Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Jesus Christ” I muttered sadly. I almost wet my trousers the moment he grabbed hold of us. Before I knew what was happening, they were numbered about four policemen all surrounding I and Myles.

“Myles was already crying, as I tried to hold myself together”

“Nigerians right?” He shouted as they dragged us towards a room. He opened the door immediately and behold I saw they had already gotten hold of Wind. I stared at him like someone who just came out of trance. I continued to look around, and couldn’t just figure out what was happening.

“Have we been caught?” I asked myself within severally.

“Clean up your face, don’t raise suspicion” I said to Myles quietly.

“I think they have caught up with us” He said with a low voice.

“I don’t think so yet, just be calm” I assured him.

All of a sudden, one of their top ranking mean looking officers bounced into the room, he was having a pot belle and moved with so much command. He entered the room and asked about us. They pointed our directions to him, and he quickly asked us to be transferred to his office. They were numbering about three officers in the room where we were. They asked us to stand and we were ushered into a room where we sat and the senior officer was staring at us directly in the face.

“Nigerians?” He asked once again

We nodded our heads positively.

“I know what you do here” He said with his non-polished grammar. We continued to stare at him speechless.

“I will allow you pass, but once outside here, don’t allow me catch you” He said with his voice quite loud.

“That was the agreement I had with your sponsor” He concluded before sipping a drink from the cup beside him.

I continued to nod, as Myles and Wind followed suit. He called one of his officers to come close. He brought his head lower to his mouth and whispered something into his ear. The officer nodded and left the room, and finally came back with two other policemen. I studied their body language and I concluded that we just entered a trap that was well prepared for us.

I maintained my breathing pattern, as I continued to calculate what would be our fate here. I looked up the picture on the wall of his office and saw where it was boldly written again

“Drug offenders will be killed”

The officers standing in the room were finally commanded by the officer in their native dialect, and most of the time during his speech, he kept pointing at us with a mean face. I held on to my bag and kept praying deep within myself.

“You can now go, officer Dunkeng will lead you pass the point of entry” The pot bellied officer said to us. I thanked him alongside Myles and Wind who was already shivering, and we left his office.

The officer who led us showed us the way, and the look on his face clearly showed that he was up to something.

“I want something” He said when we finally got to a point.

“What?” I asked him.

“The person you will meet to give him what you carry” He said as he looked around the airport

“We don’t know the person” I intercepted his speech immediately

He looked at me in a mean way and nodded his head.

“If you don’t do it, you see those guys? Look well” He said while pointing towards some immigration men around.

“I will hand you over, and they kill you all” He said. He had barely finished, when Myles immediately dipped his hand into his shoes pocket and brought of the piece of wrapped paper that contained the number and names of our pick-ups.

“No!” I shouted as he handed it over to the guy “Jesus!!” I screamed

“I had to do it” Myles said. The guy quickly copied out all the information on the paper and handed it over back to Myles. He finally led us towards the exit of the Airport and showed us the direction to move into the city.

“Congratulations, you just got us messed up” I said to Myles after I gave him a very hot slap on his cheek. He charged back at me and a little fight ensured that was finally separated by Wind.

“He just sold us out” I told Wind who wanted some explanations

“I didn’t!!” Myles shouted. “They would have arrested us if they wanted to, but can’t you see that those guys are God sent?” He said on top of his voice.

“You were very stupid!” I shouted back. “They were God sent, and they said we were on our own once we leave the airport? Can you see that they want to double cross us? You foolish fool”

“Calm down” Wind suggested “What do we do now?” He asked

“Ask the idiot that sold us out” I said to Wind while pointing at Myles.

“You are the idiot” Myles responded while pointing back at me. I immediately bent my face like I wanted to thinking about something, and like flash, I rose my head up and landed a jab right on Myles jaw. It got him and he staggered back. He charged towards me with anger, and a fight ensured immediately. He kicked me in the balls before giving me a punch straight to my nose. I bent down so low and held on to my nose. I was bleeding badly as a result of the punch,  and it took the intervention of some passers-by to calm down the situation. One of the passers-by offered me a handkerchief, as I cleaned my nose that was bleeding badly. Wind advised me to raise up my head, so that the blood could flow inwards. I followed instructions, and after few minutes, the blood ceased. The situation became calm and we finally got a taxi.

“I am sorry” Myles apologized “I didn’t know what else to do again” He said with tears.

“I felt they could be of help to us, that was why I handed him over the paper”

“I forgive you” I said to Myles with a smile. He hugged me right there in the taxi as Wind watched with a smile.

“Both of you should feature in one of the Hollywood movies” Wind said with a smile.

“He is my best friend na” I said to Wind.

“I think there is blood here” Myles said as he tried to touch a portion of my nostrils.

“Auuchh” I screamed in pains

“Sorry” He said as he giggled.

“This is your direction” The taxi man disrupted our discussion.

“You mean we will stop here?” I asked him again.

“Yesh” He said with his Indonesian accent and we alighted from the car.

“What do we do now?” Wind asked

“We have to deliver it very fast and leave this country very fast” I suggested.

“Ok, see how we will do it” Wind said

“We will just go in there, hand over this thing to them, and book the next flight to Nigeria”

“Perfect” Myles said.

All of a sudden, we saw Myles looking around the whole place. “What is that?” I asked him

“You see my small bag?” He asked confused. “Where did you keep it?” I asked him

“Maybe you forgot it in taxi” Wind said

“Oh no!! I think I did” He said. I became so weak and dejected immediately. I searched around and found a little stone beside one of the retail stores in our location. I slowly walked up to the point and sat down.  Wind already had his hand on his head and was looking around confused.

“What do we do now? Madam Grace will just kill us” Wind said. I shook my head in disappointment repeatedly.

“We have to find the cab man” Myles suggested

“Where and how?” Wind asked.

“I think we should stay here and hope he comes back to give us what he found in his cab” I suggested.

“Don’t you think he will escape with it?” Wind shouted

“Here is not Nigeria. If we wait and he doesn’t come, we will deliver what we have and go face Madam Grace’s wrath back home” I said as I adjusted myself on the stone I was seated on.

Time was ticking and our plans of quick deliveries were gradually fading away. Three hours had passed and no sign of the cab man. It was 5:00pm Indonesian local time. We kept the faith and continued to wait…



Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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