Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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What is that?” I asked so worried

“I am having pains in my belle” He said with pains written all over his face. He bent down slowly as he held onto the side of his belle.

“Bro, I am in pains” He said slowly while still bent.

“What is wrong na…” I asked anxiously while looking around to know if we were catching people’s attention. It seemed all eyes were already towards our angle. Just like we were moving from the frying pan to fire…

“Excuse me miss… we have a situation over here” One of the men on board alerted the attention of the air hostess. She gently walked down towards our direction while mylestone was still bending and holding tightly to his belle.
“Can I help Sir?” she enquired with a wonderful and melodious voice.

“I think he will be fine” I said before Mylestone started coughing uncontrollably. His eyes were already going dim and he was already gasping for breath.

“He isn’t alright and you know that” The Air Hostess said.

“I have to inform the pilot to make an emergency landing” She said as she was about to leave. I quickly held her by the hand and requested audience with her.

“His case his complicated and I know exactly how to treat it.” I said to her. She stared like me like someone who just lost his senses.

“Are you a doctor?” She asked surprised.

“Yes I am” I replied confidently “I am a graduate from one of the top universities in America” I added to solidify my claim.

“So what do you think is wrong with him?” She questioned. Obviously I guess to test my knowledge of human anatomy.

“Well I think it was food poisoning, and I need to do something fast” I said.

‘He is getting worse” One of the white women on the plane screamed. I quickly rushed towards his direction and with the help of wind, we moved him to the toilet of the plane. I already knew what was happening. I have heard stories about it and report that others gave about it.

“I think it is the drugs” I told Wind, who quickly approved my claims.

“So what do we do?” He asked. I quickly exited the toilet and went to meet with the Hostess I spoke with before.

“Please I need your help” I said quietly to her with my face looking so sad. I guess she could see the agony on my face.

“Just tell and I will help” She said with a smile.

“Do you have any drug that could purge the stomach?” I asked her. She smiled so hard and led me by the hands towards another section of the plane.

“Is it what I am thinking?” She asked me with a smile.

“Yeap” I nodded my head in agreement. I had no choice as Mylestone was already going down.

“You should have told me on time” She replied as we continued our march down to the toilet. She reached a point and reached for the pocket of her overall.

“This would do the trick” She said as we finally marched into the male toilet and to our surprise, we found Mylestone on the floor.

“What happened?” I asked Wind aggressively. I quickly rushed to and bent down to check his pulse. It was ticking very low.

“Open his mouth” The Air Hostess ordered. We poured water inside of his mouth and pressed his chest.

“Wake up Myles” I whispered as we continued to press. Wind was standing at a corner with his hands on his head.

“Come and help out bro” I ordered him. I dipped my hand inside his throat in a bid to trigger his sensitive nerves. He was still lying on the floor without any movement.

“Put it again” The Hostess ordered me. I deep my finger into his throat once more, and there was Mylestone jerking up with speed. He quickly vomited some liquid contents out of his mouth. I and Wind lifted him up and faced him towards the sink. I dipped my hand into his throat again, and this time there came the drugs wrapped in a protective material.

“That’s much” The Air hostess said

“Is it his first time?” She asked

“Yes it is our first time” Wind added.

I looked at Wind surprised and took a fast look at the Air Hostess who was visibly shocked.

“Both of you are also couriers?” She asked shocked. There was a moment of loud silence between everyone in the room. Mylestone’s cough was what interrupted the silence in the room.

“I asked a question and I need an answer” She repeated.

“Yes we are also couriers” I answered slowly. She looked at us surprised and was about to leave the restroom. I grabbed her immediately and looked at her in the face.

“Please you have to help us. This is our first time” I pleaded with her.

“So what do you want me to do?” She asked

“Anything you can do to help us” I pleaded as Wind came along too to join my pleas too. She looked at us and probably saw the sincerity in our eyes. She was about to say something, when we had a knock on the door.

“I need to use the rest room” The voice echoed from outside.

“Just a minute sir” I responded.

“Bring everything out” She ordered. I immediately deep my hand into my throat and within few trials, everything came gushing out. My eyes were filled with bloodshots as I vomited everything inside of my stomach. Wind didn’t have any serious problems bringing out his own. We immediately washed everything clean using the sink water and we handed it to her in a polythene bag.

“Keep track of me, I will find a way to sort you guys out when we reach our destination” She said. I peeped through the door scanner and made sure that the person that knocked was no longer there, and we made way for her to move out of the rest room. We helped Mylestone up to his feet and carried him to his chair space on the plane.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, very soon we will be landing. Fasten your seatbelt as we do so” Was the voice that came out of the cockpit. “We are having a stop over at Johannesburg, before we head onto Brazil”

It wasn’t long before we landed as we stopped-over for a while before the next journey to be commenced. Luckily for us, it was the same plane to be used on our trip to Brazil from South Africa. It didn’t take long before we re-boarded our plane back and we were on our way to the country of Christ.

“Are you okay now?” I asked Myles with a smile.

“Yes Bro. I owe you a lot” He said as he held on to my hands tightly.

“Yea, God is watching over us” I said to him

“He nodded in agreement and smiled deeply. We were still reminiscing over the recent occurrences before Wind interrupted our discussion.

“To buy house for Lekki or to build house for village, which one go make sense pass?” He asked

“Which money you wan use buy the house?” I asked him

“The money they go pay us na. Once we finish this business, I wan know the one wey go make sense pass” He said. We all went into laughter till tears almost came out of our eyes.

Sitting, discussing, playing card games, sleeping and watching movies was all we kept doing till the pilot informed us that we have arrived the Country of Christ.

“Welcome to Brazil bro!” An excited Wind said to me. I smiled over it and couldn’t wait for the door to fling open.

“Where is that hostess?” Myles asked curiously

“Jesus! Oh my God!” Wind shouted!!

To Be Continued!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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