Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Stop there!” The immigration man yelled as we all down back to see who they were pointing to.


“Yes you!” He said!

“Jesus” I whispered inside my heart.

“Please come back, something flashed on our system” He requested politely. A mind asked me to run, but that would create a huge suspicion. Wind and Mylestone had already passed the scanner, so why would I be the unlucky person?

“Put your bag over there…” The man ordered. I remained calm but sweating deep down inside my ass.

“Excuse me sir…” He called to one of the other officer to come around. He whispered something into his ear and they exchanged discussions. The other officer nodded his head in agreement and went out of sight. I kept waiting patiently while wind and mylestone were waiting for me at the waiting hall.

It wasn’t long before plenty officials of the immigration scheme swarmed round me.

“Follow us Sir” One of the men said to me. I remained calmed like always and followed them patiently to a room. I was about be transferred to a room that was tagged “scanning room” before a woman rushed to speak with one of the men for the immigration.

“Sorry sir” she said as she alerted the attention of one the highest ranking officers in our midst.

“Any problems?” The man asked

“Yes Sir” She said as she beckoned on him to come

“Keep an eye on him” The officer said as she left our scene and followed the woman. I was right there calm but sweating right inside a chilly room. I did all I could to maintain a smiling face and smiled at every official who looked at my face.

“Where are you from?” One of the immigration men asked me

“Enugu state sir” I responded with a smile.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed

“What side?” He asked me

“From Nkanu local govt” I responded

“Oh my God!” The man shouted

“Nduka!” He called onto one of his colleagues in a low voice “Come and see something”

The other one walked down slowly and came around where I was seated

“I no even know say na our brother be this ooo” The officer said to Nduka that came around”

“Na Nkanu boy?” Nduka asked the officer

“Even from the same village ooo” He responded

“Nawa ooo” Nduka responded

“So why you come dey do all this kain thing na” Nduka asked me. I kept mute and just smiled.

“Show first” Nduka spoke to the other officer who got to know about me first. They went to a corner of the office and spoke in a low tone. The continued the discussion till one of them finally came to meet with me.

“We go know wetin we go do sha… but you really mess up” He said to me. I was already feeling unease because of the signs going on right there in my belle. I was starting to feel pains and it seems the pain killers were beginning to wear off from my body. It wasn’t long, before the highest immigration officer came back with a team of other officers.

“Follow me” He commanded. Nduka and the officer from my village escorted me as we all followed the commandant to where he was going to. When we go to the destination, he ordered the other officers to remain outside while I followed him inside his office.

“The report reachn me says you are en-route Brazil. Am I correct?” He asked me

“Yes Sir” I replied gently

“I believe you know why we detained you for a long period of time” The officer asked. I kept mute without an idea of what to say.

“I believe I am talking to you” He reminded me.

“Yes Sir, I am aware” I replied.

“You know what would have been your jail sentence?” He asked with a smile. I smiled back with little or no answer to give.

“What is your name?” He asked. I told him and he wrote it down somewhere.

“Your flight to your destination would be leaving in few minutes, once you are out of this country; just know that you are now on your own.” He said to me keenly.

“No problems Sir” I said while wiping my mouth.

“Anytime you fall into any shit, just call who sent you to call me. Is that clear?” He questioned.

“Yes Sir” I said with a low voice.

“You can go. Hold this paper and show anyone who stops you.” He said as he handed over to me a white paper with lots of stamps all over it. I quickly left the room and was me by the officer from my state and the officer Nduka.

“Is everything alright?” They questioned simultaneously

“Yeap, I am free now” I responded

“Just be carefull ooo” Officer Nduka said.

“Thanks” I greeted them warmly.

“Any show for guys?” They asked as I was about to leave. I immediately deep my hand into my pocket and brought out some piece of dollars I had already changed.

“Na you biko ooo” They hailed.

“Just dey careful loo and remember us when you return ooo” Officer Nduka yelled lightly as I ran towards where mylestone and wind were waiting for me.

It wasn’t long I arrived before the announcement of the boarding of our plane commenced.

“We have to go guys” I ordered the both of them. We immediately went to our terminal was located as we made way for our plane.

We boarded the plane according to the numbers we had, and located our seats on the plane.

“Welcome on board” The white Asian woman said as I smiled back at her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome abroad this airline flight. If your travel plans does not include where we are heading to, then now would be a perfect time to make yourself known to a member of the cabin crew. In the event of a sudden drop in cabin pressure, oxygen mask will drop down. Please fasten your seatbelt and get prepared for this wonderful flight. Thanks!”

“Are you okay?”  I asked mylestone who was looking very scared and worried.

“I am not” He replied

“What is wrong?” I asked him as his face turned pale and unending nerves were all over his face.

“Bro… I think something bad is about to happen” He  said.


To Be Continued

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