Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I had already applied the lotion that Madam Grace gave to me and there was no turning back not to have sex with her. It was a deed that needed to be done.

“What should I do now?” I thought to myself.

“You wana take something?” I asked Jenny with a great smile on my face

“No baby I am alright” She replied while lying on my chest. This was an answer I wasn’t prepared to take. I knew my plans and it just had to come to pass.

“Just manage and take something, even if it is just water” I persisted. She agreed to the water suggestion and off I went to the kitchen to get her chilled bottle water while the other guys were in the parlor making merry. I immediately opened the bottled water in the freezer and drop some little contents inside that would be effective and also wouldn’t change the taste of the water. I was tempted to drink it but I realized I would also be a victim of my own evil. I knew she was tasty and so I already knew she wouldn’t notice well. But alas I was wrong!

“Why is the water open?” She asked surprised

“Since when did you become a white woman that selects things?” I asked sarcastically. She laughed over it and opened the water and looked at it carefully.

“I don’t think I would love this water, it seems there are things inside” She said. I had already emptied the little powdery content I had, and time was running out on me already.

“Baby, there is nothing wrong with that water” I said with a mean face “Or are you trying to say that I am a dirty guy in the house who can’t drink something clean?”

“That wasn’t my point” She said “All the same, let me not make you angry”. She immediately opened the cork and emptied the content down her throat. The smile on my face was more than that of a man that won a lottery. The look on her face after she drank the water showed that she suspected that something was wrong. But as usual she didn’t want to get me pissed, so she kept mute.

Few minutes later while we cuddled and romanced, she started to feel dizzy.

“I think I am very tired” She said with a weak voice.

“I think so too baby, you can just rest for a while. I will go and join the other guys in the parlor” I said to her. She nodded repeatedly before she adjusted on the bed and zoomed off into dream land. I quickly went to the parlor and saw some other guys and girls still having their good time. I went back to the room and locked the door. I pulled my shorts and raised up her gown. I could see the pad between her legs quite soaked with blood, but that wasn’t enough to distract me. I fondled with the oranges on her chest and rubbed the rod between my legs. That was enough to get me standing already. I adjusted and removed the pad while a little quantity of blood dropped on my bed sheet. It was one horrible sight I saw but my plans was greater than the sight I saw.

I reapplied the content given to me by Madam Grace as I opened the legs wide apart and gently inserted it inside. She moaned and jerked like she wanted to wake. Once I was inside, I throbbed in gently inside and out. She was moving rhythmically with my movements and at a point she was almost awake but so weak to realize what was going on. To be frank, it was an enjoyable ride for me, as I didn’t pay much attention to the red particles all over my rod. I continued moving in and out slowly while she responded. I believed she was equally feeling the sensation with the way she moved. She was so weak to move or talk so I continued till I finally released some whitish particles right inside of her. I got up and ran straight to the bathroom to clean up.

I had forgotten how to arrange the pad, so I disposed it and ran to get a new one. I was satisfied with the action and congratulated myself like someone who just bought a new car before my phone rang again.

“Hello” I greeted

“I see you have used what I gave to you” The voice said. I already knew it was madam Grace so I greeted her immediately

“Good evening Ma”

“Good evening” She responded “You have done a good job my boy”

“How did you know I have done it?” I asked with curiosity

“Don’t worry about that” She responded. She greeted and requested I meet her tomorrow night for some briefing.

“No probs Ma” I said before terminating the call.


“Baby!!” I said while tapping Jenny on the bed. She rolled around confused and weak. I continued to tap her till she finally woke up. She looked around for a while before she felt something within her legs.

“What happened to me?” She asked

“Errmmm… you were sleeping and the way you moved around made your pad fall out and some other thing” I said while forcing a smile around my face

“My Pad?” She screamed “How manage?”

“Baby just calm down, there is nothing wrong” I assured her

“Are you sure nothing happened because I feel that something happened” She said

“I swear, nothing happened”

That was enough to make her calm down as she took up the new pad and went to the corner of the room to put it on.

“It is almost late, so you need to start going” I said to her. She nodded in agreement. I went to m drawer and popped out some large amount of cash.

“Check how much is that?” I said to her. She collected the cash and counted it and she continued, the expression on her face kept changing.

“Jesus! Baby this is thirty thousand Naira” She screamed. I smiled and told her to come give me a hug.

“This is just to show you how much I love you” I whispered into her ear.

“I love you too baby” She responded very excited. We talked and talked romantic things before I finally escorted her out of the house and hired a cab man to drive her home. Now it was time for the real fun as I picked on one of the girls to calm down my already tensed nerves!

“Aww… oh god.. Don’t stop baby” Was all she kept screaming while I hit the right spots that could send any girl into oblivion.

“You are just  beast” She joked

“That is why I am called the beast man!” I responded with a smile as I fondled around with her oranges that were as big as a water melon.


The next day by 9:00 pm at a popular hotel at the Island, I was seated with Madam Grace, Oga Paul, Mylestones and one other guy whom I believed was also a gang member.

“Excuse me Ma” I called on Madam’s Grace attention

She came to my direction as I held onto her hands and went aside with her.

“What happened to the other guys and girl I met with you the first time?” I asked curiously

“Well, they had finish serving me and now living a good life outside the country” She responded with a huge smile on her face.

I knew something was wrong because Madam Grace isn’t the type that would just let you go after serving. If she had settled them just like that, why was she now recruiting new members? I didn’t allow the thought bother me so much so as not to affect my performance in case if her story were to be true.

“I am pleased to announce to you guys that we now have a new member” Madam Grace said.

She pointed to the guy and urged him to come forward.

“This is Wind, and he will be working with you guys in all the assignments we would undertake” She said.

“Nice to meet you Wind” I greeted. Mylestones stood up and went to meet with him also.

“You can call me Mylestones or just Myles” He said to wind.

“Nice meeting you all” Wind responded.

Oga Paul immediately went to the corner of the room and brought out a box. He opened it and counted the contents inside.

“Perfect!” He said to Madam Grace who was sitting at the corner of the bed and smoking some cigar.

“Alright boys. What we will be doing anytime from now is very simple” She started.

“I have people waiting for me to deliver something to them, and you guys will act like just errand boys.” She said.

“Your first mission will be to transport this stuff through whatever means you want to a specific country. There are people waiting for you guys and everything is set already. You don’t need to be afraid because there is nothing to be scared off.”

I was already wetting my pants as she continued her speech. The flashback of how they killed people who transported various illegal drugs into countries started to play a flashback inside my brain. I knew those notorious countries and I prayed it wouldn’t be anyone of them.

My heartbeat increased immediately as she answered a call to confirm the country that would be our first destination for her business. Tears was almost about to roll down my eyes as I prayed and wished it wouldn’t be where my brain was pointing to.

“Okay guys, I just confirmed your first destination, and the country is …”

To Be Continued!

Sorry for the delay guys… Updates will keep coming in due time

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