Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Don’t bother swallowing it, everybody has been taken care of at the Airports” She said. Find somewhere hidden and hide the drugs. I knew I had to be creative, and I chose the perfect place to hide mine.

I hid in right inside my shoe. They always had a specific routine of searching people; I had studied their modulus of operations so well, that I realized their weak spot. I bought about two shoes and coupled with the one I was wearing, I stuffed the drugs right inside the sole of the shoes. With the help of an abokii, we completed within record time.

“All set?” She announced.

“Few minutes Ma” Wind requested. I looked towards his direction and he was hiding the drugs in the weirdest of places.

“Who taught you this?” I asked surprised

“Drug dey run for my family line na” He joked.

“That is nice” I said with a smile as I allowed him continue doing his thing. Few hours later, everybody was set and was raring to go.

“Why did she come with these guys?” Mylestone asked me as we were about to leave the hotel. I smiled at his question and whispered into his ears.

“Because we are about to get so messed up”

“What have we done?” He asked surprised

“I don’t know bro. Just take anything that comes your way” I told him gently. “I will be right back” I said to Myles as I went back to meet with Madam Grace. As I tried to approach her, the big guys moved forward in anticipation of what they felt I wanted to do.

“I just want to speak with her” I said.

“Allow him” She commanded the guys.

“Can I see you aside Ma?” I said with a sarcastic smile. She observed me for a second before accepting my private discussion with her.

“So what do you have to discuss with me?” she asked

“I just want to make it clear to you, if anything happens to either me or my friends; if I succeed and come back, I will place a bullet through your breasts inside your heart” I said to her as I grabbed her ass hard and she immediately knocked off my hand off her big ass.

“Can I have a quickie with you?” I whispered into her ears.

She looked at me surprised.

“You just threatened me and now you ask for a quickie”

“Yea” I replied with a smile. I immediately grabbed her boobs by that corner and sent my second hand down between her laps. She jerked backwards and held me by the head. She moved my head right between her cleavage as I went straight with my other hand through her panties.

“You know how much I missed this” She whispered to me.

“Because I have been moving from one cell to another” I replied joking as I managed to rub through her clit.

“Ouuchhh” She moaned in delight and immediately adjusted and requested we move to the room we came out from.

“Watch the other guys, we have something to discuss” She told the big guys who were acting like her bouncers. They quickly moved towards where Myles and Wind were and left the hallway for us. We entered the room and right from the door, it was going down already.

I raised her gown and grabbed onto her big buttocks. She immediately grabbed my rod alongside the jeans trousers I was putting on. She immediately unzipped me as I continued to kiss her lips and massage her nipple tips. I quickly reached for her pants and pulled it down immediately, exposing the biggest of asses. I took my time to insert just a finger through her pvssy and she responded well by holding on to my head.

“You won’t kill me baby” She whispered to me. I quickly turned her around, as I carefully inserted my rod through the opening between her legs. She was already dripping wet and my rod slide inside with so much ease. She was positioned in a perfect doggy way and I slammed her hole with so much vigor. I took hold of her phone and inserted it into the pocket of my trouser laying on the bed beside us as I continued to slam her very hard.

The soundtrack she produced made me continue hitting her with so much vigor. Few minutes later, I was done and ran straight with my trouser into the bathroom.

“Baby, are you with my phone?” She asked from inside the room.

“Let me check” I replied as I immediately turned on the shower to produce some water splashing noise.

“Aww baby, it seems like I kept it inside my pocket to avoid laying on it while we had seexx” I replied “I will bring it out, let me be through” I said as I continued with what I did. Within few minutes, I was done and I came out of the bathroom.

“Sorry baby, see your phone” I said with a smile and handed it over to her as I picked up my clothes and wore them immediately.

“We are good to go baby” I said to her again; this time I landed a peck on the left side of her cheek.

“Come back in peace for me baby” She said before we gradually moved out of the room to meet up with other who were waiting for us at the reception.

“We should be moving guys, our flight leaves in the next few hours” Madam Grace muttered as everyone stood and took hold of their bags as we left the hotel building. I stepped aside with my phone and dialed a number

“I have done it bro, just help me track it” I said to the receiver of the call.

“Who did you speak to?” Madam Grace who suddenly appeared behind me asked.

“My mum”, I said with a smile. “She wants to know when I am coming home”

“But I heard you mention Bro” She asked

“Yes!” I replied affirmatively “I said she should help me greet my younger Bro”

“That is fair” she said as we made our way into the car and zoomed off the hotel building. Our destination was the Murtala Muhhamed Airport at Ikeja, where our flight was billed to take off. This time around, everything appeared to go smoothly with no hassles. We reached the search room, and they directed us to a corner, where we were given the VIP treatment and ushered in straight to the waiting room. After a few hours of waiting, we heard the announcement for our own flight.

“Let’s move guys” I alerted Wind and Mylestone. We grabbed hold of our luggage and made way into the plane. We quickly occupied our seats and fastened our seatbelts according to instructions given to us by the flight crew.

“What is wrong Bro?” I asked Myles who was already starting to shed tears.

“Bro you know I never wanted to do this” He said while cleaning off the tears from his eyes.

“I don’t know if everything will be fine, but whatever happens Bro… We will see again”  I said to him.

“You’re okay Bro?” I asked Wind whom I saw with a small piece of book I clearly saw was a bible. I wanted to laugh out loud, but I realized it wasn’t nice to do so. It was a long flight with lots of stop overs, but at the end we arrived safely at the popular Indonesian airport.

I looked out through the windows of the plane as it landed on the runway of the airport. The sight of the armed policemen there reminded me of the execution clip I watched few days before I left for this journey.

I grabbed my bag, likewise Myles and Wind as we made our way out of the plane.

“Welcome to Indonesia” The air hostess greeted. My feet was cold, and my heartbeat increased in a tremendous manner. I tried as much as possible to compose myself, in order not to look suspicious.

“Cheer up bro!” I said to Myles whose face was already growing very dim. He nodded his head and forced a smile on his face.

“Wind come over!” I alerted them. “We have to split ways right now, so as to avoid being caught”

“Yea nice idea” Wind said

“I can’t move alone” Myles said as he held on tightly to my body.

“You have to man up, or else you will be at the receiving end of their police bullet” I said in order to encourage him.

“Bro I can’t” He said as tears rolled down his eyes.

“Wind, can you go alone?” I asked him

“Sure! Let’s see how it goes” He responded “Whatever happens Bro, just know that we did our best” He said with a smile as he moved. I quickly brought out my phone and roamed it using my Nigerian Glo Sim. I quickly reached for a number and dialed it.

“Clear?” I asked the guy I called at the other end of the line

“She confirmed clear, so don’t be scared” He said

“Thanks Bro” I said before terminating the call.

“Let’s move” I said to Myles who was following my every step. We had almost approached the scanning machine, when we saw a large bill board that almost made my heart jump out of my mouth. It had a bold inscription written “Drugs attract death penalty.”

“Shiit!” I muttered to myself. It was my turn to go through the scanning machine, before a man shouted

“Hey you!!”

He  was pointing towards I and Myles Direction and he was a uniformed police officer.  Almost took to my heels, but I felt I would be gunned down within seconds.

“Jesus Christ” I muttered sadly. I almost wet my trousers the moment he grabbed hold of us. Before I knew what was happening, they were numbered about four policemen all surrounding I and Myles.

“Myles was already crying, as I tried to hold myself together”

“Nigerians right?” He shouted as they dragged us towards a room. He opened the door immediately and behold I saw…

To Be Continued!

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