Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“She definitely did it” Chopbellefull said

“Are you sure?” I questioned “Because she might have dialed that Indonesian number to verify our transactions with her contacts” I said

“She called them the first day, so why would she call them the night you all were at the hotel?” Chopbellefull asked while pointed at the call log on his laptop.

“She even called them again the morning we were about to leave the hotel, and I am sure they monitored our movement” I chipped in after I got a clue about what chopbellefull was showing me.

“Bastard!” I yelled in anger as I turned my back on him and his laptop heading towards the kitchen in his house.

“Yes!!” He exclaimed from the parlor “bro come and see” He called out to me. I quickly raced towards his position and placed the ear piece to my ears and listened to the call back of Madam Grace’s call to the Indonesian number. Tears rolled down my eyes as I heard every bit of what she said.

“Just do as I say, those rats should be sent to where they belong,; else they would become rabbits. Also make sure to pay close attention to the fair rat among them, he is the threat amongst them.” Was part of what I could figure out from her little speech. I  immediately stood with my hands placed on my head as tears raced down my face.

“That is not all bro… you gotta listen to this” Chopbellefull said. I reluctantly went back again and listened.

“He escaped? Why can’t you just carry out simple tasks. Those two are worthless to me if the fair rat isn’t among them. Who will clean up the mess now? Nonsense!”

“Those were the ones I could tape” He said to me. “I guess you added the chip just to one of her phones?” He asked me

“Yes!” I nodded. I was weak and exhausted. I quietly walked up the sofa in the parlor and crawled up it. I was tired, I was sad with a painful headache destroying my head.

“What do you do now?” Chopbelle asked me

“I just want to sleep, I will reason an answer in my dreams” I said as I dozed off with full speed.

I woke up with a feeling of hunger, anger and dejection. I was down but refused to be out. I strolled to the kitchen and found a huge amount of rice in the pot. I wondered why such a meal would be left wasting just like that. I quickly found a plate and served myself. I later realized why there was such of huge quantity of rice in the pot.

“Omo who cook this food?”  I shouted as I spat out the little in my mouth

“You no go happy say you see food? They give you this type for Malaysia abi Indonesia where you go?” I smiled and quietly returned the food back where I saw it. I came back and continued to lay on the sofa. It was already night, and I watched a little movie and dozed off again.


The next morning I woke up a little bit refreshed. It was late about 10:00am in the morning. Chopbellefull had gone to work already so I was the only person left at home.

“Don’t make a call with your phone” I remembered the words of Chopbellefull as I was tempted to call him and enquire about his whereabouts.

I quickly checked my favorite news site to catch up on breaking news around the globe. Right there on the homepage, I saw a terrible news titled ‘18 Nigerians faces Execution in Indonesia.’

I quickly ran through the news to make sure that Myles and Wind’s name were not written there. I didn’t see any specific name, so I continued to hope for the best outcome.

Weeks passed and I was living like a prisoner right in the house. My best friend became my phone. I couldn’t call anyone and I couldn’t receive any call. Everyday became a regular routine of eat, browse, watch movies, sleep and keep browsing. Life was boring, as I couldn’t leave the house at all. I continued to keep tabs on my new enemy but nothing was coming forth from the only phone I managed to tap. The line had been dormant for weeks now with no incoming and outgoing calls on it.

Just when I thought that life would get better, we saw a breaking news on the television.


I carefully looked at the names on the screen of the television. None of them was familiar to me.

“Thank God” I muttered to myself. Then I paused… before I screamed a loud “Jesus!” and ran back to the T.V and had my eyes glued as the showed the faces of the Nigerians that were executed.

Tears rolled down my eyes and not before long, I broke down in tears and rolled right there on the ground. I cried my hearts off. Then I remembered…

“Is wind your real name sef?”

“hahahaha… not at all, na my guy name. My real name na Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise”

“You nko Myles. Shea you be Yoruba boy?”

“Yes oo… Emi omo Yoruba dada!! My name is Raheem Agbaje Salami”

I remembered the above conversations we had on our trip to Brazil and I continued to cry and wail right there on the floor. Myles was gone… Wind too was gone. They continued to air out their pictures on the local T.V station. I cried till there was no longer strength in me to cry again. My voice was lost and all my energy gone. I brought out my phone and scrolled through our pictures and I went back to crying again.

“After this trip, not even death will make me to do this kind of thing again” I remembered Myles saying on the plane to Indonesia.

“Madam Grace why!!!” I continued to moan and wail. I was in that state when Chopbellefull finally came back home from work.

“Guy! Wetin happen?” He asked as he bent low to check my heart rate and feel my temperature. I was too weak to talk, so I stayed there staring at him.

“Wetin happen na?” He asked curiously

“They have killed them!” I said with a weak voice.

“Killed who?” He asked as he shook my body to get a response.

“My guys wey we follow go this last one” I spoke as I battled hard to clean the tears that were racing down my eyes to my cheek. Chopbellefull stood up looking dumbfounded. He had nothing to say, he quietly walked away quietly towards the bedroom.

All of a sudden, I jerked up from the ground, scrolled through my contacts and copied out a number. I quickly went in to meet chopbellefull and requested for his phone.

“Wetin you wan do?” He asked curiously and scared

“Just give me the phone” I asked him. He reluctantly gave me the phone and I moved with it to the parlor.

“Hello Bro?” I said as soon as the receiver picked up the phone.

“Who is this?” He asked

“Code name zero” I introduced myself.

“Where have you been?” He asked

“I will tell you when we see. Meet me at the Palace hotel today at Iyana-paja this night” I said to him

“Yes bro” He responded as I terminated the call immediately. I rushed straight to the bathroom to take my shower. It was time to have a date with destiny… and I must fulfill my part of it.

To Be Continued!

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