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2 Ways to Delete Bumble Account Without Verification


You want to delete Bumble account without verification if you don’t have a smartphone handy (just a PC) or you opened your Bumble with a fake picture.

The photo verification on Bumble is mandatory and you may need to take it with a webcam. You can’t also use pictures already saved on your device. Now, if you messed with the verification and need to delete your account, you’ll get stuck going through the process of uploading your pictures and verifying your phone number.

I understand you just want to delete it and not have to jump the hoops or allow Bumble to keep your pictures on their database. Normally, you just go to settings to delete the account. But when the login page is snapped up by the “Verify Your Account” page, you can’t delete the account without verifying it.

Fortunately, this publication recommends ways to go around the verification problem and permanently delete your Bumble account.

How to delete Bumble account without verification

How to delete Bumble account without verification

To delete a Bumble account without verification, do the following:

1. Use a webcam if you have no phone

It seems you don’t have a mobile phone nearby, just a PC. If this is the case, use a webcam. Your digital camera can act as a webcam—you only have to set it up.

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If you can’t recall the image you used for verification when opening the Bumble account, this method may not work for you. It appears you didn’t use your real face and only wanted to test the system.

2. Contact Bumble

Your biggest shot is to contact Bumble. Bumble representatives can be a pain, but that’s the only viable solution right now. You just have to message them via email or start a live chat. Make sure not to use the same email address you used to open the Bumble account. You can create a different email address for this lie to work.

Now, here’s the trick. You have to tell Bumble that someone must have tried making a fake account on Bumble using your number and that you want to delete the account to get rid of your information.

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Bumble also has a team that will help you, contact them at Just choose the Request My Data option and complete your information. Specify there that you would like to delete or erase your Bumble account after someone used your phone number to sign up without your permission.

Unfortunately, this process usually takes up to 30 days. Normally, it requires your identity verification but since you’ve mentioned that someone used your phone number to open a fake Bumble, there’ll be no need to verify your identity. However, you may have to verify that the phone number belongs to you. Remember not to use the same email address you opened the Bumble with to contact them.

After submitting your request via the contact form link above, always visit your inbox for an email response from the Bumble team to know your next move.

General Bumble account deletion steps

Meanwhile, having known the trick to permanently erase/delete a Bumble account without verification, below are the conventional steps to delete a Bumble account:

  • Open the Bumble app on your device.
  • Tap the grey silhouette in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen to go to your settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Delete Account.
  • Choose your reason for deleting your Bumble account.
  • Hit Delete account.
  • Type the word “delete” in lowercase letters and hit Confirm to delete your Bumble account.

Note that uninstalling a Bumble application does not delete your account. So you have to follow the steps above to be able to delete your profile.

To check if your Bumble account has been deleted successfully, try to log into the account with your Bumble details. When you click login, you should be redirected automatically to a new page to create a new account. If you’re logged in, your account has not been deleted.

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If you have any active subscription on Bumble, you need to cancel it to prevent charges from auto-renewals. An example of a subscription you may have enabled is the Bumble Boost. So, make sure to cancel the subscription before you delete your Bumble.

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