See the Most Dangerous Island on Earth: “One Day” Island

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You may have visited the most dangerous planet on earth called “One day” Island, but you never knew. It is also the richest place and the most comfortable place on earth. An Island where everything you want is already there for you, and you are so comfortable doing your things your way.

If all I have mentioned above are real, why is it then the most dangerous place on earth? The answer is very simple, but yet complex. I would get to it shortly and try and explain as detailed as possible.

"One day" Island

The population of people living in “One day” Island has been estimated to be more than half the world’s population. The reason is not far-fetched from all I have explained above. Who wouldn’t want an Island so comfortable that no one bothers you about anything?

I believe virtually half of us reading this post are doing so from the “One day” Island. Right now; this post is going make a decision, whether to remain or eject yourself. The bad side of this Island is the fact that your visa never expires. In fact, the constituted forces situated in this “wonderful” Island doesn’t want you to leave – isn’t it wonderful?

But hold on; if half the world’s population resides in this “wonderful” but dangerous Island, how big is it, and how are they able to co-habit? The truth is that it doesn’t take much to become an inhabitant of the “One-day” Island. The Island is designed in such a way that you create your own kingdom inside an existing kingdom.

The inhabitants of this Island eat their favourite meal which is “HOPE.” They have everything they want already planned out, but the bad side is the fact that it is all a MIRAGE. It appears real – but never in existence.

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Welcome to the “One-day” Island, where you feel good by being yourself. An Island where moving in is easier than leaving.

How do I know if I am living on the “One-day” Island?

It is very easy to know those who are inhabitants of this dangerous Island. You may have heard someone say something like;

“One day I know I will be rich” – while he spends 12hrs a day watching T.V.

“I know that One-day I will become a millionaire” – and he is drinking beer 18hrs every day.

“I will make a first class one day” – and he is playing a PS4 game few days to his exams.

The truth is that no one can eject you out of the island except you decide to move out yourself. It is going to come with lots of pains, but you just need to. Unless when you are old with no credit value, you are going to look back and realize what a mess you were as a young fella.

Citizens of “One-day” Island have very common characteristics;

  • They can never come and kill themselves over a hard task
  • Quick to find excuses to justify non-productivity
  • Always wanting to be rich but always broke
  • Quick to blame external forces but themselves
  • Never ready to take up any hard challenge
  • They never see the prospect in any opportunity

If you are prepared to take the shortest route out of the “One-day,” then you should try and visit this post.

But where are the others who aren’t inhabitants of the “One-day” Island?

They are in their own Island called the “Get it now” Island. A place created for people who operate on a whole new level than the “One-day” Inhabitant.

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They understand the importance of NOW, and they utilize every single opportunity to make use of now.

They always take up challenges and always ready to go an extra mile – even if it means starving themselves.

  • They know when to enjoy and when to get serious.
  • They understand when to stop being serious and get real serious.
  • It is in their DNA never to give up till after the 100th trial.

It is never easy to leave the “One-day” Island; but when you do, you are given a whole new title called “ACHIEVER”

See you in the “Get it now” Island; Remember to visit the link below and subscribe to my newsletters weekly.


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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