Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Please what do you want me to do? ” I pleaded kneeling before madam Grace with tears flowing down my eyes.  She had a smirk on her face and sipping from a glass of wine intermittently.


“Please ma, please….  Anything you ask of me,  I will do it. ” I continued while she sat unperturbed.


“Are you sure that you will do whatever I ask of you?” She asked expressionless.

“Now here is the plan” She said.

“You will have to use that your Jenny girlfriend as a protection.”

“How?” I asked looking so confused

“Don’t be an Idiot” She barked at me as I jerked backwards out of fear.

“I really didn’t understand Ma” I pleaded in a low tone. She looked at Oga paul who was always silent in most cases.

“You will have to use her for the ritual of protection” She explained emphatically.

I heard that immediately and felt blood rush straight to me head. My eyes moved around in circles and before I knew it, everywhere went blank.

I woke up and found myself on the bed as I looked around and saw Oga Paul who was sitting very close to me.

He smiled and said “Welcome back”

“Where am I?” I asked

“Still in the house” He replied.

“What happened to me?’ I asked as I continued to stare around all over the bed and the house. He ignored the question and went out of the room. Few minutes later, he came back with Madam Grace alongside another guy.

“Good to see you awake” Madam Grace said

I nodded and didn’t say a word.

“By the way, I will introduce your partner to you. His name is myles Stone. But you can call him Myles” Madam Grace added

He came forward to shake me, but I clearly ignored his hands.

“I can’t remember our last discussion” I said to Madam Grace. Her facial expression changed immediately.

“You see this your new partner, I met him just few days ago and imagine how excited he is and he has already perfected steps to bring his own ritual” Madam Grace said with much anger

“But look at you, jumping from one police station to another, just because of something simple that would help your life. This will be the last time I will repeat myself. You are required to produce that your stupid GF as the invisible ritual for all your doings with us” She said

“Will I cut of her neck or what?” I asked with sadness as I was almost in tears

“You will be given something, just try as much as possible to sleep with her and that ends it immediately. You will get all you want by just sleeping with her” She said

“But will she die after I sleep with her?” I asked with a wobbling voice

“Don’t be silly, Myles please tell him how you did yours” She said as she tapped the guy behind his back.

“I just rubbed something on my dickk, after I slept with her there was no visible change on her body” He explained.

I felt relieved at the answer he gave to me and was good to go.

“Here is 200,000 Naira, you will use it for all the flexing you will need with her.

I nodded my head in agreement as soon as the money was brought out. I quickly took the money and thanked Madam Grace so much.

“One more thing” She said. I looked back to hear exactly what she wanted to say.

“You will do it through her bum bum” She said with a mean face.

“Wow!” I exclaimed

“Alright Ma” I agreed “As long as she won’t die”



It was already one day gone since Madam Grace with Oga  paul excorted me to the house. The neighbors were so excited to see me, because most of them thought I would be killed right after I left with the armed force men. I was restless at home and was thinking perfectly of what I could do with the money given to me.

“What will happen to me?” I thought sitting with my chin resting on my knees.

“They will kill me.” I thougt again.  “No, they can’t. But…… ” I trailed of in thought.


“If I joined them, I am doomed forever.” I murmured inaudibly.


I wandered off in thought again, this time it was the fate of my family. My mother, she will be heartbroken if anything happens to me. All the suffering she went Through on my behalf. She hasn’t even reaped the fruit of her labor. What about my father? though we aint best of friends but he deserve to eat the fruits of his labor. I can’t even think of my friends back home.


I had barely finished thinking when my phone rang.

“Hello Mum” I greeted as I picked up the phone

“Daddy is very ill, and we will need about 180,000 Naira for his treatment” She cried into my phone.

“Jesus!” I screamed

“Since when?”

“Yesterday night” Mum replied

“Please, any money you have just send for me” She said. He tears alone and the way she cried melted my soul immediately. I remembered how my Dad took me to school as a kid. I remembered how he trekked and carried me on his hand as a kid when there was no bus to go to school. I grew up in an average home, and daddy was the reason I managed to finish school. As I remembered all these, tears flowed down my eyes.

It was a Tuesday evening, and I was prepared to go and deposit all those money tomorrow morning.

“What happens to Jenny and what they asked you to do?” An inner voice asked me.

“Fvck you” I cussed the open air around me. I moved round the house aimlessly with nothing on my mind. Mummy, Madam Grace, Jenny, Daddy and I were all that was on my mind.

The next morning, I ran with speed of light down to the bank. I came almost before the workers and waited patiently at the gate for the bank to open. Few hours later, I was done with payment.

“Have you gotten it?” I asked Mum.

“Yes! God bless you my son” She blessed me. I terminated the call as reality dawned on me that I had spent the money given to me to carry out an operation.

What do I do next? I had a cruel plan that you could never guess of.

To Be Continued….

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