Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Okay guys, I just confirmed your first destination, and the country is Brazil. The other guys looked excited especially Wind who almost leaped for joy.

“Delivery will take place by tomorrow. I have arranged everything you would need for your journey and your various contacts have already been contacted and they are waiting for you to arrive.” Madam Grace said

“I believe you all did the necessary things I asked you all to do?” She asked. I was paying attention as my mind was really distracted from the whole discussions we were having. I have heard terrible stories about guys who smuggled drugs to other countries and how they ended up.

“You will have this night for all you need to do, and by tomorrow night you would be on the first plane to your destination.” She said before moving out and leaving the three of us to ourselves.

“I hear say Brazil make sense die” Wind said almost shouting. I shook my head as I looked at him.

“You know the consequences if you are caught?” I asked him trying to let him come back to his senses.

“Bro forget that thing” He said as he stammered through his words. Mylestones was absolutely quiet as I assumed a lot of things went through his mind.

“Are you okay Bro?” I asked him

“My mum is sick alongside my dad, so I need this money badly to enable me pay for their medical conditions.” He said with a very sad face.

“What about your Siblings?” I asked him surprised

“I am the only child in my family” He responded almost in tears

“Jesus!” I screamed gently.

“Make una stop all noise, Brazil make sense die. I even hear say na their girls get the best nyash for the whole world” Wind added

“Bro you have to be sensible for once” Myles intercepted his speech

“Sensible in what aspect?” Wind barked back “Na me force you to come? No come here come dull my spirit ooo. If you no wan go, just identify make them carry you go back immediately”

I stared at him like someone who recently lost his senses. “So you are happy that you are doing this?” I asked him surprised

“Baba listen… my elder brother just buy two houses for Victoria Island, and na from this drug money him use do am. I have suffered a lot, and I no fit go beg for money” He said

“Wow” I said

“This will certainly be the last trip I will ever make on this” Myles stones said. “After this, it will be a goodbye to any of this” Myles said.

“That is you bro! I will do and do again and keep doing till my nickname becomes the Wind-drug” Wind joked

“It’s okay!” I intercepted their speech.

“Are you hanging out tonight?” Wind asked

“Yea… for sure” I replied

“What about you bro?” I asked Myles

“No! Thank you” He rejected the invitation “I will have to go see my parents where they are” He said as he stood up and took his leave.

“Alright bro, see you tomorrow” Wind said to him as Myles left the room.

“That boy no go last for this business. This is the best place to make money joor!” Wind spoke convincingly to me.

“Really?” I asked him with a smirk on my face “So na you go come last?”

“My father na better Juju doctor, so nobody fit catch me” He reassured himself.

“Let’s move” He said to me as we stood up and went towards the car he parked downstairs of the hotel we stayed.

We entered the car and zoomed off without anywhere in mind.

“Where we dey even go?” I asked him

“hahahaha” He laughed. “I don’t even know jare. You get cloth wey we go fit use club?” He asked me

“I no get” I replied him. He then suggested we go to a nearby store and buy clothes for the night. I bought a brand new designer top and jeans, with a Nike shoe to go along. While he got for himself the same thing I bought. We were looking so hot and dope that night that even a blind man would see the stuff that we were made of that night.

I called the receptionist of the hotel we left and asked her to keep a room for us separately, as that would be our new abode till we embark on our journey.

Bouncing into the club, we passed across to the bouncer some few thousands of Naira and he allowed us pass. I looked around and before I knew it, wind was already grinding out himself with a girl on the dance floor.

“This guy sef!” I muttered to myself jokingly. I sat down before my eyes crossed with a young fair girl that was seated just few seats away from my position. I slowly walked up to her and introduced myself before she gave me space to have a seat.

“Do you have money?” She asked

I looked at her surprised at such a question but I didn’t allow the expression to show up on my face.

“Few hours from now, I will bath you with money!” I said with enthusiasm

“Really?” She almost shouted “Tell me about it” She requested

“When I am back, I will tell you about it” I said as I ordered her down to the dance floor. We were grinding out ourselves before a guy came along and disrupted our dance.

“Baby let’s go” He said to the girl I was grinding with.

“Can’t you see I am busy?” She replied the guy harshly

“Is that how you reply your guy in front of a stranger?” The angry guy barked

“Which guy?” She asked

“Please just leave my sight” She requested harshly. I stood aside looking at the both of them till the girl attracted my attention.

“Baby let us move to another side please” She pleaded with me. I held her by the hand and moved her out, leaving the other guy stranded like a complete jerk!

“Who is he?” I asked after we found a seat in a corner of the club

“He is one broke ass guy that always disturbs me everyday” She replied with anger

“But he called himself your guy, are you not his babe?” I asked

“That guy is a poor church rat” She repeated

“So you like them rich?” I asked her

“Yes sweetheart, I love them rich like you” She said with a smile. Sometime I doubted the power of money, but not after this night. I swore to make the money to the fullest. I quickly ordered Wind for us to start making our way down to the hotel.

From locking my lips with her inside the car, to dipping my finger right between her laps till it came in contact with a Greenland flied with low hairs and a warm environment. I continued till I located a hole that was a pathway to a land filled with a wet surface. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel as we both wanted something for ourselves.

Immediately we got to the door, we could barely manage to open the door. Our lips wouldn’t let go of each other’s. We finally found our way inside as it was a rough battle to the bed. After a while we got to the bed, she unzipped me like a kid and inserted my rod into her mouth like the professional they reminded me about.

She licked and sucked every little hole she could find, while I moaned in a heavenly tone. After a while, the reverse became the case.

Hot, hard, sweet, pains were the only adjectives to qualify the actions that took place that night. I had had flings with ladies, but it wouldn’t be compared to what happened that night.

Different styles, positions, actions, and ringtones were all I could remember. It was a glorious night with a glorious fvcking mate was all it was.


“Hey!” I tapped her as she was still asleep

“Wake up” I continued to tap her till she woke up. I ordered her to go and take her bath as I was about to leave for my own house to pack up my bags and talk to the few people I needed to talk to before I leave for Brazil. She responded fast and got dressed within few minutes.

“Have this money” I told her as I handed over a certain sum to her

“For the action we had last night?” She asked

“Yes babe” I told her. She rejected the money and said

“I just want to be your girlfriend.” I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. If I needed someone to be with, it should be with a girl that knew how to do the thing.

“Hold this babe… for your upkeep till we see again” I said to her. She collected as we both left the hotel to our different destinations.


“Hi Mum” I said to mum through the phone

“How is daddy?” I asked

“Almost fine” She replied. We discussed about a whole lot of things. I finally told her that I would be going to Canada for a football trial.

“Wow!” She responded with joy “It seems God has answered our prayers” She said

“Yes Mama, he has answered our prayers” I responded while forcing myself to create a joyful voice

“God will be with you my son” She said

“Daddy’s sickness has made everybody broke at home, we are believing in you” She said with a teary voice.

“I won’t disappoint you mum” I responded and asked her to greet everyone before I terminated the call. I quickly found my way to a neighboring church, where I went and knelt in front of the altar crying deeply. I repeated just few words “Father if you love me, look after me till I come back” with tears in my eyes.

I went back home and sat patiently waiting for the appointed time before we meet at the definite position given to us.

At about 5:00pm, we gathered together where we were given some specific grams of the drug to hide where we deemed fit.

“The best option is just for you to swallow it” Madam Grace said to Mylestone who was fidgeting all over. She supplied us with an already made garri that we would use to swallow the drugs she gave to us.

Wind was the first to swallow and was almost set. I was second to follow suit while we encouraged mylestones to finish up his.

“Will I die?” He kept asking

“Nothing would happen bro, just do it” I encouraged Myles who finally succeeded and swallowed his own.

“I guess we are good to go” madam Grace repeated “Plane leaves by 6”

We hurriedly collected our bags as we found our way down to the airport.

“Stop there!” The immigration man yelled as we all down back to see who they were pointing to.


“Yes you!” He said!

“Jesus” I whispered inside my heart.

To Be Continued

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