Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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The search for the air hostess began. A lot of passengers were already alighting from the plane. I ran towards the cockpit section to find out if I could see the air hostess. I

“What is even her name?” I thought to myself. That was when I realized I didn’t even know the name of the person I gave our goods to hold. I saw another air hostess packing her belongings to move out of the plane.

“Excuse me Ma” I called out on her.

“How may I help you?” she asked

“Please I am looking for your colleague. She is in possession of something important that belongs to me” I said while still looking around to know if I could see her around.

“She has left the plane as soon as we landed” She replied with a smile.

“How come she landed and left without me seeing her?” I asked myself again. I ran back to where my guys were and requested them for us to get down the plane and move over to the point of entry. We quickly collected our bags and rushed down with full speed down the point of entry of the Airport.

“Keep looking around” I told wind and Myles.

“We have to go separate ways and look for her. We will use here as our rendezvous point” Myles suggested as we all bought the idea and dashed off to look for her. The search was real and the blood pressure kept rising. We were careful not to create suspicion or alert any of the security agencies. The search continued for a while till we almost gave up. We all came back to the rendezvous point without having a glimpse of who we searched for.

“We are dead” Myles said with fear written all over him. I quickly stood up and walked towards the checkpoint in a slow manner, and made sure I avoided all eye contacts with all uniformed officers at the airport.

“That is her!” I whispered to myself repeatedly. I tried to run towards her, but saw that she was talking with a uniformed personnel. I relaxed behind a wall and waited for her to be true. Luckily, she walked past me and I immediately grabbed her hands.

“Where have you been?” She asked me looking surprised

“We have been looking for you” I replied anxiously.

“Oh shitt” She muttered and asked me to follow her alongside my other friends. “It will be difficult to get that thing past the scanner. I will find a way to do it.” She said

“So how possible will it be?” Wind asked

“Just calm down and act along” She said. We followed her to where there was an open space and she asked us to wait there. She relaxed while we waited for her. She went straight to where the former officer she spoke to was seated, and whispered something into his ear. I watched closely alongside Wind and Myles.

“Can you trust her?” Myles asked

“I don’t know, but we have no option” I responded.

Suddenly, the officer stood up and walked gently towards our direction with his gaze fixed on us.

“What is happening?” Wind asked as he saw the officer coming towards us. The man brought out a walkie talkie and spoke some words into it as he kept approaching our distance.

“We have to run Bro” Wind said

“Don’t!” I exclaimed. I knew I had to follow my instincts in this situation. Since we were clean, there was nothing to fear about. Out the blues, other officers joined him as they approached us.

They shouted something repeatedly but we couldn’t understand what they were saying. The alarm bell was ringing in the airport as other passerby’s ran away from our location.

“I don’t understand” I kept on shouting. They finally surrounded us with our hands on our heads, and their guns pointing towards us.

They quickly rounded us up and handcuffed us before we could say anything. They took us a near-by room and sat us down inside with our luggage. They immediately took us into a room and stripped us naked. We were taken individually to go inside a machine and was locked inside for about some minutes. When I came out, I saw the controller make some negative head movement to another officer. They took out our luggage one by one and searched it properly. The search continued till they made another negative head sign to the officer in charge.

“Onde estão seus vistos” The officer asked us.

We looked at each other confused with nothing to answer, before Wind said “We don’t understand the language sir.”

“I meant where are your Visas” He asked this time with an angry face. We quickly rushed deep into our bags and brought out the visas from where they were hidden and handed it over to the man. They took it under a light and inspected it carefully.

“Someone told us you had drugs with you, where are they?” He asked again.

“Drugs?” I asked surprised with my mouth wide apart.

“Yes” The officer responded while nodding his head up and down.

“Maybe she mistook drugs to my inhaler that I use. I am asthmatic” Mylestone said with a fragile look.

“Let me see” The man ordered. He passed the inhaler to the officer and he inspected every bit of it before her returned it back to him. They took all our belongings and inspected every one of them critically.

“Who are you coming to see in Brazil?” the officer chipped in again.

“Our relatives” Wind replied”

“Business or for vacation?”

“I think is just for vacation and in few days time, we will be leaving the beautiful country” I replied with a smile.

“Pack up and have a wonderful stay” The officer said before leaving as we continued to pack up our belongings. We finished packing and made way to the check station.

“Deixa eles irem” [Let them go] One of the uniformed men instructed an airport official that wanted to start the clearance process all over again. We quickly passed the checkpoint as our search for the airhostess continued.

“Did she sell us out?” Wind asked

“I think she has a plan” Mylestone responded.

“Hello” One of the taxi drivers held my name on his board and ordered me to come over his direction.

“You know me?” I asked

“Someone gave me something to keep for you. Can we get going now?” He asked

“Wind! Myles!” I exclaimed “We are safe” I shouted on to them.

We hurriedly entered into the taxi and he handed over a bag to me. I opened it out of excitement.

“What is there?” Mylestone asked. I kept mute with nothing to say at all.

“Talk to us Bro” Wind shouted.

“Where is she?” I asked the Taxi driver

“She handed it and left immediately” The driver replied.

“What is inside bro” Wind shouted on top of his voice and he dragged the bag from my hands.

He immediately opened it

“Oh My God!”


To Be Continued!

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