How to Create an Essay in an Hour?

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Easy Ways to Create an Essay in an Hour

How fast can you produce a five-paragraph essay? And how fast can you create a high-quality essay? If you’re not an experienced writer, you are definitely not that good at producing a top-notch piece in an hour. Of course, it’s not that difficult to write an essay in an hour. However, it’s not easy to create a really good one that fast, if you’re not aware of all those tricks used by the experts. So, let’s check some simple approaches that will do both – save your precious time and help you submit a piece of the finest quality.

What are the Steps to create an Essay as Fast as Possible?


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Collect All Possible Information

Whatever your paper topic is, ensure to college every piece of information that you may need and have it right beside you. Are there some useful links for writing? Go ahead and bookmark them to have direct access anytime. When you start writing, you don’t want to go searching for this information and lose your focus.

Look for Assistance Online

You have to understand the topic and its requirements. When you have an hour for paper, it is important to use additional sources as well. So, make certain to read the requirements for several times to get it better. Then, pick something that you know about the essay topic and search for help on the web. Who knows, maybe you do not have time to go to the local library or do in-depth research within the given timeframes. Choose the custom essays writing service that you’re 100% sure in.

Write the Thesis Statement

While you do not have time to think about the best thesis statement, keep in mind that your thesis must be something that you can easily support the arguments you have at hand. Any thesis you produce is the core of the essay provided in one sentence. It is used to inform your readers about the ideas and issue that you’re about to discuss throughout the text. It is important to make certain that the thesis statement and the text of the paper do not contradict each other.

Sketch-up an Outline

Probably, you believe you do not have time to build an outline, but to create a good five-paragraph essay in sixty minutes, we’ll provide you with a different variant of it. The point here is that a good outline is 50% of your paper. It is the core of your essay and holds all the information you’re going to add. A solid outline serves as a road map for you when it comes to structuring, writing, formatting, and editing.

Check an example of the essay introduction outline. Make sure to stick to this template as you work on the project:

  • Intro: (three paragraphs).
  • 1st paragraph: Introduce the topic of your essay.
  • Mention the general topic. Provide useful information; however, ensure you produce a paragraph that covers 1/3 of the first essay page.
  • 2nd paragraph: Introduce the thesis statement.
  • Now, provide the thesis statement. Use the first sentence to introduce it. Improve and clarify it through the rest of the paragraph.
  • 3rd paragraph: Give three supporting ideas. Provide one sentence for every idea and one sentence to clarify it.

Write According to the Structure

Now that you have a strong outline, you’ll be able to accomplish a good essay in even less than half an hour. It’s like filling the outline with relevant details from the sources you have at hand. Follow the structure you chose. The best option here is to pick the form of five paragraphs – the introduction, the body paragraphs (three sections), and the concluding part. Most college and university students know how to work with the structure of this kind. It is important to save the most interesting facts for dessert to keep your readers interested.

Finally, do not skip the editing and proofreading of the writing since without these important final changes your essay won’t be perfect. Even if you have only ten minutes until the essay deadline expires, never refuse to edit and proofread your piece! As a result, you will make sure your content involves no errors, and your tutor will be 100% satisfied with the final copy.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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