Simple Tips to Create A Perfect Cover Letter Template

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To create your cover letter template is one of the most logical things to do while job hunting. I apply to about 8 jobs per day, and there is no way I can write out separate cover letters for all of them. Your time is limited, so writing a basic cover letter template will simplify your application process, making you more efficient and hopefully you get employed on time.

Tips to Create Your Cover Letter Template

A basic cover letter template can either be in bullet form or in paragraph form. The paragraph format is more preferred by many, due to its neatness. Since hiring managers are very busy, employing the use of bullet format has become the new gold, but most job seekers are not aware. This bullet cover letter format allows you to make fast changes for different job roles while placing much emphasis on the values you are bringing to the table.

Sample of a cover letter template

A good bullet cover letter template format will begin with the date, address and salutation. It should go ahead to reference the position being applied for.

  • Open the cover letter template itself with a short paragraph, highlighting your primary qualification, years of experience, and state that you can contribute immensely to the company’s growth.
  • Back up your claims in the second paragraph by listing some key qualifications included in your resume. You have heard the old saying of “show them you’ve got it”, this should be the place for that.
  • Your last paragraph should reemphasize your desire to help the company achieve their goals through your skill contribution. List out the phone number and thank the reader for their time.
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HINT: Remember to address the letter to someone’s name.

Instead of Dear Sir, you can use Dear Mr Yinka or The Hiring Manager (In case nobody’s name was quoted).

An alternative to the bullet cover letter template remains the standard paragraph template format. It begins just like that of the bullet format, with the date, salutation and other standard correspondence protocols. It will have about 3 to 4 paragraphs in block formats.

The first paragraph introduces you, your qualification, years of experience, education and other certification that relates to the job sought for.

The second paragraph is where you state your uttermost desire to join the company. It also lists out some of the jobs you have done in the past and how you think it can help the potential company. For fresh graduates without work experience, you should list out the skills that you possess that would bring value to the company. You should also list out some of your previous accomplishments and your visions for the future.

“I used a budget of $20 to run a digital campaign for my present firm, and I recorded an ROI of over 200%. I have broken all existing record, and I seek for a more challenging role that would bring out the best in me. I have identified this job as what I need, and I would be delighted to resume if the need is, as fast as possible.”

In the last paragraph, point out the obvious – it doesn’t hurt. Let the reader see the determination you have to secure the job. Make it clear that you have enclosed your resume and that you would love an appointment to discuss more ideas for the company.

“I would really love to be a part of your progressive team at (name of company). I have enclosed my resume as an attachment for your perusal. I would love to book an appointment with you to discuss more of the ideas I want to implement for (name of company). This I believe would result to (state what your likely target would be).

State that you would call in after few days if it is appropriate, otherwise you restate your contact number, email and availability to meet. End the letter with your signature.

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REMEMBER: This cover letter should state what you can achieve for the company within a given deadline – if you can really achieve it. If you follow all these, then you are certain for good success.

Forget Naysayers who say there are no jobs, search hard, pray hard and network hard, and success would be yours. See you next time.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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