Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Boss what is wrong?” One of my boys in the cell asked as he noticed that my countenance has changed.

“Nothing boy!” I replied as I ordered him and one other guy to position their back for me to continue my sleep.

I fell into a deep thought and wondered what else I would do to avoid such dilemma with the God forsaken Madam Grace. I remembered I could contact Madam Juliet and the stupid old man that dealt with me through my ass, but the pains of allowing a rod penetrate me again blocked that idea.

“Why should I carry drugs?” I whispered aloud.

“I fit carry oo” One of the boys in the room shouted aloud. I stared at him and ordered him to come closer.

“Show me your ear, make I tell you something” I said to him

He brought his ear closer and received a thunderous slap that shook the foundation of his ear. He cried out in pains, but was forced into silence by the other bigger boys in the cell.

“Next time, no talk when Oga dey talk” They reprimanded him. He held his hands in his ears and walked back to the corner he crawled out from before I called him. I decided to continue my life inside the cell, as I was already getting used to it. I was holding the highest position already, so feeding and other things were no longer a problem for me.

Everything was moving on fine. When the weather became so hot, most of the boys gathered and blew coldness into my body. Any new convert that came with money deposited with me, as I rationed the amount people could collect in a day. I was already the longest serving inmate, having served closed to two months in that police cell. I was already friends with some of the police guys, as they even helped me to apportion culprits whom they felt I could control.

Do you know when everything is moving fine, but someone somewhere decides to spoil something for your life, that was what happened that faithful afternoon.

“You come out” One of the officers pointed at me

I looked surprised at what was happening again. I never wanted that kinda disturbance from the outside world, as I was already feeling at home here.

I brought out my hands from the burglary proof, and it was hand-cuffed before we made way to the office of the DPO.

“Who kept this man in cell 4?” The DPO queried

“Na SGt ooo” The officer with me replied immediately.

“You don’t know his crime?” The DPO fumed in anger

“He is a drug lord and a serial killer for Christ sake! Do you want him to corrupt other innocent prisoners in that cell meant for people with small offences?” He asked with extreme anger.

My heart immediately went into my mouth as my heartbeat increased in a very fast manner

“Before I open my eyes and close it, relocate this bastard criminal to cell 2” He shouted.

“Jesus!” I screamed out loud

The officer immediately saluted him and dragged me in the trouser as we made our way to the cell 2. We approached the door and he un-cuffed me and pushed me straight inside. I landed on a guy I didn’t know, and a blow on my belle sent me towards the direction of another guy who slapped me and pushed me towards another guy and the circle continued till I was already wailing with a swollen mouth and eyes. I already knew the ethics of any cell, but they didn’t even allow me to land before they started the beating.


I was allowed to rest for a while before I discovered that there was no place to even sit.

“You dey find sit?” The guy asked me

“ I nodded my head in a positive manner before I realized that was a sarcastic question and withdrew my approval.

“No worry Boss” I responded as I bent and apologized.

“Na you go pack shiit tomorrow morning as your first duty” He reminded me. That was when I discovered that the cell was stinking as hell. I looked over the extreme and saw a guy who was shot on the leg and it was almost decayed. He laid down there with bruises and the odor around him could kill a boy of 10 with immediate effect. I couldn’t even adjust as I felt so useless in the cell.

“Why did they change me?” I asked myself in regret. It wasn’t long as night approached as I could see from the little hole we had in the cell. The fat guy whom I was sure was the governor of the cell called me out as one of those he would sleep ontop.

I humbly went and assumed my position in a dog style about seven of us, as he lay down on our backs. He felt the numbers wasn’t okay, he added us up till me formed a complete bed. I could shout but kept groaning in pains all through the night till one of the guys fell down and there was our governor crashing down at night.

It was a beating galore that night as they slapped the living hell out of us. I only prayed for the morning to reach and my prayers were answered. I couldn’t touch some aspects of my face, as it was already swollen with bruises all over.

I immediately remembered that I had an option.

“Somebody wan see you” The officer shouted through the protector.

I was about to leave, when the governor dragged me back. “If you no bring food, make sure say you no come back here again!” He threatened. The look on his face made me realize the fact that it was more than mere words.

I Nodded my head as I made my way out of the cell to meet two waiting and smiling couples waiting for me at the counter. They saw my face immediately and went into a deep laugh.

I kept my cool till I went to meet them

“How is your new cell” Madam Grace enquired

“I know he is enjoying it” Oga paul chipped in

I kept calm and didn’t say a word. But the look on my face meant a lot.

“So are you ready to do as we say?” She asked

“Yes” I answered without hesitation

They stared at each other surprised and wonder if I was joking or being real. After staring at each other, they smiled so deeply while I looked in anticipation.

“Officer, where I fit pay for bail?” madam Grace asked

“Go meet DPO Inside” The officer said

They carried me along and met with the DPO as they bargained about my bail

“I will collect 100 thousand because of our food he ate while in cell” The DPO said with a smile. They argued for a while and finally settled for 50 thousand Naira. I watched as they paid the money cash to the DPO and I was handed over my possessions.

“Can I see someone in that my former cell?” I pleaded with the officer who escorted me. I reached the cell and called on the governor to come collect the food I brought for him. The officer opened the gate a little bit, and as he stretched out his head , I gave him a wonderful slap as a take away gift.

“Chineke oo” He screamed as I moved away quickly while the policeman went into laughter. I went and followed madam Grace and Oga Paul into their car as we made way to an unknown destination I never knew off.

“You saw how much I paid. I will pay more just to get you killed in a very slow and painful manner” Madam Graced cautioned

We arrived a well-built house after a long drive, and we made way inside. I was asked to go take my shower and a chemist man was called for my treatment. Within few hours, I was looking so fresh and fly aside the plasters on my face.

“Straight to business, now you have agreed to continue with us, I will tell you the first step we need to take.” Madam Grace chipped in.

“I am all ears” I responded

“How about that your girlfriend?” She asked me

“You mean Jenny?” I asked

“Yes” She replied

“She is fine” I answered

“I guess you still love her?” Madam Grace asked as Oga Paul kept looking like a demented fellow who lost his brain in a civil war.

“I still love her” I replied

“Perfect” Madam Grace said

“Perfect?” I asked out of curiosity. She didn’t reply my question but went straight to what she wanted to say before.

“In this business, you will need to be invincible, that is the reason I want you to first of all and do something” She said

“I can do anything now not to go back to that place” I confessed.

“Now here is the plan” She said.

“You will have to …”

I slumped and everywhere went blank…

To Be Continued Shortly.

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