Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I got home immediately and checked about Indonesia and their drug laws. The first news I saw about them was how they executed three Nigerians by firing squad for carrying drugs. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. They were so much news about the country, but I held my peace. It was one of the darkest days I had experienced and I kept wishing that tomorrow never come. That night, I ran to our church vigil and partook in the prayers session.

“Brother, the spirit of God said I should tell you something.” Our pastor said to me.

“You are about to do something bad, and my spirit tell me that it will cost you your head” He said to me as he closed his eyes like one who was receiving ministrations from the realm beyond. I placed my fingers around my chin as I observed him and his prophecies.

“Please don’t do it” He pleaded with me as he held my hand tightly. I simply smiled at him and nodded in agreement.

“Pastor just can’t be serious” I whispered to myself with a smile as he kept sending down fire while he prayed. The prayer session lasted for a few minutes, before he finally blessed me and asked me to make sure I come for the Sunday service. Once again, I nodded my head positively and thanked him before leaving the church.


The D-day was here, as I finally packed up my things to meet up with Madam Grace and friends at the designated place. I made some calls back home and greeted everybody at home. I called some friends I have never spoken before too and we laughed and joked. I even called Jenny’s father and wished to tell him the cause of his child’s death, but my heart couldn’t bear to see me remind the man of the pains that he has lost his daughter, so I decided to overlook it.

I logged on to Facebook and dropped a post that caught the attention of almost everyone in my contact.

“What is happening bro”

“Are you alright?”

“Guy you wan die?” All these were the kind of comments that filled up my page. I read them and all I did was just to smile and laugh. I knew I was about to work through the valley of the shadow of death, but I knew I had to fear of evil.

“Do I have a chance? I don’t think I do” I asked myself rhetorically as tears rolled down my eyes. Just while I continued to pack my baggage, I decided to just catch a glimpse of what was happening around the globe. I tuned into CNN and behold they were arguing about hard drugs and the expensive penalty of death that was attached to it in some countries. I quickly tuned it off out of fear and walked around the house aimlessly.

I picked up my phone and called my friend David, who was very far from me. I explained everything to him. He was shocked and practically dumbfounded. We were among the two brightest students back then in school, and he had already established himself in life.

“How did you end up like this?” He asked out of anger. All I did was to sob as I held the phone to my ears.

“You have to leave the country” He ordered.

“They froze my account” I explained on phone while smiling.

“Don’t worry about money, I can give you money to leave” He suggested.

“They are everywhere. She is everywhere. Police, Immigration, Army, Customs, etc. She will catch me within few days I leave the country.” I explained to an already baffled David was sounded shock.

“How did you meet such a devilish woman?” He asked with anger.

“Whatever happens bro, always remember my family please” I pleaded with him in tears and I terminated and switched off the phone. I quickly ran to the bathroom to take my shower, before picking up my bag from where I kept it. I closed all the windows and switched off all the home appliances. I brought out a pen and tore out a sheet of paper, before I scribbled “I Love you Mum” onto the paper.  I muttered some few words of prayer and did the sign of the cross before finally moving out of the house.

I walked through the street with my dark shades on, and paid little attention to all those who greeted me. They seemed shocked at my behavior that morning, because I am known to be a very jovial person. One of the women in the street continued to shout my name till I was forced to pull off my dark shades and looked towards her direction.

“Hope you are fine my son” She yelled. I nodded affirmatively and waved back at her. She simply smiled as she yelled “God be with you” back at me. I smiled and returned my dark shades to my eyes before I bounced and continued my journey in style.

It was a long and boring drive to the Island hotel where Madam Grace said we should come and meet with her. I was the last to arrive and I greeted Myles and Wind who had already gotten to the venue already. I greeted them and sat down, but the way they responded showed that they probably had nightmares.

“Where is she?” I asked Wind. He simply said he had no idea about where she was and went back to his sober mood. We sat there staring at each other with absolutely nothing to talk about. I remembered our first trip to Brazil, and the excitement that came along, but this one was nothing to write home about in terms of excitement. It was long before Madam Grace came in the company of two big hard looking guys.

“Good day guys” She whispered as she went ahead to drop the briefcase she with her on the Table. She quickly opened it, and weighed the drugs in there.

“I have arranged everything you need to be successful on this journey. Starting from here to the point of entry in Indonesia” She said with a smile. “My aim is just to make you all rich, and I will do everything within my power to make it happen.”

The moment she mentioned rich, I saw the face and countenance of Wind change immediately but I kept mute.

“We have 6 hours before departure time, and we are having a straight flight to Indonesia using the Qatar airways” She said.

“Any questions?” She asked. I quickly raised up my hands, and stepped forward. The moment I stood up, the big guys jerked towards me immediately like a lion that was about to devour a little lamb.

“Be calm guys” She said to them. “Go ahead and ask your questions” She urged me.

“I have nothing to lose now. I can decide not to go for this operation and the only thing is that I will kill myself. I have one finally request before I decide to carry out this instruction” I said

“And what is that?” She asked with a smile.

“I would love you to draw up a statement and say that we never duped you of any money. That also, the banks should unfreeze our account and clear us of any charges that you may have laid against us” I said with a smile.

“And why should I do that?” She barked lightly

“Because if you don’t, I won’t carry out this assignment! I believe you know what disappointment means to those clients who are expecting their deliveries” I said gently with a smile.

She smiled back and looked at the other guys who were simply amazed at my guts, but I wasn’t done yet.

“We have about 6 hours left; if you draft it now, I can finish everything and be good to fly to the land of milk and honey (Indonesia) on record time.

“So which lawyer will handle it?” She asked

“I already have that in place” I said with a smile.

“What about an accounts officer to handle the unfreezing?” She asked also

“In place Ma” I said with a smile again. She looked at me startled and clearly surprised at the moves I was pulling through.

“You are being too smart for my liking, but it will soon be all over” She said as she sat down and wrote a letter and handed it over to me. I glanced through it and it was exactly what I wanted. I quickly winked at wind, who winked back as I zoomed off to see whom I wanted to see.

****Back at Home****

“Hello Sir,” I said to my pastor whom I discovered was a lawyer

“I will be coming over with the documents I told you about. Hope you will be at the office?”

“Sure, I will be waiting for you” He said



“Hello Bro Ahmed” I greeted him through the phone

“How are you bro?” He asked

“Fine, concerning that issue I told you, I would love to know the documents I need to unblock my account” I asked

“Just get a witness statement that would be submitted through a lawyer. He will help you obtain a police report and you now submit to me. I will handle the rest for you.” He said

“Thanks a lot. I will be at your branch today” I said before I terminated the call.


***Back at the hotel entrance****

I quickly stopped a cab and blew straight to the office of the lawyer and handed over to him the necessary things he requested for. He collected them and contacted another friend of his that was a policeman too. They discussed on phone and he was asked to come down to their station. He asked me to wait and rushed down to meet the police officer. I waited patiently and like an hour after, he was back at his office with the complete documents.

“Just be fine, God will be with you” He said. I smiled and wished he knew I was going to be a drug courier in the next few hours. I thanked him deeply and collected the documents before rushing down to the Bank that was located at Marina.

I jumped the queue because I knew someone in the top position. I handed him over all the documents and he asked me to wait before going inside to do what they know how to do best.

“Can I withdraw now?” I asked him

“Not possible now, it would be after 2 days that you can make withdrawals” He said confidently. I simply thanked him and rushed back as I could to the hotel.

“How did it go?” She asked me when I was back. I looked at her with a sorrowful face and lamented

“They asked me to come back in the next 5 working days for proper verification”

I watched her facial expression, and she tried so hard to hide the smile on her face.

“Don’t worry! When you are back, everything would be sorted out” She said while trying to feign a sympathetic face.

“Okay guys! We should be packaging the drugs now” She alerted us.

“Don’t bother swallowing it, everybody has been taken care of at the Airports” She said. Find somewhere hidden and hide the drugs. I knew I had to be creative, and I chose the perfect place to hide mine.

I hid in right inside my ….

To Be Continued!!!

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