Deliveroo Refund Method: Updated Tricks 2022

For this publication, I will show you how to do the Deliveroo refund method successfully. Like any other method for refund out there, getting your money back depends on the consistency of your made-up story.

To do the refund method for Deliveroo, sign up on using multiple IDs. When you receive your order, contact Deliveroo support to report your made-up story to get a refund within 7 business days or instantly.

Deliveroo uses honour system. When you complain that the item you received is missing, damaged, or never arrived, you get a refund. Deliveroo refunds in the form of Deliveroo credit or you get your money back in your bank account. This can take a while, depending on your bank and your complaint.

Deliveroo refund method

What is Deliveroo method?

The Deliveroo method is a refund trick that involved ordering food online via and getting your money back or Deliveroo credit.

According to Deliveroo, you can claim a refund if your food has missing items, is cold, or is damaged. You can also request a refund if your order is extremely late. However, made-up stories like “never arrived”, “arrived extremely late”, etc., can get the driver to lose their job.

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If you plan to do this refund method more than thrice in one account, you need to put a number of measures in place. First, you need a VPN to change your IP address, multiple email addresses, phone numbers, and even payment cards.

Deliveroo will find out if you request refunds too many times. The support will red-flag your account and refuse refunds in the future – cash or Deliveroo credit.

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Deliveroo refund method

For this section, you will learn the steps to get refunded by Deliveroo instantly. Do not get this wrong, “instantly” does not mean immediately but within a few business days, your cash or credit refund should be completed successfully.

  1. Sign up on

The first step is to create a Deliveroo account if you do not already have one. Your first orders need to be genuine so make your subsequent orders genuine when you request the refund.

For a start, you can create at least 3 accounts using different or fake IDs. You need different email addresses and phone numbers. You could also use another person’s credit card (after requesting their permission) to prevent Deliveroo from knowing you are responsible for the many refunds.

Again, your first order should be legit. The scam method comes in after about 2-3 successful orders without refunds.

  1. Tip your delivery man

After your initial legit orders without requesting a refund, the delivery trick begins here.

When the delivery man arrives, tip them. However, if you do not want Deliveroo to know you received your order, then the delivery man must not meet you. You can inform them to leave the food at the specified address.

If you do it this way, you probably want to use excuses such as “item never received”, but this type of excuse puts the driver on the line of losing the job. Do not do this; you need excuses that target Deliveroo or the restaurant.

  1. Complain to Deliveroo support

When you receive the item, consume it like you would consume any other item. The Deliveroo app will also indicate that the item has been delivered.

Contact the support to make your excuse. Excuses like “spilled drink”, “the box was all crumpled, destroying the pizza and making it inedible”, “late delivery”, etc., will get the driver in trouble.

You need excuses that target the business. Perhaps, a few dollars will not run them out of business but think about other people doing this, so it runs into thousands.

Your excuse must include that you want your money back and not Deliveroo credits. If you choose “missing items”, the driver also gets affected.

When chatting with the support, say something like:

If it is food…

My food is not completely done and looks dirty. My stomach hurts now, so the least you can do right now is to refund my money. I need to flush out whatever was used to cook this undone food before I get sick. I do not need any Deliveroo credit whatsoever.

If it is alcohol…

The alcohol bottle was broken, and the drink spilled. The chance is that my pet consumed the bottle shatters, so I need my money back ASAP.

Some call reps may request photos, so you could just crumple the box up and send them the photos. If your claim is spilled drink, also make up photos and send them to them.

  1. Collect your Deliveroo refund

The Deliveroo support will your complaint on hold and ask if you are okay with the amount to be refunded to your account.

Make sure you accept only money back to your bank account and not credits. The support will confirm that you made the order with money, then you get your refund. If you placed the order with Deliveroo credit, you will not get your money back.

You might want to use someone’s stolen credit card number in your next Deliveroo order to continue the scam.

How Deliveroo refund works

Deliveroo refund Trick


The excuses you make that Deliveroo is responsible for the refund include the following:

  • The driver arrived late
  • The food went cold
  • Item never arrived at your address
  • You received spilled food or the food was damaged in transit
  • No rider was available to pick up the order

Deliveroo partners

Deliveroo partners (including restaurants, etc.) are responsible for your refund if you make complaints such as the following:

  • The ordered item is missing or unavailable
  • The rider received the wrong order
  • Wrong order
  • The food quality is poor or not well prepared
  • The menu provided wrong information
  • The ordered food does not meet dietary requirements such as allergens problems

All in all, you just have to be careful what excuse you use to prevent the driver from being affected. Your made-up story must also be concise and consistent.

Where can I find more details about my refunds?

Go to your Payment Statement to see details for your Deliveroo refunds. You can also download from Hub in invoices. Deliveroo will also send you an email containing a summary of your refunds on the day they are processed. The email notification will also include the order information such as time of order, order number, items affected, and the refunded amount.

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