Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I couldn’t sleep peacefully through the rest of the night. I kept turning with the unbearable pain in I felt at my backside. I wandered from one point of the bed to another.  At a point, I laid face down with my legs spread apart in the cold room in order to get some air to penetrate into my hot hole behind.


I was still rolling restlessly when Juliet came into the room and tapped my laps. I turned and winced in pain looking at her with a mean face.


“Good morning baby” she greeted with a smile. “Hope you slept well?”


I ignored her pleasantries and reached for my short and trouser on the floor.

“Do you still feel pains? ” she continued but I was bent on ignoring her.


Done with putting on my cloths, I walked painfully past her heading down to the sitting room. Walking down the stairs felt like going to hell and back. When I stepped down the last step, I heaved a sigh of relieve before making for the main exit.


“This is for you. ” she said behind me throwing an envelope towards me.  She stood at the foot of the stairs watching me while I bent painfully picking the envelop from the floor. I didnt bother to look into it or voice my appreciation.

“He said he will still call you when he needs you again”


“The driver will drive you home” I heard her say behind me before I exited the house.


Outside,  the driver was waiting for me already in the car. Cautiously, I walked step after step till I got to the car and opened the door. Settling on the seat, I felt an unbearable pain burn through me as I managed to sit down with one side of my bum.

“Shit” I cursed under my breath before throwing the driver a glance.  He kept his face straight and expressionless.


The drive to my place saw me going to hell as any contact the car made with a pothole felt  like a hot iron was being pushed through my anus into my intestine. Left to me, I would have preferred to pull down my trouser and short and position my hole to the cold air emitting from the cars air condition but it wasn’t just possible. I kept praying that I get home on time but the traffic encountered was something else.


The relief I felt stepping down from the car when I got home was heavenly though the pain still persisted. Lazily I walked into my compound praying not to meet any of my neighbors and luckily I met none of them.


Stepping into my room, I felt so pressed but the fear of what awaits me in the toilet gave me chills. After so much contemplation, I gathered courage a d headed to the bathroom. I was barely seated on the toilet seat when an unbearable pain pieced through me. I screamed cursing the man but the money in front of me made the curse a mild one. The pain i felt within that short period of time can’t be compared to anything I have felt before.


I carried myself weakly after using the toilet back to the room. Searching through my storage cart, I picked a card of my painkiller drug, and took it with the anticipation that it would lighten up my condition. I took two pills from it and gulped it down with a cup of water before laying down to rest




I had barely laid down to sleep, when I heard the knock on the door. I was irritated so much that I had to scream “I am not around” right from inside my room. I cursed under my breath pulling the pillow over my head as the banging at the door persisted. I thought if I ignored whoever was knocking, he or she will get tired and walked away, but it seemed my thoughts were wrong.


Tired of rolling in different direction waiting for the ‘knocker’ to go away, I stood from the bed yawning and walked lazily to the door.

“Who is there? ” I shouted angrily.

“Open the door” a voice retorted.

“Who you be and you dey tell me make I open door, you no get name?” I barked angrily.


A moment of silence passed before another voice came through.

“Sir, we need you to open the door or we will force it open. ”

The calmness and authority behind the voice sent shivers down my spine as I stood still holding the door handle while my mind raced off in thought.

“Sir after three counts we will force this door open” the voice came again cutting through my thoughts.

I contemplated on the action to take.  The only escape route I have was the door as the windows have iron protectors to them and I couldn’t squeeze myself through them.

“Who are you please?” I asked trying to steady my trembling voice.

“Open the door and find out for yourself. ” the voice replied.

“Ok, I am opening the door now.” I said turning the lock. As I held the door open, behold a team of four fierce looking men heavily and. Before I could utter a word, one of them pushed me to the wall while the rest stormed in and started ransacking my apartment.

“Please, please what did I do?” I asked the guy who held me pressed to the wall with my hands behind my back but got no reply.

“Please I am not a thief, I ……. ” he slammed my head on the wall shutting the words back into my mouth.  I felt little a crane was landed on my head as a severe pain simmered through my head.

“Mr man, you are under arrest for the possession of illegal fire arm, taking and trading of hard drugs and armed robbery.

“Jesus” I shouted interrupting him but a thunderous slap came in time to shut me up leaving me partially deaf and blinded.

This is what we found right there in the house” One of the guys reported to the man I perceived as their boss

“I swear to almighty god… I don’t know anything about it” I interuptted before another slap made me ralize I was dealing with our local policemen

“When we reach the station, you will explain better” He said with a smile.

“Meanwhile you  have the right to remain silent for whatever you say or do will be used against you in the court of law,” he continued. “you have the right to and attorney but if you can not provide one, one will be provided for you by the state.” As my rights were being read, the one holding me on the wall was slamming cuffs on my wrist.

They placed me outside the house and went straight to my room while they did all they could. I tried as much as possible to visualize what could be found. I remembered I didn’t even place the money I just collected this morning from madam Juliet in a safe place.

“Oh Jesus” I moaned in bitterness.

I had barely finished moaning, before the three men who had stormed into my room came out with wraps of white substance, and a pistol.

The neighbors in my compound had gathered and kept watching as everything unfolded right in front of them. They started taking in groups and small pairs and I knew exactly what they would be discussing about. I was quickly forced to stand up, that was when I realized that the slap forced the pain in my ass to seize almost immediately.


” Take him away” The head guy commanded his boys.

Without hesitance i was dragged and pushed outside to a waiting Hilux van with the inscription ‘State Anti- Robbery Squad’.

******Somebody wants to see you at the counter” The man said to me****

***”You did this to me?***

***”We just started boy” She said with a smile”***

Watch out for the next episode***

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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