Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Yes any probs?” He asked them. They also requested for my identity, which I didn’t give out to them.

“We are from the State CID, and unfortunately you all are under arrest for …”


“For what?” I barked at them

“You are under arrest for committing monetary fraud. You guys duped a Nigerian woman to the tune of several millions and anything you say now will surely be used against you in the court of law” He said.

I looked at my guys that were with me. They had already frozen and remained silent with nothing to say. We were still staring at them till they brought out their handcuffs and requested we bring out our hands.

“We didn’t dupe anybody” I said with my voice raised. We had already created a scene in the eatery as onlookers watched closely.

“When we get to the office, you can explain better” The man said with a smile.

“So we should follow you to your office for a crime we know nothing about?” I asked surprised

“Yes!” He reaffirmed.

They placed their handcuffs on our hands and led us into the waiting van amidst looks from onlookers. It was a quiet journey to their station as we kept staring at each other inside the van. Myles was already tired and the expression on his face was already projecting a tired and weak dude. We reached the station and we were ushered into a cell. Each of us had our own separate cell. It was a dark room with a table at the middle. The only source of light was the little window that was located at the top of the room. I waited there with my hands handcuffed to the middle of the table before a man walked inside to meet with me. He was looking very hefty with his hair all shaved off his head. He sat down in front of me and looked me deep into the eyes.

“I will only ask you any question once” He said “If you lie to me, you might be dead in the next few minutes. Hope it is cear?”

I nodded my head repeatedly with fear. He smiled and adjusted his chair well before he rubbed his cheek while he still stared at me.

“So how did you get the money that was deposited into your account some few days back?” He asked.

I was breathing rapidly; I was already aware of how detectives get to know who is lying or not, so I was careful not to fall into that trap.

“It was a gift from my friend” I responded back with a smile.

“What did you do that merited such a gift?” He asked again

“What?” I asked. I was taken aback by the question and had no idea of what to say. He stared at me like he was about to punch my face, and I bent my face down in fear.

“Let me not repeat myself ever again. I will only ask you once and I need good answers” He said with a mean face. He had barely concluded with his statement, when I heard a loud cry from one of the rooms in the station.

“Can you hear that?” He asked me. I nodded my head repeatedly as fear overtook me completely.

“Don’t let me follow that path with you” He said before he quietly sat back on his seat.

“So how did you get the money that was deposited into your account” He asked again.

“I don’t know how it entered… I was just on my way home one day, and I got the alert. I swear to God” I explained with tears.

“Why are you crying? I haven’t even started with you and you are already wailing” He said with a mocking voice. I tried as much as possible to hold back the tears as I stared at him and watchful that he might hit me anytime.

“Hmmm… so you guys duped a woman of her hard-earned money and you are claiming that you don’t know how you got the alert?” He questioned with fury

“I didn’t sir” I tried to explain before I received a life changing slap that shook the foundations of my brain

“Jesus” I shouted immediately the slap landed on my face. I noticed that the left side of my eyes was already swollen after the slap landed on me.

“I didn’t dupe anybody, I swear to God” I said while crying. I had barely finished with the second line, before I received a punch straight to my face. My head flew backwards before landing forward straight to the metal table. I noticed that a kind of fluid was already crawling out of my nose, and I suspected that it was blood. The teeth in my mouth was already wobbling as a result of the punch.

“Don’t let me ask you again, where did you get that money from?” He questioned. I didn’t know exactly what to tell him again. Anything I said would be considered a lie; so I decided to stay mute. I stared at him with the fluid running out of my nose and spit out of my mouth.

“I am not a thief please” I kept murmuring repeatedly in a low voice.

“This will be part one, I will be back to complete the remaining part” He said as he stood up from his seat and left the dark room. Immediately he left, I couldn’t help but cry. I continued to cry in pains and in remembrance of everything that has ever happened to me.

“Why me na” I said repeatedly while crying.

“Mummy help me ooo” I cried out loud. I cried and cried till there was no much strength in me to cry again, and I placed my head on the table in front of me. I was there staying still, before the door was opened once again. A man walked in and used a key to open the handcuff on my hands.

“Somebody wants to see you” He said. He stood me up and led me out of the room towards the counter. I got there and as usual, I knew it was whom I expected to see.

“You are looking good” She said with a smile. I stared at her without even knowing to say next.

“Where are your friends?” She asked. I didn’t even bother to reply.

“Officer please go and help me bring the other guys” She said to the officer at the counter. He immediately left and with the help of some other officers, they dragged Wind and Mylestone along.

They were both looking more terrible than I felt I was looking. One of Wind’s eyes was already closed as a result of the swelling there. Myles was looking terribly wounded and his head already had a cut. They led us into the waiting room and she ordered all the officers to give her space.

“You guys are looking so good. The bad news is that I have paid them for you to remain here for the next two months. So imagine how your lives would be by then” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“I have a simple task for you guys, just deliver my goods to Indonesia. After that, then your assignment with me is completed. I will never disturb you guys again.” She added.

I kept looking at her as my heartbeat rate was on the rise. So many thoughts flooded my head and I didn’t just know how what else to do.

“If you guys reject the offer, the Immigration man you met at the Airport still has your video clips, and is willing to testify in court. The bank will freeze your cash, and I will claim fraud. Your life will end in a miserable way. You will get a minimum of 30 years jail term because you won’t even have the money to hire a lawyer” She said with a smile.

She had barely completed the whole expalnation, as Myles and Wind broke down in tears. I looked at my friends and couldn’t help but cry alongside.

“What a wasted life” I thought to myself.

“So are you in or out?” She asked. She had barely finished asking the question, Wind and Myles jumped in and answered her

“I am in” They responded almost simultaneously. She nodded in acceptance and looked at me.

“What about you Mr?” She asked. I simply looked at her and my friends in silence. After a while, she persisted that I say something. I nodded my head positively and accepted the deal.

“This is nice” She said with a smile.

“Excuse me” She called onto the officer closet to us “I want to see your boss” She said to him. They quickly directed her to his office, while we remained in the waiting room. We kept staring at each other with nothing to say to ourselves. Tears kept rolling from Wind’s eyes and likewise Myles’ own. After a while, she finally came out and we entered her car and zoomed off the station.

She took us to a house, and we entered and sat in the living room. She offered us food and drinks, and I devoured mine without wasting much time. After a while, she showed us where we could go take our shower and wash off the blood stains on our body. We had our shower and changed into some clothes she offered the three of us.

“We are already behind the delivery schedule, due to the whole saga we faced.” She said.

“We should be leaving for Indonesia by Tomorrow evening, so that we can meet up with the delivery. Everything is in place, and you won’t have any problems both here and when you get to Indonesia” she said with confidence. We nodded our heads in agreement and we started drafting out plans for our movements. She gave us the names of various contacts that we should meet in the airport and after we get into town. We collected it and made our way back home.

“Sorry, we are meeting 3:00pm sharp. I will be expecting you all.” She said to us as we were about to leave the house. We nodded once more and finally left the house.

I got home immediately and googled about Indonesia and their drug laws. The first news I saw about them was how they executed three Nigerians by firing squad for carrying drugs. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. They were so much news about the country, but I held my peace. It was one of the darkest days I had experienced and I kept wishing that tomorrow never come. That night, I ran to our church vigil and partook in the prayers session.

“Brother, the spirit of God said I should tell you something.” Our pastor said to me.

“You are about to do something bad, and my spirit tell me that you will…”

To Be Continued!

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