Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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It was a period of terrible thinking. I knew I had to get the money back before Madam Grace asks about the money. There was one option and path way I needed to take and it was the man that got me disvirgined from my behind. It was a long drive that day to Obalende as I had to use the public transport. The hold up was much especially through the Third Mainland bridge. I finally got to my destination and headed straight for the house number.

“Is Oga around?” I ask the mallam I saw at the gate

“Which Oga” He asked back with his hausa accent

“How many Oga dey get for this house? Or you sef don turn Oga?” I asked back with a mean face.

“Whalai, you no go enter this house this evening” He said as he was about to shut the gate and I held on to the gate and it was almost getting to a scuffle before the man appeared from top of the house

“What is happening there?” He queried

“He wan enter house oga, but him no wan talk who him wan come see” The Mallam replied. I gently sneaked my head through the gate with the sole purpose of making myself visible to him.

“Hey!” He exclaimed

“Come inside” He said as he gave the sign direction to come inside

“Mtcheewww” I hissed at the Mallam at the gate who kept a mean face as I entered. I gently navigated my way to the parlor of the house where I found him sitting down with a gown and his legs crossed.

“Good afternoon Sir” I greeted as I approached him. With a smile on his face, he gave me a sign to come closer. I was no longer scared of what could happen because he had already penetrated me before this time. I came closer to him and he rubbed my back and made me sit on his laps

“Wow! You are very heavy” He screamed joking

“How are you love?” He asked with a voice he tried to make romantic

“Fine!” I responded as feminine as possible.

“I never saw you again, so I thought you didn’t want me again” He said as he kept on rubbing my laps.

“I always wanted you dear” I said with smile on my face. He smiled so hard that he now asked me why I actually came to the house.

“I am in a little problem, so I needed a little help from you” I responded with a low and slow voice. He looked at me and smiled deeply before he cleared his throat and said to me

“So let us assume you never had any problem before, so I wouldn’t have had the chance to taste how sweet you are again?” He asked

“I would have still come back sir: I said. He smiled once again.

“I will still give you, but you should know that I have missed you a lot” He said. He immediately dipped his hand into my trousers and caught hold of my rod.  The intensity of the romance was so intense that I pictured myself with a very hot looking lady. It wasn’t long before he led me along to his inner chamber, where he placed me gently on the bed and pulled off. I hurriedly removed my wears as I was already ready for action.  He brought out his oil that was meant for lubrication and applied it to my hole with passion as I amazed my little stick between my legs. Few minutes later I felt a massive element pierce through my back side. The pain was so sharp but not as much as it was the first time he entered inside of me. I screamed and moaned in pains while he was enjoying his roller-coaster ride. I endured and within few minutes he was moaning in excitement as he released some things right on my back. I quickly rushed to the bathroom where I immediately poured some water into the bath tube and sat inside with my bare body inside the water.

The pain was intense but I had to brace up and head back into the room where I met with him.

“I don’t even know your name sir” I asked surprised

“Call me Henry” He responded

We kissed a bit and he headed straight to his drawer where he brought out some money bundles. He quickly disengaged about three of the bundle and handed it over to me. It was a bundle of one thousand Naira notes and I was confident that it exceeded my expectation.

“When you need me babe, you can always come” He said to me as I hugged him and arranged myself before leaving his compound. I had suffered to get this money and someone else will also suffer to be a partaker of it.

“Hello Babe” I said into my phone immediately Jenny picked up

“I will be hosting a party tomorrow at my house, can you come around?”

“They won’t allow me leave home” She replied

“Just tell them that you will be going for a church meeting, and you can just branch around” I suggested to her

She immediately bought the idea and we made the plans like it was supposed to happen. The next day I arranged the house in a typical party style. I had called a lot of peeps whom I knew to turn up for the party. The party was supposed to commence by 2pm, but by 1pm the house was already getting crowded with lots of babe and guys all over. It was a drinking and dancing galore as everyone had fun. I noticed I wasn’t really interested in all the people that came around.

It was almost 3 and Jenny was still nowhere to be found. I tried her line and it wasn’t connecting. 4pm and yet she wasn’t still seen within the vicinity. It was almost getting around some minutes past 5 when she came strolling into the compound. I quickly left everything and rushed to hug her.

We interacted a bit before I brought her into the crowded house. We managed to by-pass the crowd of happy people who were having fun. I took her to my room where we interacted a bit before I started pushing advances.

“I am seeing my flow baby” She dropped the bombshell that almost made me mad

“So I can’t have any intimate thing with you” She added

I had already applied the lotion that Madam Grace gave to me and there was no turning back not to have sex with her. It was a deed that needed to be done.

“What should I do now?” I thought to myself.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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