Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“This way Sir” The woman said to Wind who first crossed through the scanning machine.

“Why?” He questioned back immediately.

“Nothing exactly, just some little things that needs sorted out please” She said with a smile. I immediately tried to drag Myles away from the line in order to follow my instincts, just then we saw some police guys behind us.

“Next” The woman echoed. I slowly wiped my mouth with my hand and watched how the attendant winked at some police immigration officials towards where Wind was standing. The Murmur behind was already growing wild as my brain was racing about what to do next. I was still contemplating on what else to do before a white man who I guessed was an American in his mid-twenties walked up to Myles.

“Sorry Niggur, you are slowing down the line. Move and let others move too” He yelled lightly before moving back to his line”

“We have to run out of this line” I whispered to Myles

“They will shoot us dead” He said with a very sad voice. It wasn’t long after he said that that we started to hear a lot of angry whispers behind us. They were now growing so loud. An airport official came out from the blues and immediately ordered Myles to pass through the scanner. Myles looked back with tears towards me as he finally walked through the scanner. A loud beep was heard.

“Step aside sir” The attendant said and ordered me to come forward. I passed through the same scanner and also heard a beep. I was asked to step aside but a different section from where Myles and Wind was stationed. A lot of uniformed officers had gathered already and they quickly moved the both of them to a room and I was taken to a separate room. I was asked to strip naked, which I did immediately. The brought something like an machine that had a flashlight and shone it a me. The rays were heavy and hot that I quickly covered my eyes with my hand. I was beginning to feel very hot as a result of the rays of light on my body. Just then, the light went off and I was brought back with a slap on my face!

“Where did you hide it?” The angry looking official asked

“What the fvck are you talking about?” I yelled back at him

“So because you think you are clean, that is why you have the guts to bark back at me?” He asked with a dangerous smile.

“He strolled slowly to his table, pulled out a shelf and brought out a gun. He turned around and started to come closer towards me. He then paused a bit and looked up towards the ceiling.

“Did you switch off the camera” He asked the other officer who was watching from a distance.

“No Sir” He said with a firm voice. He turned round and barked at the junior officer in their local language which I couldn’t understand. He continued to bark at him before slamming the gun on the table. At a point he kept calm and I was able to decode that Wind and Myles were in the room closer to our own room. I overhead the voice of someone saying

“Look what we found on them Sir” The Man said. Another voice whom I perceived to be that of another officer said “Welcome to Indonesia the land of death for people like you”!!!.

“Dress up and get the hell out of here” The officer in my own room said to me. I slowly picked up my clothes and started to wear them in a slow manner, so as to know what was going on in the other room.

“Let me tell you black fools, there is an Indonesian parable that said “What gave you life is what will take it back from you.”

“Pack their bags and send them to the city police station”

“What are you still waiting for?” The officer barked at me when he saw the slow tactics I was using to dress up”

“Get out of here you fool” He shouted again. I quickly picked my remaining belongings alongside my flight ticket and found my way out of the room. I stepped outside the room and finally saw Myles and Wind being dragged out of the cell with a huge number of policemen escorting them.

Myles mistakenly turned around and looked towards my direction. Our eyes came together and I saw tears flow down his eyes. I quickly removed my eyes from his direction as tears also filled my own eyes. I was tempted to cry aloud, but I was on a hostile ground. The announcement of my flight was given as I slowly located our flight terminal. I and other passengers underwent another series of checks before we were cleared to enter the plane.

I lost appetite, I cried freely inside the plane as the air hostess kept on supplying me with handkerchiefs.

“I think I know you” The air hostess said to me. I looked up slowly and it was our beautiful Asian friend from our Brazil flight.

“Where are your friends” She asked with a pleasant smile. I looked at her with tears and stood up and made way for the plane’s rest room. I noticed she followed behind. I got to the rest room and opened the door for her to enter.

“Where are they, talk to me” She persisted and shook my arms.

“They have been arrested” I said to her with tears. At a point, I rested on her chest and sobbed deeply. She was startled! She was flagger basted when she heard that Myles and Wind had gotten arrested.

“How did it happen?” She asked. I took my time to explain to her everything. She looked so shocked as I continued to sob as I spoke.

“Someone set you guys up” She said as soon as I finished my explanation.

“It was those guys at the hotel” I said to her

“Not just them,  it was who sent you here that might have done it” She said. I withdrew from her and looked at her sternly while shaking my head negatively.

“It can’t be her” I said “She promised us freedom for this our last trip, so there is no how she would do this to us” I said and nodded in agreement to my own conclusion.

“Well, you can believe whatever you want. The fact is I have already told you who caused all this” she said.

“Don’t worry about her, she can’t be the one. I know she can’t do such a thing to us” I said as I quickly cleaned up myself and went back to my seat. I continued to think about what the Asian Airhostess said and before long I was in dreamland. Few long hours later, we touched down at the MM1 airport at Ikeja. I was about to alight the plane when the Airhostess held me by the arm and said

“You have to be careful around here, she might still be looking for you”

I shook my head, thank her, adjusted my hoodie and headed straight to the checking point.

“Welcome to Nigeria” The attendant said to me. I was in no mood for exchange of pleasantries yet as I snubbed her and wiggled my way to an Airport taxi.

“Just keep driving around till I figure out where I wan go” I said to the  taxi man.

“Okay Sir” He responded. I brought out my phone and placed a call to a friend.

“Hello Chopbelle” I said as soon as he picked up the call.

“How far guy!! Jesus Christ. I think say you don die oo. Where you dey?” He asked.

“You dey house?” I asked him

“Yes!” He replied.

“Forward me your address via Sms abeg, I dey cab now” I said to him before I terminated the call.

“Take me to 8 Gowon street Iyana-paja” I said to the driver who immediately responded and headed off to my destination.
“How much?” I asked the cab man

“Your money na Ten thousand naira” He said. I quickly counted some notes in my pocket and handed him all the money could see in there.

“Na 7,500 be that, I no hold another money abeg” I pleaded with him. He accepted the money reluctantly and I thank him before he zoomed off.


“Wetin happen guy” Chopbellefull asked. I took my time to explain exactly what happened to us over there.

“The worst part be say, I no sabi why those guys plant drugs back enter our bag again” I lamented in tears.

“Jesus” Chopbellefull shouted as he quickly reached for his computer and scrolled through some files and software and finally brought it for me to see. I looked at it with all my eyes wide opened and my mouth agape.

“Who get this number?” I asked

“Who else?” He said with anger

“Jesus Christ!!” I shouted at the top of my voice!!

***To Be Continued****

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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