Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“We have to forget it” Wind suggested “Whatever we face at home, we will face it together”

We all agreed and was about to stand up and leave, before a small blue car pulled up behind us and honked. We turned back in anticipation and rushed towards it.

“Is it the man?” Myles asked in excitement.

“Yes ooo” Wind shouted as we raced towards the car.

“Sorry I do not come back on time” The old man apologized as he handed over Myles’ bag to us.

“Thank you so much” We all chorused as we collected the bag and opened it to make sure that the contents were still safe.

“It’s there” Myles said as we collected it and bade the man farewell before he drove off.

“Time to deliver” I said as we started to trace the direction we had on our paper. We asked for directions, and most of them were unwilling to help because it was almost nightfall, and we were blacks.

“Fcking Asians” Wind muttered. We all laughed at it. We finally saw a good Samaritan who gave us the direction we sought after. We got to the point e directed us too, and I brought out the small phone I was with to make a call.

“It can’t connect na, this no be Nigeria” Wind joked.

“I roamed it” I responded.

“Nice” Wind nodded as Myles continued to observe the environment. I placed a call to the number on our paper and a voice directed us where to come. We finally got to the destination around 8:45 local time. We met with the group of mean looking men, who welcomed us to the country. I continued to observe them; they took us upstairs to meet with the superior in command.

We finally submitted the parcels to him; he checked it and confirmed that all was good. He immediately opened his laptop and ordered one of his boys to do the wire monetary transaction.

“You see? We love fast business” He said with a smile.

“We have to start going now” I said to him

“You can’t, it is late and always dangerous at night in this country” He said “You will have to sleep over at a hotel and allow me entertain you in our Indonesian way” He said as he winked at me.

“Thank you so much Sir, we have to go” I insisted

“Wouldn’t you love some fresh pusssy Indonesian girls to give you a good treat?” He asked. Wind immediately came to my side and whispered to me “Let us just stay, there is nothing bad in it”

“Yes Bro, it is just a night” Myles said too

“Okay?” The Indonesian man asked.

“Okay!!” I agreed. They ushered us to a nearby hotel and made request for some stripper girls for each of us. We were given three separate rooms and a girl assigned to each of us. I quickly took my own girl and entered my room.

She sat down by the bed looking around the room. “You speak English?” I asked her. She looked so timid and wouldn’t say a word. I came close to her and sat beside her.

“Don’t be scared of nothing, I won’t touch you” I assured her and patted her back.

“If you don’t touch me, they will hurt me” She said.

“Wow, you speak English?” I asked with a huge smile on my face. She nodded her head affirmatively.

“My mother is Indonesian, my father was from Singapore. My father died when I was still a kid, so my mother has been struggling to make us survive.” She said with a sad face.

“Who are the us?” I asked surprised

“I am 19, and my younger siblings are 14 and 10 respectively” She said with tears in her eyes. That quickly drew my attention as I came closer to her. She quickly jerked back a bit and wouldn’t look me in the face.

“Have you had sex before?” I asked calmly. She shook her head negatively and faced downwards.

“I wouldn’t touch you; tomorrow morning I will tell them that you were so good on bed and they will do nothing to you. Understand?” I asked

“Thank you” She said. I quickly dived to the bathroom to have my shower. Few minutes later I was done and came out to see her lying half naked on the bed.

“You have to put on your cloths, so that we wouldn’t tempt each other” I said to her. She immediately accepted and reached for her cloth. She wore it and adjusted back on the bed properly. We discussed and talked for a very long time. I asked her about her aspirations in life, her education and all.

“I just want to survive in life. I don’t need big cars, houses. I just want to wake up every morning and see food to eat.” She said.

“You will survive, I promise you that” I said to her. It wasn’t long after we finished discussing that we dozed off.

I woke up very early that morning, dashed up to the bathroom before I woke her up to go take her shower. I came out of my room and went to alert Wind and Myles about our early morning flight back to Nigeria.

I came back to my room and saw her all prepared. “What is your name?” I asked her with a smile.

“My name is Laura, but you can call me shinarlaura”

I typed my number in a small piece of paper and handed it over to her. She quickly took hold of it and hid it inside her underwear that covered her chest region. I was about to leave my room, when she held my hands and kissed me on my lips. “Please be careful” She whispered inside my ears.

“Let me use the toilet” she said. I granted her permission and she ran inside the toilet. I heard her flush it before coming out. I was at the corridor and saw Myles and Wind coming from their separate rooms.

“Where are your own girls?” I asked them surprised.

“Omo they move before we wake up ooo” Wind said with a huge laugh.

“I no send, I fvck that girl till she begin beg for mercy” Myles added as we all burst into laughter.

“Why your own girl still dey here? Or she don dey like you?” Wind asked jokingly.

“E be like say him no fvck am well” Myles said to Wind before they started laughing.

“We have to go now” I said to them as we quickly found our way out of the hotel. We stepped outside the hotel and bade Laura goodbye before entering the hotel cab to find our way to Jarkata airport. I looked back to see the name of the hotel and I saw “Intercontinental Jarkata MidPlaza Hotel”

“I will be back here someday” I whispered to Wind who smiled at my wish that was so slim to come to reality. We had barely reached the airport when I turned around and started to look for my Bag.

“You see it?” I asked Myles as I continued to turn round in circles.

“Seems you forgot it at the Hotel” Myles said. I paused for a moment with my fingers on my lips.

“Jesus!!” I screamed

“What happened bro?” Wind asked shocked.

“That girl took it” I said with anger.

“We can’t go back to look for her, our flight is almost close” Wind said.

“What was inside?” Myles asked

“Just clothes and other personal things” I responded. “We can always get again when we reach Nigeria” Wind said and urged us to get going to the screening room. We continued our walk to the screening room before I paused along the way. They all turned back and stared at me.

“What is wrong again?” They asked uniformly?

“Nothing” I said and we continued our walk to the screening room. We queued up at the screening section and waited for our turn.

“Why do I have this feeling that something bad wants to happen?” I asked Myles and Wind. “Something is not right” I lamented again.

“Forget about your bag, that is what is making you feel bad.” Myles said

“Or you didn’t fvcuk well at Night?” Wind asked.

“This isn’t a joking matter!” I said. “Let us go back” I suggested to them.

“We can’t bro, let’s get screened and quickly catch our flight” Wind said as he positioned as the next person to pass through the machine. My heartbeat increased rapidly and I was beginning to sweat.

Just then…

To Be Coninued!!


Next Highlights!!

“Look what we found on them Sir” The Man said. The officer turned around and looked them in them in the eyes and said “Welcome to Indonesia the land of death for people like you”!!!

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