Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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I looked at the man and around the house, to know what would become of my miserable self, when I finally confess that I actually came to have sex. I was as weak as a man who just finished 5 rounds of sex, and didn’t just know what to do. I bent my head and starred downwards, because looking at them got me confused the more.

Finally, the man broke the silence with words that pierced my soul like a hot knife to butter…

“So I heard you came to have sex with my wife?” He asked in a friendly tone

I tried so hard to swallow the saliva in my mouth, but trust that it became harder than the hardest stone on earth. I was already sweating in a room well ventilated with air-conditioners and the fright on my face could scare a little child to death.

“Errmmm… No… Not at … I don’t th…” I mumbled through the words at once. They went deep down into laughter and the embarrassment was too much to bear. I couldn’t believe that Madam Juliet would be doing such a thing to me. I kept on looking around the house to know what my fate was up to.

“Sule” The man yelled from where he was seated. Few seconds later, I saw a black Hausa man rush into the parlor. Madam Juliet was still giving me a funny look like I stole her last set of panties. I cringed my upper and lower teeth together while the sweats were dropping like rain. I felt like I wanted to pee but who would give me such an excuse?

The next few seconds, the so called Sule came into the living room with a long range gun. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth, but I succeeded to catch it just as it was about to drop. My fingers were visibly shaking and tears rolled down my eyes slowly.

“So Mr Man, what did you come to do in my place?” He repeated the question again. I immediately adjusted.

“Madam said I should come” I said with a tearful voice

“To do what?” He asked further

“I don’t know, she didn’t tell me” I repeated before I heard the gun click.

“The next sound you would here will be the crying of people in hell fire” He said with a deep smile.

The rate at which my heart was beating was enough to power 3 houses that lacked power supply. I could barely focus as I kept on breathing in and out at a very fast rate. My temperature got so hot, and I felt cracks in my bones.

“Which kind nonsense be this na” I muttered to myself.

“Mr man I am waiting” The man broke the silence with that. He already had the gun facing at me and I had no choice to do what I did. If this was truly the Madam Juliet at work, then something had to happen.

‘To have sex” I said so fast

“Come again… come again… I didn’t get you” He repeated as Madam Juliet watched from the corner. The tears in my eyes were visibly showing and I knew I was at their mercy.

“I said to have sex” I repeated

“You have to make it slow” Madam Juliet chipped in with laughter.

“I came to have sex” I said slowly. I never knew if what I said was so funny, but the kind of laughter that followed my statement was much. They laughed so hard and almost fell over each other. I cleaned the tears in my own eyes and wiped off my nose with the hanky found in my trouser as I waited patiently for my verdict.

I managed to look around again but the whole house was confusing and I knew the type of security that would be downstairs. He finally came out of his laughter and now focused on me. He brought out his wallet and showed me a picture.

“You see this guy?” He asked. I stretched my neck so long to see the so called guy. He realized I couldn’t see well from there.

“Come closer” He said. I moved closer and obeyed every single instruction. As soon as I came close, I wished I could lay hold of the gun, but he was smart and collected the gun from my position and disengaged it.

“You see this guy?” He asked again as I nodded my head positively

“He was in this position some months back, and guess where he is now?” He asked

I stared at him but with nothing to say. “He is either in hell or Heaven, depending on his life before he undertook the journey to the great beyond” He said. I fought so hard to hold back tears that tried to come out of my eyes.

“So for this nonsense you have done or wished to do with my wife, I will make you an offer. The offer is between life and death, so choose wisely” He said with a smile.

I don’t think that with such explanations and every other thing he just told me, that I even had a choice to decline. He has not mentioned the offer, but whatever it was I knew would be something huge.

“Honey, go and make him comfortable” He said to Madam Juliet who stood up immediately and removed her wrapper and unveiled the most elegant lap in the history of the world. I trusted my emotions not the pay heed to her body movements, but few minutes later I was fighting with an erection seriously. She came and sat by my side and kissed my cheek. I looked at the man with my side eye and saw him smiling out loud.

“You know I won’t disappoint you” Madam Juliet said and she licked my ears. My diccky was already becoming two times it’s normal size and I tried so hard to compress it with my laps. She was a master of her own game, and she played it well. Few seconds later, her hand was inside my trouser, fondling the with only part of my body that has a mind of it’s own.

‘Hmmm” I moaned deeply as I tried so hard not to enjoy it.

“This could be your last enjoyment, so take your time” He said to me.

“Incase you still need to sleep with her, you can equally use the room. Feel free with her and enjoy yourself boy” He added.

“Can we go inside?” Madam Juliet chipped in

I looked at her and you already know what the reply was. I knew I had no choice and I followed her like a sheep to the slaughter. That was one of the best moments in my life as we used the bed and under the coldness of the house. At a point, I forgot that few minutes from now, I will be making a decision. “Life is for enjoying” I reminded myself and got lost within her moist hole.

Few minutes later, I was back to the offer table.

“Now here is what I want you to do for me” The man said…

“Jesus” I shouted as everywhere went dark!

To Be Continued…

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