Yahoo Dating Format

Yahoo Dating Format – Everything You Think You Need to Know

This article on yahoo dating format is a response to a stubborn email I’ve been receiving lately. I must also confess that the disturber won. I’m releasing this package alongside a yahoo dating format called dating billing format. It comes inclined with the dating format for woman and also the dating format for man. With this yahoo dating format, you’re guaranteed fewer worries. Read on and don’t forget to share the same way I shared.

I love to tell people that ‘there is money in everything.’ Annoyingly, these same people don’t seem to believe me — no wonder why they won’t stop being the beggars and I, the giver.

After my lazy hustling one weekend, I decided to chill the weekly stress at a booming bar with friends. A very serious uproar broke out and called for the attention of the other grooving lads. The whole scene appeared as though there was a gunshot.

At the end of it all, it was just an argument. As ‘sense’ would always have it, I won the debate. I know you’re very curious, aren’t you? But calm down, because the same thing I told those boogieing niggas is what I’ll be spoiling your medulla oblongata with. When I took charge of the crowd during the roaring argument, all I said answered the question troubling my email. And now, I’ve put into writing for the disturbing mail and my lazy hustlers.


What was the argument? “Dating!”

I made them understand that “in dating, lies money.” This statement alone brought calm, and I had to explain it to them. The insinuation is realized using the yahoo dating format! A format I’ve been executing, and that is working like fire. Well, you’ll get to know all these and even how to use the dating billing format. I have also not forgotten to bonus my loyal readers with the dating format for man and the dating format for a woman. Keep calm, use the dating billing format on your client.

Also, read on how to become a successful scammer before taking these lecture.


What to Know About Dating Billing Format

Talking amid BEER HEADS can never be the same when writing in an AC room. What I mean is that the yahoo dating format you’ll read here is more spiced. ‘Spicer’ than what the men at the bar learned.

The dating billing format is a yahoo dating format that tricks your client into sending you money. In this format, you have to create a love-filled atmosphere between you and your client. Make them understand that you love them but that circumstances won’t let you close to them. On hearing that conditions won’t bring you to their doorstep, they’ll be eager to know why.

Once their eagerness awakens, it marks the moment that dating billing format, a yahoo dating format is half-way successful. Intriguingly, this yahoo dating format for woman and dating format for man doesn’t require voodoo to work. Skill is the necessary thing, and as a smart lazy hustler, you embed that skill. Put it to work, and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars will be yours.


What the Dating Billing Format Requires

I shouldn’t have been going into this, but because people make mistakes too much, I include them. I don’t like to give a rough guide on yahoo dating format. I want you to be fallible-free throughout the dating billing with your client.

So, the following are what you need for the dating billing format to function correctly.

  • Any trusted VPN software
  • Plenty photos of a particular person from the internet
  • A laptop
  • Excellent English (nowadays, yahoo boys spoil the show with their bad English)
  • An account on popular dating sites


One of the ways being used to mar this format is the front-facing camera of your laptop. A client may decide to use it and check on you after some time with specific software. To avoid this, get a camera cover or use anything fit and cover your front-facing camera anytime you’re connected online.

Also, the photo choice must not be that of a celebrity or any famous person. I don’t know why some so-called yahoo boys use celebrity pictures and expect to scam people. You’re a smart lazy hustler, be ‘smart.’ That is how one tried it on me using the images of Justin Bieber. People can be damned funny.


How Dating Billing Format Can Become Successful

This section contains an updated guide on the dating billing format. Since clients are now smart, I’ve come up with an updated way to outsmart them.

I’ll highlight the old methods and also the new way you should use.


The Old and Latest Method of Dating Billing

  • In the old method of dating billing format, you hook up with a potential victim on dating sites and immediately ask for money. But in this outsmarting method, you require calmness. You need to take chronological advantages of time rather than a speedy position that will land on a brick.


  • Another major mistake corrected here is the use of a European man’s pictures. Using European man’s images is not so much of a working method anymore. Especially when the location of your client reads Europe, avoid being a European too. For example, white women love men from other continents. They’re desperate to thirst dicks, other than Europe and have mixed-race children.


  • In the old method, yahoo boys used the dating chats for a continuous conversation with a potential victim. Some even switch to Apps like WhatsApp and WeChat. Do you know why these message mediums will fail? The victim may demand a VIDEO CALL with you. How would you escape this? Will you be giving excuses every time? So, the best chatting ground is email or any platform that does not require video chats and so on.


  • Also, don’t demand too much money on the go. This new method is all about being a ‘slow poison.’


How I Run Things with Dating Billing Format

Do you think that this yahoo dating format is going extinct? Nope, it isn’t. Even if you use the dating format for man or dating format for woman, it still works fiercely.

I have pending clients right now in many dating sites, including OkCupid, Match, and others. How I go about this…


My Profile

My profile is one of the most beautiful things on earth. I thought of something nice to make my profile appear. You could also, as a smart lazy hustler, think of something that will easily attract a client to your message. Be sure to have a decent and realistic profile. Upload a good number of photos there and don’t allow the account to stay empty. Else, the client will be suspicious.

You may present your profile as feds’ profile, distributor, traveler, and so on. It’s your choice. This billing method demands that you stay natural or you lose.


The Photos

Getting photos is where the big task lies but don’t worry, I have a solution for you.

For you, whether novice or not, you must follow me up. Today, Google has introduced a feature that allows people to SEARCH FOR IMAGES directly. What this technology does is to quickly scan the uploaded photo and then reveal matches to the uploader. So you see, this makes it very difficult for you to win your victim. But there is a way to bypass the access that Google will have on the photo of your choice. Create an account on social networks like Friendster, Netlog, MySpace, etc.


Some of these social sites may bar you from signing up as a Nigerian. But don’t worry. Like I stated under the requirement section, make use of VPNs to falsify your location. I do this even when I’m chatting with clients. Again, don’t use photos of people from Facebook.


When I retrieve the photos, I launch my Photoshop CS and alter the picture. Once the photo is changed, it makes it almost impossible for google to trace it to its origin. You can change photo angles too. When clients go online to scan for the photo I sent, it won’t be available. That makes me legit to them.

Also, what determines the gender of my pictures is the gender of my client. If it’s a man, I’ll use dating formats for man and a woman, I use dating format for woman. Many g-boys believe in using the dating billing scam on women. As for me, I’m dynamic. I even prefer men, especially aged ones. Never use the photos of a woman on a woman unless she’s openly a lesbian on the dating site.


Hooking Up

This is the part that demands covering your front camera. And of course, I ensure that mine is always included. To hook up, I sign into my dating sites accounts. If you don’t have one, proceed to get one. I cited two of the sites I’m registered on, check them above. But there’re many sites for you to choose from.

To track a correct profile as I do, don’t send messages to random accounts at the same time. When I open profiles, I spend a few minutes to study them before I message. Like my recent client, I would never have known that she was married, if I didn’t consider the account well. All she needed was someone to be giving her dick. She’s currently my top list client.

I can’t tell the location I’m using for the sake of this yahoo dating format. Pick one for yourself and be sure to retrieve photos that resemble someone from that region.


Approaching and Winning Your Clients

After hooking up, this is the stage that decides the outcome of your hard work. Typically, I start with short messages. The old way is the sending of long narrative stories that will bore your potential victim. Make something simple and also mind your English. There is a grammar tool called Grammarly, try and get it if your grammaticality is poor.

When target responses, don’t rush to reply. I do keep my calm because this is drama and it must appear ‘real.’ Remember, this is all about the money! So don’t rush and kill the game.

After some days of relaxed decent chat, tell clients stuffs like this; “I came to this site to find love. At the moment, I’m convinced that I love you. For this reason, I want to quit this dating site.” Stuff like this will come like a sudden shock to clients. She’ll be convinced equally that you’re the real deal.

At points like this, I don’t message until she messages me again. When a client does, I’ll suggest a decent chat zone. Before now, I always used Google Hangout, but unfortunately, the platform was called off. So I create an exclusive legit email, using VPNs and block wares to stop clients from knowing my exact location.


Unveiling Dating Billing On Clients

Once we switch to emailing conversations, this is where I sword clients.


Don’t be too active with the client. Appear busy always. (Why I choose email is because clients can’t access my last seen).

Be sure that any messaging medium you invite them over to, makes use of your dating site profile name. Don’t readily send them photos unless they ask for it. Be real in your chats and be calculative before making responses.


Enforcing Dating Billing Format

After some months, initiate distressing modes in chats. The client will be forced to ask what’s wrong. At first, tell them that everything is alright and that you’ll scale through. Seriously? They’ll, of course, want to know what’s wrong. Beat them about the bush until you perceive they’re ‘readily ready’ to assist you.

I made a client of mine fall this way when I told her that I was a seaman for a company in Bosnia. Even this ‘bush-beating’ works on clients that are men. Once, I told a rich male client at his 60s that I signed up as one of the nurses sent to Pakistan to treat the wounded on contract. I made him understand that I was tired of the job and wish to depart to anywhere in the world and settle with the money I made there.

From this point, I had incited pity for myself already. Now, be like me and let stuff like this go on for weeks until the client asks what you’d like him to do for you to feel happier. Don’t rush in, tell the client your problems, and first find out his worth before making significant demands.

Whenever we get to a zenith like this, there’s always no return back because this is a point where I make my money.

There’s a client that I said to her I might not be “alive for long,” and she was like, “Please tell me what to do to save you.” This happened after I had received about $5000 from her over the chat times. Why I crashed on her was because she was becoming too demanding. There could seriously be no better yahoo dating format than this. Just follow up the way it is and viola, the money in the account.


Dating Format for Woman

In the case of a female client, this dating format for woman is what you’ll need. The mistake that Yahoo boys make is often with age. As a smart lazy hustler, you shouldn’t make the same mistake. Go for a woman that is more advanced in age and not some sexy bitch. Most of the beautiful girls profile you find on dating sites are owned by guys like you. Therefore, be smart enough to hook up with older women.

The reasons why older adults is an option is because they’re more caring and short-sighted. They’ll not even ask for too many photos or even videos from you. Besides that, their emotions are more motherly, and every sad news you break to them will weaken their fragile heart.

When hooking a woman, let your profile read an age that is older than hers. This is because she might be forced to suspect falseness in your approach if your age is younger.

If by chance, the ask of your marital life, there are so many lies you could tell them. Stuff like, “My wife passed away before we could think of making a cold.” With a statement like this, you’ve alerted her that you have no child. She might even be thinking of making babies with you already.

Also, to get money from a potential victim woman is easy. Just keep telling her heartbreaking things, and she’ll volunteer on her own to make you happy.


These women you hook with LOVE SEX a lot. Most of them sign up for dating sites to find someone that will take their vagina top heaven. I used to doubt this, but I’ve confirmed it in all-female clients. Some are widows, and some are single mothers, willing to have sex with you for free!

This is it on the dating format for woman in the dating billing format. So, keep your head high and skin your opportunities well.

Also, treat them as if they are your girlfriend; most important.


Dating Format for Man

Unlike dating format for woman, dating format for man in cumbersome. Even at that, it pays more. Realistically, men spend more on the opposite sex, especially when they see your vagina.

I’ve noticed that male clients tend to be more raw than female. They don’t hide their feelings, and for this, they’re ready to do anything. On a couple of occasions, they asked for me to send them a photo of my naked body. And sadly, there’s no way I can get the nude pictures of the woman’s photos I’m using. Because of this, I resort into compelling excuses. This is what the explanation is like.

“dear, I can’t send you my nude with my face on it. At least not now.” I will further add stuff like, “You know I’m only trying to be decent and uphold my virtue as a woman, please understand.”

Even before they’re done reading the above, they’ve seen that it is somehow wrong for me to send them a nude that contains my face. Now, they’ll tell me to send it without my face. What I do is to search for nudes that correspond with the skin color using with them. After downloading, I’ll rename and rework it to prevent Google from knowing anything about it.

Necessarily too, use pictures of women that are not too young and not too old. This should convince them also. They may ask of your sexual life, tell them you are a single mother of one or that your current job barely gives you time to look at a man’s face.

If you need more tricks on this,  I’m at your doorstep, ready to assist you.


How to Perfect Dating Billing Format

Do the following.

Mind Your Grammar

Concerning both dating format for woman and dating format for man, grammar is necessary. In the body of this guide above, I cited ‘Grammarly’ as what you need for grammar checking.

Ensure that your grammar is proper and if you don’t know how well to compose, let me know.

Use VPNs

I’ll disclose again and again that VPN is an essential element for this course. Nowadays, clients love to do many things to verify.  It’s effortless for them to know your location but with VPN, what you set as the place is what they’ll track you to be. At least with this, you should be able to cover this part of your lies.

Read About a Location

If you tell a client that you’re in Vietnam, go online and study about a particular location of Vietnam. And also, never run things with clients whose place read the same with what your profile holds.

There’s no way a client won’t ask about where you are. And when you answer them well, it will boost their trust for you. Go ahead and tell them even more than that asked about a particular place. And if you’re questioned on a specific event that location, quickly browses on it. Don’t give unsure answers.

Don’t Be Active Often

Staying active too often make them wonder where you got the money for a subscription. The best way to start asking them for money is through data purchase. You may even tell them that you’d like to chat up with them tomorrow but that there isn’t enough money for you to buy data for their sake. This will entice them, be the client a man or woman, send you cash for data. This is the smartest way to rely on for a start.

Choose Professions Wisely

Winning this game starts with the choices you make. One of the options that could, of course, make or mar your chances of success the profession you opt for.

If you are unsure of a profession, I’m willing to help you out.

Think about it; do it. Remain a smart lazy hustler.


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