Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I know you might be wondering who died, Jenny was gone. I remembered she asked me to visit her sometimes in the past, and I was very reluctant to go. She even gave me her house address and pestered me, but I didn’t give in. I was very scared of going to visit her family, but after a while I picked up courage and went.

When I got to her house at the Island, I saw her dad and introduced myself as a school mate. He was so happy to see someone from her school come to visit them. We greeted and along the line we started interactions.

“She started complaining of something moving inside her belle” The old man lamented “When we got to the hospital, the doctor kept saying that she was healthy and no traces of sickness or disease”

I listened with rapt attention and held back my emotions from taking advantage of me as he continued

“Then after a while, she discovered that her private part was beginning to itch her very well. She thought it was the normal private part discharge or so. Before she realized what was happening, it started turning to injury. The pain started becoming unbearable for her. That was how she continued till it started to rotten and finally she gave up the ghost on a Sunday morning” He said with tears in his eyes.

I came close to console him, but he wasn’t going to be consoled

“She is my only daughter” He cried in agony.

Tears were almost dripping out of my eyes as I battled to control it. Madam Grace never told me that what she gave to me could kill her. She lied to me and made me kill a girl I loved so much. I dipped my hands into my pocket and brought out a very large sum of money I didn’t even count.

“Take this Sir” I requested while handing over the money to him.

“God will provide for you” He prayed as he placed his hands on my head and cried.

“To those who killed my daughter, it will never be well for them” He lamented again with a loud voice.

I succeeded in consoling him before I finally found my way out of the house. I had barely moved out of the gate when I remembered something and ran back into the house to meet with Jenny’s father again.

“What about Mama?” I asked him.

“She died longest time ago, so Jenny was the only person that took care of me and replaced her mother perfectly for me. She was my only child and daughter” He said as tears dripped out of his eyes again.

This time, I couldn’t hold the tears again as it dipped down freely from my eyes. I bade him bye and walked back home lost in my own thoughts.

“Do I have a plan?” I asked myself “I think I do” was the reply I gave myself.

I got home and picked up the phone to check up on Wind and Myles.

“How are you doing bro?” I asked Myles.

“I just lost my mum!” He wailed on phone “She was the reason I took the risk to Brazil” He cried. Thoughts upon thoughts kept going through my head. I wonder what would be Wind’s reaction when I finally call him.
“Have you spoken to Wind?” I asked him

“Yea… He just lost his father” Myles said.

“Fvck!!!” I barked into the phone.

“Can we meet tomorrow?” I asked Myles, who readily agreed with the idea. He promised to speak to Wind and bring him along.

“That would be fine bro” I said to him. I hurriedly decided to call Mum and Dad to know if I was also affected too. I called home but no one kept picking up the call.

“Maybe they are already planning a burial and won’t be chanced to listen to you” A thought spoke to me. I continued to call as I was already becoming restless. Few hours later Mum picked up my call.

“How is daddy?” I asked. There was a minute of silence from her.

“What is wrong mummy?” I asked curiously.

“My darling, you won’t believe what happened” Mum started by saying

“What?” I asked immediately without allowing her to land with her previous statement.

“Dad is now…”

My heartbeat at this point was beating faster that the speed of light. I kept asking her to say something but she delayed. After some seconds, she broke the silence.

“Daddy has now fully recovered” She said with a voice filled with smiles. I breathed a huge smile of relief and also thanked God for him. We discussed other family issues before I finally ended the call. My meeting with Wind and Myles was the next thing on my mind.


****At an eatery at Ikeja*****

There was a heavy silence between us at the mall. Everybody kept staring at each other with nothing to say.

“Excuse me Ma, can I have something for the three of us?” I said while trying to break the silence between us. The waiter came along and requested for our orders. I gave to her alongside Myles and Wind’s.

“You think it was what she gave to us that caused the death of our loved ones?” Myles asked with a very sad face

“That Idiot woman is the one behind it” Wind barked with his voice very high.

“Calm down bro” I said to Wind in a bid to calm him down. Just then, the waiter came in with our food and we positioned to eat, at least before debating over the issue that brought us there. I had barely grabbed the first bite when three non-uniformed men came over to meet us where we were.

“Excuse me Sirs!” The called out on us.

“How can we help you?” Myles asked with a harsh voice.

“Are you Mr Mylestones” One of the officers asked him. I wanted to break up such discussion before Myles went ahead to reply them.

“Yes I am Myles, and what the hell do you want with me?” He asked angrily.

“I guess you are known as Wind?” The asked while pointing at Wind

“Yes any probs?” He asked them. They also requested for my identity, which I didn’t give out to them.

“We are from the State CID, and unfortunately you all are under arrest for …”


To be Continued!!

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