Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Hello babe” Was the call I got as I returned home from work that friday evening as I rolled on my bed in sweet sensation. I remembered I was supposed to go for a Night vigil as mum kept on reminding me, but that church has to wait because something better was on it’s way.

“Darling” I whispered into the phone

“Hope you haven’t forgotten about this evening?” She asked as I blushed over the way she was speaking to me so gently and calmly

“No babe” I replied in a typical foreign accent “I can’t just forget”

“You will meet me at Oshodi, while I will come and pick you up from there” She said. We immediately discussed about other things briefly as I terminated the call and immediately decided to have a good sleep ahead of the awaited long night. I already forgot I was hungry as excitement took all over me even in my sleep.

The truth is, I have never been to a club before, but seeing most of our musicians shoot their videos with lots of girls with skimpy dresses running around them, I believed it would be the same for me. I had already warmed up some dance steps and rehearsed some movements to rock the big booties that would overrun my little dicck this night. I guess all of the above explained were all happening right inside my dream. I could see myself smiling from the much enjoyment till a phone call intercepted the whole dream.

I woke up like someone who just came out of a trance and quickly picked up my phone and peeped through it. “Madam Grace” was the name on the screen; in a flash of light, I dashed into the bathroom and had my shower like we did it back then in boarding school. I use my toothbrush to scrub round my teeth just to remove particles and make it look clean. Within few seconds, I was dazzling in my new attire that was reserved for just FRIDAY NIGHT.

“I am almost at Oshodi” I lied whereas I was almost leaving the house and asking Chika to look after the house for me.

“Omo you sabi lie ooo” Chika replied shocked

“Mtcheewww” I hissed as I quickly mounted the readily bike I saw and off I was to have the sweetest adventure I ever dreamt off.

Madam Grace call kept coming in, and I was already running out of lies to tell. “I am almost there” I assured her as I kept on pleading with the driver to step on the gas

“No be only you dey inside this bus ooo” He reminded me abruptly. I couldn’t help but watch as he stopped often to scout for passengers, at that time of the night.

“Nawa ooo” I kept on murmuring to myself and also to people seated around, which also cared to listen to my personal wailings.

‘Ogbeni farabale na’ One of the guys closer to me said as he tapped me. I already knew the meaning and didn’t bother replying him. I just shook my head like his advice was really worth something tangible.

It wasn’t long before I arrived Oshodi under bridge and was relived of the tension that was almost killing me inside that rickety bus. I brought out my phone immediately and called the person that made me come out here by this time of the day. I was breathing hard and was already rehearsing some apology lines that I would use to calm her soul and body down, incase it got to the issue of begging for forgiveness.

‘Alright honey, I am under the bridge waiting for you” I managed to say while still breathing fast and hard. I had actually ran from the Bus-stop to the place where I was asked to wait, that was the reason I couldn’t just stop breathing at that pace.

‘Cool, just wait for us, we will soon be on our way” was the reply that came from her end when she finally picked up the call. I stood there with the phone glued to my ears, not wanting to believe exactly what I heard from her.

“Mtcheeewww” I hissed a long one that the woman that past my front looked back twice to know what would have caused such a hiss.

‘Bullshit” I cussed. I decided to find somewhere to sit and wait for … That was when I remembered that she used the world “WE”

“Who are now the WE” I asked myself, wanting to be sure I remembered what she said well. Well I trusted her so much, so there was nothing to be scared about. After waiting like forever, my phone rang and I saw it was her. I picked it reluctantly and before I could say a word, she called me a lot of sweet names that sent my brain spinning like it was being rolled for a lotto competition.

“The Hold-up caused it baby, I am very sorry.”  Infact, I was now the one that apologized for asking why she arrived late.

“Where are you?” I asked her as I stood up and searched around for any possible car that looked like hers

‘Where exactly are you?” She asked me as I waved my hands to the sky for any possible sign of her

“I can see you she whispered as I terminated the call and waited her arrival. Few seconds later, a car stopped in front of me and I needed to angel to tell me it was her. She came with a tinted glassed car

“But why?” I asked myself, but that didn’t stop me from entering the car altogether. I opened the front door but met with a male driver and was ushered into the back seat where Madam Grace was seated. She was looking like a hot young chick who just came out of the oven very hot.

“Aww..” I chuckled as I landed her a kiss in the mouth immediately. I wondered who the two men in front were, but her sight never just allowed me concentrate and use my senses.

As I sat down in the car, she quickly grabbed my dicck and held it so hard. Rush of blood from my belly ran straight up to my brain. I quickly grabbed her boobs which were still standing firm like that of a thirteen years old virgin. I loved them erect, and she never disappointed me in that aspect. Even though her pvssy were lacking basic firmness, but her boobs were still a joy to behold.

“Tonight baby, you would make my pvssy and Ass cry so hard” She teased as she whispered it into my ears. My dicck was already acting on it’s own by responding to every instruction she was dishing out. I immediately slipped my hand through the hot short mini gown she was putting on and met with an uncovered pvssy.

‘Oh shit” I screamed lowly out of surprise

“Do you like what you touched” She asked as I brought out my hand and sniffed it inside my nose

‘Ohhh… Smells good” I moaned. She adjusted her legs a little bit again, as I located the hole between her legs. It was already watery a little bit and I fingered it with all diligence.

“But why was the two guys in front now looking back or trying to know exactly what was happening?” I questioned myself inside my thought. They were so focused on driving and didn’t even talk to each other

That didn’t stop me from burying my three fingers into her wide hole that could swallow my fist. It wasn’t long before…

[Highlights of next episode]

“Jesus… I will just exit the room and go to the rest room”*****

*******Don’t move, just remain seated where you are******

*****This wasn’t the plan?*******

*****Things changes and welcome to change*****

Catch you on the next exciting episode

To Be Continued.

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