Daily Pay Jobs in Abuja You Can Do – No. 1 is Just Crazy!

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If you are in Abuja with or without significant resources, there is almost nothing to worry about. Why? There are lots of daily pay jobs in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. But then, there’s a minor problem. The identified problem is that although these jobs come in handy, spotting them poses a problem.

Daily pay jobs in Abuja

A Daily Worker’s Wallet in Abuja

Furthermore, think less about the numbering grand buildings and all of what your eyes might sight in Abuja. All of these are just necessary things that only a few with money would find comforting and pleasurable. How would there be joy when you’re not on a rugged amount of Nigerian Naira, or aren’t you a Nigerian? The suggestion however, is that you should think more on making your Naira daily in Abuja.

Apparently, there is only one path to experience a fulfilled presence in Abuja. It’s quite obvious however, and that has to do with money-making. Many reside almost heedlessly in Abuja while a smart few earn from the daily pay jobs in Abuja constantly.

Abuja is a brain city in Nigeria and not some place to occupy with claims that there are no jobs. Anyway,  you may be wishing to yawn throughout your days in Abuja but I won’t watch you do so. There are jobs, I mean authentic daily pay jobs in Abuja and around you.

How a Daily Pay Job Is Operated in Abuja

There is nothing too tasking nor stressful about daily pay jobs in Abuja. In fact, this sort of job in Abuja requires zero paperwork or signatures and all of that. In a more established organization however, a paperwork may be required but this is often not the case. Furthermore, it cancels the problems of waiting for the month end before eating.

The way daily pay jobs in Abuja are operated is quite easygoing. The main stress is with identifying an employer which when done becomes less stressful. When you meet a willing employer, which I’m going to drill you on how to, what follows is a ‘welcome’. By the way, a welcome talk and requirement attention vary by personality. Most would be very attentive until agreements while few others won’t be with reasons most known to them.

What to and Not to Do

There are things you must become thoughtful of. For instance, a potential employer might become intimidating. In this case, you require self-comportment/composure to conquer. Here are few basic things to understand and bear in mind.

  • Although it’s a daily pay, you must be attentive to the job description.
  • Don’t act too desperate.
  • Question the potential employer on terms you do not quite understand.
  • Understand the nature of the job. Some daily job employers are fund of making later changes to the job.
  • Agree on the time to begin and end that daily pay job. You wouldn’t want to begin and end such job at a time you less expected.
  • Should the terms be unfavorable, do not exchange words or murmur in disagreement.
  • Should there be a successful talk, do well to question your soon-to-be colleagues. Ask them the nature of the job and all that. For instance, you may have been told that you’re to offload or upload 100 bags of rice. But you were not told the distance of the carriage which might conflict with what you expected.

The Daily Pay Jobs in Abuja, Nigeria, that Pays Big

In Abuja, there are several mediums to work and receive your pay daily. You could meet with an employer/client in person or online. This article does not de-emphasize the relevance of online daily pay jobs in Abuja but picks the ‘in-person’ jobs as its primary concern. However, a little will be discussed on online daily jobs in Abuja, Nigeria.

In addition, mostly unskilled jobs with guaranteed daily pay are highlighted with not much attention to professional jobs.

  1. False Vendor

You can become a false vendor (concessionaire) at any place but I recommend busy places like markets. False vendors are very few and this is because few persons know about it in Abuja. The concept of this job is all about ‘authorized profiting’ and it’s easy to act work it out. Here, even though the potential employer has workers, you stand a chance of earning better.

How It Works

First, decide on the sort of marketable items you intend to vendor. I do recommend clothing and other related stuffs. Now, locate a desired busy center closest to your residence. Take some minute-walk around and identify the area dealing on the items you prefer. Identify a store, get in and discuss with the owner and completely rapport with him.

The idea is that you’ll act as the original vendor and will only be paid after a successful sale. So, your duty is to bring in customers, convince and sell to them a bit above the actual price, otherwise, you lose your pay.

Daily pay jobs in Abuja such as this functions in places like Wuse Market at Zone 5 and Garki Market at Garki 2 district. There are other cool places to check and obtain your daily pay.

  1. Ushering Jobs

Daily pay jobs in Abuja

Rich Nigerian Usher!

This is one really serious daily pay job here in Abuja. The only problem with it is the potential worker’s search for an upcoming event. But then, thanks to the internet which now connects Nigerians to a wider ground with freedom to explore.

There is something about ushering and that is the fact that it isn’t something professional.

What does one really require in an ushering job? Nothing really, apart from:

  • Fluency or moderateness in languages like English, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa
  • A decent speech skill
  • Good eye for dressing
  • Timely and good self-conduct

With these in place, you might probably attract a long term job for yourself in Abuja or away from Abuja.

  1. Promoter/Marketer

It’s time to go out there for a company that will pay you immediately after, don’t you think so? Various companies advertise daily in search of promoters for their businesses. Being that Abuja is some good place for business, it’ll be easy to get in touch with these businesses or companies.

Again, there is no professionalism required. Your school certificate has no room here and that makes things flow swiftly. As a promoter/marketer, your job is simple! What the company expects you to do is promote and market the given items. After the day, return for your money. The Nigerian telecoms regularly provide this sort of job to aid in circulating more money within the country. “Oh! Abuja”, you may say with a sigh of relieve, very well deserved. Get up and pick up that job, return home after the day and rest for another day.

  1. Construction Site Jobs

These daily pay jobs in Abuja come in handy and can consume strength. It might further require that you move a bit far from your residence in Abuja. This is largely the reason because there may be no construction going on around you at the moment.

And like you read few lines up, this job needs your strength a lot. If you’re the weaker type, I do not recommend signing up for this sort of daily job in Abuja. If you are strong and capable, I do recommend this daily to the fullest.

About this Daily job in Abuja

This isn’t the best on this list but it is what people use to make money in Abuja. If you’re very new in this city, pick this job, it should give you the needed money to stay up. For a while, you won’t find yourself begging unless you’re too lazy.

This job house roses. Sometimes, the supervisor might become too extreme to a point that you burn in annoyance. If you think you’re too lovely to do this, I’m afraid you’re not ready. I know of men who started from this level, built themselves up and are men today.

In this job, you may require working tools but if you have none, you can rent. Renting is preferable because you might not want to stay long on the job.

  1. Find Yourself at a Car Wash

Daily pay jobs in Abuja

Nigerian Washing a Car for Daily Pay

The most underrated job in Abuja! Many know of it but few are into it. Let me disclose a secret to you. See, you do not need to own any car washing whatever to get in here. At every car wash station, only a few are permanent workers. Most others are ‘part time’ and only serve there at that moment for the money.

I barely even see this as a job in Abuja because you’re almost the boss of yourself. What you do is to meet the owner of the station or manager. Disclose your wish to serve there for a day or more days and await the trick thereafter. When you’re in, you’d be thinking nothing other than money. In fact, your temporary employer is not your employer because you can choose when to leave the car wash. And as stated earlier, you’re the boss of yourself here.

For some stations, every car tires washed amounts to 200 Naira which is the least you can get for a four-wheel car. If the wheels are more, more money. Now, if you’re washing the car body, this means more money because the cost more than car tyres.

  1. Dry Clean

Meanwhile, I made a lengthy article showing how to start a successful dry cleaning business in Nigeria. It’s the best out there!

Apart from this, there are several other jobs that’d have been mentioned. But then, not all of these jobs are readily available on daily pay in Abuja. They are there but finding the establishment that runs it poses difficulties. One of such jobs is dry cleaning but this is made present on this list because the chances are high. High in the sense that you might quickly find persons willing to employ and make payments on daily basis.


  • Working at large research and paperwork centers.

See where I buy research paper for people

How to Find Daily Pay Jobs Quickly in Abuja

There are differing ways to find jobs in Abuja. Intriguingly, one can do so both online and offline.

Daily pay jobs in Abuja

For online job search, what you require is a simple keyword. Search engines such as Google and Bing weren’t primarily designed for anything more than this. If you have no active data subscription, the friend behind you should. No need to take out his SIM. Put on your phone display and tether both phones but first, inform the said fellow of your intention. He might pick interest and probably work more than yourself.

For offline, there could be a bit of problem because most daily jobs you find on the walls are scams. The recommended way to find out the availability of a job is to make direct inquiries at the centers. Avoid going through people who claim to be representatives or  whatsoever.


I do not know a few who wouldn’t be interested in daily pay jobs in Abuja. Instead of being nicknamed ‘houseman’, these daily pay jobs will draw you respects. You know this to be true and I’m certain because of that zeal of yours to get that daily pay job.

Lest it escapes my memory, none of these jobs is a steady office job. All of the above stated jobs require activeness since the pay arrives that same day.

I would have further suggested becoming a freelance writer in Abuja but I chose to be real with you.

So, what’s up? Are you in? I’m certain you are and I wish you the best.


those windows weren’t designed for you to look through and stare at Abuja every morning

Their design is targeted at ventilating and lighting the room you slept in. That being the case, make efforts to either busy yourself within the room or go out and shut the door behind.

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