Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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Few minutes later, I was back to the offer table.

“Now here is what I want you to do for me” The man said…

“Jesus” I shouted “I am not gay sir” I said while still trying to come in terms with what I just heard from him. He looked at Madam Juliet and they both went into a deep laughter. Once they stopped laughing, he came closer to where I was seated.

“Didn’t you wonder why I would have a woman as beautiful as her in the house, and still allow you sleep with her?” He said pointing towards Juliet like he called her.

“You slept with her in my front, and you think if I were normal, I would just allow that?”

I was still in shock and swallowed as much saliva as I could within that time frame.

“I didn’t do it because I wanted sir…”

“So why did you do it?” He intercepted my speech

“You asked me to” I replied calmly

“So why didn’t you reject?” He queried

“Because I couldn’t… I was scared of you” I responded

“Then you should be more scared of this offer, because this is the main offer that I am offering you.” He concluded and went back to his seat.

Juliet stood up from her own seat and came closer to where I was. She placed her hand around my neck and licked my ear lobe and whispered to me

“This is the best way for you to make money baby. Imagine about 50,000 just for him to have sex with you.”

“From my back side?” I asked in disgust “Jeez…” I yelled almost in tears.

“Is there anything wrong with it?” She asked “Didn’t you enter through my back inside the room few minutes ago?”

“Because you are a woman” I responded still visibly confused. I looked at the man whom I still even don’t know his name till this period and he was as comfortable as anything while watching some music videos from the big television in the living room where we were.

“So because I am a woman, you can enter and you as a man they can’t enter you right?” She asked with a little bit of anger.

“Juliet!” The man called out

“Leave him and come over… I know he has accepted the proposal”

I looked at him in shock and he smiled back at him. The man was not anywhere close to being attractive; he had wrinkles all over his face and with his pot belle. He finally came close to me and put his hands over my neck, as he licked my face. I held my breath as Juliet watched from afar and smiled. He raised his hand up my belle and massaged it and carried up mine towards his chest that was like a woman’s boob. It was fallen and filled with fat. It was looking very uninteresting. I thought it would wind up like that, before Juliet came to join the show. She sat very close to where I was, and with her legs ripped apart she rubbed her womanhole as she watched the show between me and the man.

Not quite long, I found my hand inside his trouser and came in contact with a short and soft piece of rod located between his legs. I couldn’t actually hold it till I used the two of my fingers to pick it like it was a piece of matchstick. The moment I touched it, it was already gaining momentum and was responding to stimulus immediately.

He held me tight and grabbed mine like he just located a goldmine in the strangest of places. The way he moaned and breathed made me wonder how the whole thing would end up. He quickly stood me up with a smile and led me sheepishly to his room. The bed alone was worth all the properties I had at home. The room was chilly and well-decorated and I knew it was my slaughter house for that night.
I couldn’t say a word, as I kept looking like a complete fool. I looked at him with the hope that he would just change his mind, but the old man was determined to find his rod inside the only hole around my waist. He laid me gently on the bed and he went straight for the long rope around my waist. He kissed and held it so tightly like he was about pulling it out. I closed my eyes in disgust and assumed it was a lady performing all those actions. I guess Juliet knew my reaction and came around to join the band. She quickly spread her legs across my mouth and sat with her kitty for me to explore and lick out some juice. I believe that was the only possible action to lick out the idea of the disgusting act that went on below my own body.

She moaned and held my head tightly and it continued before the old man felt it was time to enter.

“Don’t enter like that, it will pain him” Juliet intercepted him. She went to her drawer and brought out bottled oil. I knew how I used all those while trying to disflower girls, and now it was about to be used on me. I had no option to say a word, unless I wind up like the guy in the picture he showed me.

I was positioned carefully as he applied a little of the oil between the ass side. He succeeded in putting a finger inside and I screamed out so loud.

“Is it painful?” He asked

I closed my eyes tight because I knew I was about to be devoured. I held back my breath and was anticipating when I would finally receive that rod of his.

“Free yourself baby” He said to me

I didn’t even reply him but adjusted a little bit.

“Perfect baby” He said with his croaked voice. I looked back and saw him apply some of the oil on his rod as Juliet watched closely with a smile.

“You will be fine” She whispered to me “I will soon join the party”

I firmly joined my upper and lower jaw together as I cringed in pains. I knew he was inserting it already. I kept breathing so hard and my shook my head vigorously and my fist all closed up like I was preparing for a boxing match. I wanted to shout but also tried not to shout, thereby releasing shouts with empty voices. I held on to the bed sheet and released empty air through my mouth. The pains felt were much as I almost shed tears.

I shook my head so vigorously and not long, he had gained perfect entrance and was going in and out freely. When it became more painful, I shouted out in pains and he applied the oil was again. Madam Juliet sat right in front of me with her legs wide apart, looking so happy from the action taking place right in front of her. He touched her part and rubbed it very fast as she watched in joy. After a while, she came close and gave me her oranges for me to feast on them. I couldn’t concentrate as I prayed quietly for the man behind me to be through. At a point, he became so fast and I kept shouting as he went in and out faster. It continued till I felt something drip inside of me and you could guess the feeling. He immediately pulled out as he went to the locker and brought some tissue papers that he used to clean me up.

“You taste so good baby” He said as he landed a deep mouth action to my face.

“Can we now have our own fun?” Juliet asked me

“No I replied” with my eyes all filled with tears

“Why?” She asked surprised

“I have to get going” I said while still finding it hard to stand up from the bed

“You have to rest and collect your pay dear” She said

“Let me get you food and drink”

“Thanks I replied with a weak voice”

“What is wrong?” She asked

“I just want to go” I said as tears dripped down my eyes slowly

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” She asked

I immediately turned and looked at her in anger but said no word.

“No problems, you can rest small before going” She said.

I closed my eyes and kept me head to the bed just to rest for a bit, only to open it and ….

To Be Continued…

*I need to see you now” He requested*******


*****“Are you Mr …” Can I help you?

“Yes, you are under arrest”

“For what?”**********


****”This is what we found right there in the house”

“I swear to almighty god… I don’t know anything about it”

“When we reach, you will explain better”******************

Watch out for the next exciting episode!!!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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