Diary Of A Heart BrokenHustler (Part 2) [The End]

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“Jenny I understand you are the one, but I don’t understand how you located my house” I reaffirmed. All these while, I kept hoping that Madam Grace Inside wouldn’t make the mistake of calling out my name or walking out to meet me here


“You have to go Jenny… now” I said with a smile but firmly. I saw the shock on her face and the way she was taken aback by what I just said. I knew I was making the best decision and had to stand firm on it.


“You chasing me out?” She said softly not to attract attention from neighbors who were willing to enjoy a scene.


“You are insulting me and making me look like a fool” She said with deep regret. I could feel it but there was nothing I could do.


“I am sorry Jenny, you just have to go” I repeated “Good-bye” I quickly slammed the door against her and went inside. The look on my face clearly sold me out, maybe I wasn’t such a good pretender. “Everything okay?” Grace asked as I quickly remembered to smile and shoved her question aside


“It was the nepa guys that were demanding for my bills or else they disconnect me” I explained to her.


“How much is that?” She asked and she opened her bag and tried searching for money. “Don’t bother sweet, I already settled with them”


“Are you sure you are happy?” She asked as she stretched forth her hand and made a come-here signal to me.

“Yes I am” I said as I smiled and walked towards the bed to meet with her.


“Now come and make me happy too” Was the last thing she said before she started moaning while my lips interlocked with hers.  I knew those places that got every woman excited and being a former champion in the game, I wasn’t going to disappoint. I took time to explore every part of her body, and I must confess that she had a magnificent body. It is very rare to see a woman her age without stretch marks but she had a flawless body. I took time to lick up every single portion I could access and finally went below to finish the Job.


“Awww… urccchhh” Was what rented the room. There was no time to entertain neighbors as I quickly used my hand to cover up her mouth. I had this fetish for older women and the joy I felt on-top of her could never be compared with any other. She quickly rotated me and I became the subject and she ascended right above me. When I finally got between her legs, the warmness of it was enough to make a guy on drugs drop those liquid things as fast as possible. I have entered places but this one was just too special.


The pounding, rotations and various styles that followed might be a topic for another day.


“You enjoyed it?” She asked as I kept breathing heavily. It wasn’t easy handling such a woman and I needed great effort to achieve it.


“Yea I did” I responded with a smile. It wasn’t long before she slept off right there on my laps. I guess she had a pretty good time and she recovering from the marathon experience she just engaged herself in. It was getting late and I had to alert her attention about the time.


“It’s almost 6:00pm babe” I spoke softly as I whispered into her ears. She rotated round the bed with a smile on her face but I couldn’t just figure out the reason.


“I think I would love to sleep over” She said when she finally opened her eyes. She rubbed her eyes with her hands and yawned, stretching for an extended period of time. She hyperventilated and with a smile on her face “I just feel so comfortable here” She said.


“So you want to stay over?” I asked once more “Absolutely” She responded. I quickly came down from the bed and pecked those standing nipples on her chest before going out to dispose the condoms that were used to perform a simple exercise on the bed. I hadn’t gone further from the room before I got a text message on my phone. I checked the sender and it was Jenny. It was a whole lot of relationship jargon and lamentations from a girl who was in love with a hustler. I simply placed a call across.


“Why the text message?” I asked her when she finally picked up the call.


“Never in your stupid life should you call me again. Infact let this be the last discussion we are ever gonna have. Foolish idiot” She cursed. I kept mute while she rained all the abuses on me. I finally spoke “While all these?” “Go and stupid self” She replied with a harsh voice that could tear the heart of a little one into two.


“Okay… if you say so” I said before she quickly terminated the call. “Fvck her” I consoled myself and returned back to the room. Mama Grcae like I called her had already changed to a casual wear, putting on one of my polos that were in the room with a bumshot that visibly brought out all the curves and assets she possessed.


“You haven’t told me yet if you have a husband or not” I reminded her as we were in the kitchen trying to prepare something for the night.


“You are wondering why I am this fresh right?” She asked. I laughed; “I am wondering how a beautiful and sexy woman like you escaped the eyes of preying men all over Lagos”


“Maybe they are too blind to see what you are seeing” She said as I quickly hugged her from behind and made sure that my erected rod was making contact with her backside.


“I see you want to finish me” She joked “Let’s wait for the night” She suggested and I immediately agreed. She was busy making dinner while I was busy exploring every part of the bum. She pushed out my hands in some instances jokingly, but it wasn’t good enough to deter me from feeling those bums.


“Seems you love my backside so much” She joked again “You can marry me if you wish, I will be the one to sponsor the weeding.” I was immediately taken aback by the statement but didn’t want to show it.


“You don’t have a husband?” I asked


“Yeap… he died several years ago when we got married newly” She explained. It was a touching explanation from her and I fell into a sober mood. I quickly left the ass touching and made sure we prepared dinner on time. When we were done, she served me like I was her husband and we ate and laughed together. We were barely through with the food, when a call came in again. This time, it was from Madam Juliet “Hope you know you are resuming work tomorrow?” She asked


“Tomorrow?” I asked surprised “Yes tomorrow” She responded “See you at the office” as the the call got terminated.


“Any problem sweet?” Grace asked as she noticed my countenance changed immediately after the call.


“I am resuming work tomorrow and I hate going to work” I complained bitterly


“But at least you should be happy that you have gotten your job back” She counseled.


“It is not about getting the job, I hate everybody in my office and I am so tired of them” I explained in disgust. “So what do you want?” She asked. I looked at her again to make sure that I wasn’t falling into a trap and I saw how she waited for my answer


“Don’t worry babe” I will be fine. I said half-heartedly so as not to be considered a lazy man.


“Tell me what you want, and I will do it for you” She said. I almost jumped off my seat but remembered I didn’t have to show excitement.


“I know you joking right?” I asked her again


“Just say it baby” She pleaded as she came close and locked her lips with mine. I immediately went for the round flesh situated on her chest region, while she dipped her hand and was rubbing the shaft of what I had between my legs. In a twinkle of an eye, I forgot all my life problems and worries and was faced with the pleasure offered by the opposite sex. She squeezed it harder and I moaned in pains and pleasure as my other hand slid inside the bumshot and came in contact with her mound hairs. I deliberately pulled s strand as he jerked in pain. Everywhere around it was becoming damp and I located for the protruding clit was beginning to get more erect as I kept rubbing. The moaning was becoming more intense and slowly brought her lips towards my neck region and licked it like it contained some sugary and exciting flavors. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt like this. Whoever she was and wherever she maybe, I think I found someone greater. It wasn’t long before I found my erected joystick lost in between her lips, and the way she twisted and licked was a clear sign that I was dealing with a professional.


“Can you tell me what you want if you want me to continue” She said after she disengaged the deep romance that was going on.


“Oh Siit” I shouted as I couldn’t believe what was going on. If it were to be a younger girl, she would have been faced with a heavy slap. I was just on the way to the height of excitement, and she just disrupted it.


“I wish I can just stay at home and have money coming to me” I hurriedly said as I tried inserting my hands from where it was once removed.


“You believe it can happen?” She asked


“Yes!” I stated without even asking what could happen. She gave me a smile and allowed the first finger to be inserted. She jerked back a little bit before interrupting again.


“We will make it happen together” She said as she quickly pulled down her short and exposed the 8th wonder of the world again to me.



“I saw you were shot and you died!” He said to me with fear all over him


“What?” I shouted with my eyes wide opened!!


To Be Continued.

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