asked with tears in his eyes.
I smiled and gave him a hug. “I will join you soon” I whispered to him.
“But after he pays in the money, hope you won’t kill the little boy again?” He asked
I smiled but it wasn’t from the heart. “Do you read your bible?” I asked him
“Yes!” He said
“Okay, let me remind you a verse you might have forgotten” I said to him…
“And the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children.” “I will not kill him” I said
“Just like you told the other man you killed right?” Chopbellefull argued
“Did I kill him? A lorry killed him” I said.
“Where are you heading too?” I asked him
“Cameroon” He said.
“Erovoir” I said to him. He hugged me and packed his luggage out of the house to his known destination.
****Phone Ringing******
“Hello bro, the money just dropped. I have cleared it and it is safe for withdrawal now” My friend on phone.
“How much?” I asked
“80 mill” He responded.
“Nice! You know what I asked you to do with it?” I asked him
“Yes” He responded
“Do it” I told him.
I strolled back to the room where the boy was tied up. I removed his blindfold and handed him over a phone.
“Your mummy loves you, and you will have to go and wait for your mother somewhere” I explained to him
“Where?” He asked with a gentle innocent voice.
“Somewhere where there are no worries and problems. Where the street are made of gold and you never grow old. Where nobody harasses you and make you do things you never wished for. A place where night never comes” I said with a smile.
Tears filled his eyes as he sobbed uncontrollable.
“Take that phone and tell your mother to come pick you. Tell her that she shouldn’t come with any police because that will make me change my mind.” I said to him. He quickly collected the phone happily and dialed his mother’s number. He said everything I asked him to say and there was smile on his face.
“Aiight boy, it is time to go home” I said to him.
“My mother’s home?” He asked
“No dear, your father’s home” I said
“My father is dead!” He explained.
I smiled… just then;
“Noooo… pleaseeee”
To be Continued…!!

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