7 Secrets to Create a Viral Post

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We all thought that to create a viral post was a matter of luck until recent studies proved this view to be totally wrong- well not totally, but to create a viral post is not actually a matter of luck but a combination of a few elements. After studying a few viral posts we found some elements that are present in almost each one of the contents that went viral.

Though not all these elements are present in each of the posts, however, in any single post, we found one or two in. With this, we were able to clear the mystery of viral post and put the various elements in place so that you can use them. However, note that the Internet comprises of humans and human nature is quite unpredictable- what may elicit a response today may not generate a response tomorrow. So while you take note of these points we want you to share the best information in the most understandable format for your audience and this alone can make your post go viral.

create a viral post

How to create a viral post

  1. Write irresistible headlines

First things first, your headline is quite important. Like the bait to a fish, your headline is what attracts people to your blog. It is what makes people click on your post like. After a few studies, content marketers found that to create a viral post, headlines with the following words are more able to attract audience

The trick to writing a great headline is a combination of the following;

Number + Adjective + Keyword + Promise = Unbelievable Headline.

  • Amazing, unbelievable, interesting e.g “5 unbelievable facts about the human body”, “5 amazing places in Nigeria. “
  • The secret, tip e.g 5 secrets of successā€, ā€œ7 tips on how to become a good writer”.
  • Big/huge “See the huge python caught”
  • Right, clever, proven “7 clever ways to make money from the internet”
  • Other attention-grabbing words you can use in your headline include history, science, scientific necessary, important, main etc.

Any of these words in your headline is sure to guarantee a click through to your website, and also a key ingredient that enables you to create a viral post.

  1. Write great contents and add a little amusement if possible

A Great headline is sure to get visitors to your website but only great content is sure to keep them and push them to share your post. Let your focus be on writing an amazing content that your visitors will love and find irresistible to share. Humor is imperative to content that most people share online. Add a little amusement to any part of your content as possible without making them feel like you are trying too hard to be funny. After a critical study of posts that went viral, we found that most of them were funny, controversial, useful, unique or trendy. Embed any of these elements in your content and you will probably be on your way to write a viral post easily.

  1. Strike an Emotional String

We, humans, are emotional creatures. Our emotions in most cases, especially on the Internet, are what make us share a post. If we can identify with a post we easily share it. If you’ve ever been embarrassed in a certain way either in high school and you come across a post about “7 most embarrassing moments in high school”, chances are that you are going to laugh about it and then push the share button to pass on the joke to your friends. When creating a post try to elicit an emotional response with your content. Both negative and positive emotional response works but positive works more. You can sound a warning but let it be true though.

  1. Teach how to become successful

You’ve probably come across success tips and I’m 98% sure that you read the post. We all want to be successful, so any help in form of tips that can help us to become successful is sure going to be an attention-grabber. Writing tips on how to become successful, secrets of success and so on can easily become viral as most people will like the post and feel a compulsion to share the success nuggets with friends and family on social media. However when crafting success tips ensure you use strong headlines and be visual about your points. This often helps especially now that every Tom Dick and Harry is writing tips on how to become successful.

  1. Use cute animals and children

While writing this post I came across an article that has more than 200,000 views! And actually, it wasn’t even an informational article but an image. A man dressed his dog to a marriage and shared the picture of the cute dog online and the picture went viral. Everyone was talking about it and sharing the picture. Using cute images of animals especially dogs and cats can easily make your content go viral. It seems most women on social media cannot resist cute photos of children they often describe as adorable. Posting one of these once a while on your social media handle is a sure way of making your post go viral ā€“ but ensure that it is original. That you took those pictures yourself.

  1. Warn people about important things

Warning people about important things like new disease outbreaks is a sure way to go viral. Share information about new health problems that people are concerned about but don’t have much information about and they will gladly share your post with friends and families on the Internet.

  1. Time the release of your post

Time the release of your post. Most people won’t be active on the Internet around 6-8am as they most likely will be hurrying off to their place of work. The best time to share your post is when workers are relaxed and are not working. At this time they will have the time to go through your post and share. The best time is 9 am- when workers are reluctant to start working and 3 pm when they are most likely on break.

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Creating a viral post often is not hard if you understand your niche and your audience. Study your audience carefully and understand what makes them tick. Once you can understand that, you can easily push their buttons with your post. This I believe is the best tip to make your post go viral.


Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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