Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I reached the hotel and checked into one of the rooms using a name I haven’t seen before.

“How long are you staying Sir?” The receptionist asked me as she held onto her receipt book

“Two weeks” I responded with a cute smile.

“Will you be expecting people?” She asked again. “Hey listen!” I called out to her leaning over her counter. “I am gonna pay for this place for two weeks. Anybody coming, you will have to seek my permission first” I said to her. She nodded and went down to write the receipt for the room.

“Make it three weeks” I interrupted her action as she slowly looked up at me.

“Sir the amount would…”

“Make it a month” I interrupted once again. She went mute and continued with what she was supposed to write.

“Here is the receipt sir” She said and handed it my way. I collected and glanced through the receipt cost before handing her over my Debit Card. She quickly inserted it into the POS and performed the necessary transactions before handing over the card to me.

“Thanks” I said with a smile and moved outside the reception.

“One, Zero is speaking” I said as soon as I dialed the number and he picked.

“I will be waiting for you at the hotel palace like I said. So come around”

I went back to the reception and sat on the chair waiting patiently and passed away time by watching the news cast on the T.V.

15 minutes later, he was right there with me in the reception area.

“Longest time bro” He said as we exchanged pleasantries and hugged each other tightly.

“Down to business” I said as I moved up and moved outside the hotel premises to a nearby hotel just opposite the palace hotel.

“You came with the money I asked for” I asked him

“Yes” He said as he brought out the bag and searched around for the money. He finally saw it and handed it over to me. We quickly moved to the nearby hotel and I paid for a room there. I took a vintage position where I could have a nice view of the Palace Hotel.

“Hey listen, I am expecting no one, so please assume that I never entered your hotel” I pleaded with the young man at the reception.

“Oya show me some love na” He said with a smile. I quickly drew out some few thousands and gave to him. I was about to use the stairs when he quickly alerted my attention.

“Wait oga, let me off the CCTV’s on the stairs and hallways. I quickly jerked back and watched him do his thing himself. I quickly climbed up the stairs to the assigned room and dropped my bag before coming down to meet with my hommie that was waiting down for me.

“Aiight bro, you would need to go back to the room and do like we have talked about. He nodded and we split ways as he went to replace me in the other place as I handed over my phone to him and collected his own phone.

****The next morning****

The sound of the sirens in the neighborhood was enough to blast the ears of a deaf man to become deaf again. It kept on with it’s loud noise. I quickly peeped through my window and had a clear view of what was going on. The police had parked outside the Palace hotel and many of their officers lurking around with heavy ammunitions.

I maintained a clear view from my windows and knew exactly how it was going to play out. It wasn’t long before I saw them drag my friend out from the hotel gate. He was standing in front of a police van before the person whom the gods so loved came out of her car.

Madam Grace looked at him in shock. I could see mutters and facial expressions and it wasn’t a nice one from her. She looked at the police officer in disappointment and waved hands at them in a fierce manner. After a while, the policeman whispered something to her ears and my friend was escorted into her own car.

“Hello Chopbellefull” I spoke into my phone as soon as he picked the call.

“Any signal?”

“Not yet, just keep calm” He responded. The policemen had driven off the arena and it was and the area became as cool as a graveyard. Just then my phone rang and it was a call from Chopbellefull.

“Signal is on, we are tracking them” He said.

“Yes!!!” As I thumped my fist up the air.

“That was her personal car” I said to him.

“Ok bro, I am keeping tabs.” He responded back. I stayed for a while moving round the room with nothing in my mind. I strolled up the bathroom and back to the bed. I switched on the television and moved back and forth. Sweat was running down my face and I was visualizing what might be going on wherever my friend that was abducted by the police was facing.

I brought out my phone and dialed Chopbellefull’s number. It rang and after few seconds, he picked up his call.

“I left about 20k under the rug in the room. Use it and visit the police station and bail him” I said to him

“No probs” He responded. “Do you know any Continental hotel on the Island?” He asked

“Yes na… it is a popular hotel” I responded

“That is where she is currently” He said.

“Just go bail him out tomorrow, there is a lot that needs to be taken care off” I said to him and went straight for the door to checkout who knocked.

“Later” I said to Chopbellefull.

“How far” I said to the receptionist as soon as I opened the door.

“Should I get you food?” He asked

“Sure…anything” I said to him and closed the door back as soon as he left. I finally got settled on the sofa and continued to watch one of the programs on DSTV. I heard a knock again and went ahead to receive my food. I went back to watching the boring program till I finally fell asleep.

A knock on the door woke me up that morning and I quietly remained silent inside the room. The knocking persisted and I crawled up to get the phone I was with. It was almost past 11’o clock; I wondered who was at the door but I failed to go check it out. The knocking continued till the person called out my name. I recognized the voice and went to answer the door.

“You would have called me” I said to him and Chopbellefull

“I threw away the phone” He said “They tapped it” He said because they knew I would contact you. I nodded my head gently as he explained. I hyperventilated and went back to my sofa. Chopbellefull quickly rushed to the fridge to help himself out.

“Come, you no get drink for here?” He queried

“I go pursue you commot here oo” I warned him jokingly.

“What next bro?” He asked me

“You should also know that I was meant to sign an undertaking that nothing would happen to the woman” He said

“You signed it?” I shouted

“Yes, but forget about it; I will be fine. I always have your back bro” He said to me.

“Shitt!!” I cussed as I kicked the little table in my front.

“Forget about that, what’s next?” He asked.

“Yeap, what is next” Chopbellefull added with his mouth stuffed with an Apple fruit.

“We will move out tonight” I said to them

“Where?” They asked in unison.

“Just keep calm and wait” I answered them. “Where does the tracker reads?” I asked!

******Clock ticking***** 8:53*****

We were dressed and patiently waiting for our cab man to come around. Finally he came around.

“Quilux” I said to him and paid him immediately the amount he requested for.

I was dressed in an all black attire with a face cap and a dark glasses. Chopbellefull and the other guy was dressed in the same attire but without glasses.

We arrived Quilux and stationed the cab man just few meters away from the car we had the tracker on.

“You remember what I told you? I alerted the taxi guy

With a smile on his face, he responded “No problem, I dey kampe”

I and the other guys walked closer to the car and found out it was indeed her own. Chopbellefull decided to go back to the taxi so as to have an uninterrupted session with his computer.

“She is on a call now” Chopbellefull said to me on phone.

“Jesus, she is coming with her child to this club”

“What?!” I yelled lightly. I quickly dashed back to the taxi and left the other guy fixing what he wanted to fix to the tire of the car.

“She is about to seal up a deal with some drug people, so she will be buying from them at this club and taking it back to her house” Chopbellefull explained.

“What that what she said on phone?” I asked to double check

“Yes!” He responded.

“We wait” I said!

“Are you done?” I called the other guy on phone

“Yes!” He said

“Return back to the taxi” I ordered him!


*****Clock ticking**** 2:52 am******

“Hey bro!” Chopbellefull said with a very low voice as he tapped me. “They are moving” He whispered.

I gently woke up and alerted the driver’s attention. He allowed them move a little bit further before he ignited the car and we trailed them from behind!

We continued to trail them till we got to a lonely path along the road to Ajah.

“Where do you think they are going?” Chopbellefull asked me

“Shrine” I responded with a smirk on my face.

“Idiot” He said with laughter and fell on my body.

“Now!” I said to that guy. He immediately took hold of a remote and tapped a button on it, and there went a light blast at the two back tires of the car in front of us. They struggled for control till there car finally came to a halt close to a bushy path.

“Slow down your pace driver”

“Don’t move yet” I told them “We need to see the people inside the car” I explained to them. They all alighted from the car and there was just about three people inside the car excluding the driver, two men and a woman.

“Look at the bastard” I said with a smile

“Move closer” I told the driver as I brought out the pistol inside my bag. We closed down on them and we immediately jumped out of the car and headed straight towards their direction. The driver shone his headlight and them clearly revealing the weapon in my possession.

“Lie down” I said gently to them with a different accent. They simply obeyed and then…

Watch out for the next Episode…

To Be Continued.

***** “Are you the driver?”*****

“It’s been a while Sir?” I said to him spanking and knocking his head*****

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