Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“What kind of dream was that?” I asked Chika, while pushing him slightly away from my side. He once told me about how most of his dreams always come to pass, and I wanted to believe that this dream he had about me was most likely a nightmare.


“She promised to help me do lots of things, so nothing dey spoil” I reminded Chika who was already getting scared on my behalf.


“Will you stop work?” He enquired


“Most likely” I replied him like I was so confident of whatever was going to come around. I sat him down and explained all the plans in my head, both the one Madam Grace told me and the ones I formulated myself. He was already salivating over my plans and was begging to be fixed somewhere along the line.


“Which kind of car will you end up buying?” He asked me with his teeth wide open. I thought for a second and told him “I will go and think about it”. He made some brilliant suggestions, but they were not what I had in mind. I quickly rushed inside to prepare for my work the next day, so as not to start up on a bad note.


“Grin Grin” My phone rang twice before I picked it up. It was mummy calling and I quickly changed to a voice that was meant for just family. “I am fine ma” I replied after she enquired about how I was feeling.


“There would be a vigil this week at the church, I will want you to attend” She explained. I was almost about to ask why, but remembered that it would amount to holding a family meeting on my behalf.


“Ok Ma” I responded “If I have the chance, I will attend. Hope everything is alright?” I finally found another word to use instead of the ‘why’

“I saw so many bad things happening to you in a dream, and I want you to cast it away by going to church” She explained. This was the second time I heard this, but I knew that devil wanted to stop my shine.


“No problems ma, I will attend” I said as we exchanged some pleasantries and I went off the phone. I have always heard a quote “He who the god’s wants to destroy, they first make him mad.” I saw the signs coming, but I was too blind to perceive it. Immediately mum dropped the call, I received another call in swift succession from Madam Grace.


“Baby are you okay?” She asked as I immediately started blushing as soon as I heard her voice. It was like there was something special about her that always got my senses off my body.


“I am fine baby” I responded while I kept blushing to myself. I quickly walked from the parlor to the bathroom and couldn’t believe I was looking at myself smiling through the bathroom mirror.

“Will you be available Friday night?” That was the next question she asked me I couldn’t even remember that it was the Friday that mum asked me to go for a deliverance service in church. I totally forgot before responding “I will be available sweetheart” to Grace who was already waiting for a positive answer. She quickly booked a time to come pick me and right there, I was feeling like I just won a trophy. I couldn’t wait for Friday to come calling and in fact, I wished for every day to become the much awaited Friday.


Arriving work the next day very early, I was celebrated like someone who went for a competition and brought back the trophy amidst breaking every known record. Right from the gate, the greetings were warmly and everybody welcomed me like a king. I was smiling all through and they somehow knew that something has changed. The shoe, the suit and the wrist-watch were all top quality.

“Excuse me tho, can you link me to where you collected all these money from” Mr Ruben quickly said while pulling me aside “I need to know the source”


“Jesus is the way” I responded in a rather hilarious manner. We laughed over it but he was still kind of persistent about the source of the money that was reflecting on my dressing and my body in general. I quickly tossed him and diverted the whole story and went to greet the other colleagues of mine in their offices. It was a warm greeting all through before I went back to my desk to focus on my Job for the day. I reached my desk and discovered that I had a mountain of files, waiting for me to process.


“Lawd” I exclaimed in a low voice before looking at everyone who already had their attention, fixed on me. “Nobody did all these while I was away?” I asked rather rhetorically. I sat down and grumbled while I started attending to those files on after the other.

“Ms. Juliet is asking about you” The messenger immediately called my attention. Others were scared about what the reason might be, but I already knew.

“Be right back” I informed some colleagues around before heading to her office. I knocked and was ordered to enter and sit down. I kept staring at her while she kept staring at me like we were having some face competition.

“I missed you” I mustered as she quickly smiled and asked me to bolt up the door from within. I responded immediately and thank God there was nothing like a security camera lurking around the corner.

“Come give me a kiss” She requested as I quickly leaned forward and planted my lips in her mouth before getting hold of her breast that was hiding within her bra. My rod was already supercharged was rotting for that sweet wet hole within her legs. She quickly disrupted the event, when we got to hear a knock on the door. I quickly adjusted back to my position and brought out a book to justify my reason of being in her office. I helped and opened the door and the messenger came with her own news “Boss wants to see you” while pointing my direction. I was about standing and following the messenger to go see the Boss before Ms. Juliet called me back and promised to handle it. I just that was her pvssy reasoning and purely an effect of dicck influence. She then asked the maid to exit and that I would be on my way soonest.The outcome of their discussion wasn’t my concern because I believed it would always come out favorable.

The whole scenario in the office wasn’t enough to distract me from remembering my only wish for that week. Friday was on my mind and I even dreamt about it most times.


[Highlights of next episode]

“Jesus… I will just exit the room and go to the rest room”*****

*******Don’t move, just remain seated where you are******

*****This wasn’t the plan?*******


*****Things changes and welcome to change*****


Catch you on the next exciting episode. To Be Continued.

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