How to Publish a Book in Nigeria | Cost | Detailed Guide.

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Are you a writer and need to know the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria? Well, this article detail out the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria. However, the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria depends on whether you want to publish the book yourself or you want it to be done by a publisher.

In addition, if you are going to be publishing the book yourself, there would a great hitch on your side because you are going to put down a lot of money for the book to be published. But if you are going to be hiring a publisher then you would have less stress towards the book you are going to publish.

But, before I go into the detailed explanation of the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria, it is important we have a brief look on how to publish a book in Nigeria. Publishing books in Nigeria go beyond the printing what you have written down on a computer system. You have to know what it takes before going to publish a book.

Pieces of Stuff like the style of writing, the author are very important when publishing a book. For a book to be labelled good before publishing, the book must be able to meet the expectations of those that need it. Some people prefer reading a book with fewer words and pictures which tells almost half of what you are writing about.

You must also consider the factor that deals with which audience are you going to target? There are several publishing houses like Evans Publishers that can help you achieve your dreams, but we will get to that.

How to publish a book in Nigeria

cost of publishing a book in Nigeria

  1. Define your subject clearly

The title of the book you want to publish is the most important and interesting aspect of a book. You must be able to define your concept and context before writing anything. The subject matter also known as the title should be based on your target audience, you must be able to write what other people will crave to read.

If your book is either motivational or books related to academics, endeavour to make the title catchy in order to attract readers.

  1. Build your content

If you are going to be publishing multiple edition books, you must be able to select the content of the book. Planning the content you will write on will greatly assist you when it comes to publishing more editions.

Always endeavour your book has rich content for your target audience to read and enjoy. Go through books that have been published that relates to what you want to publish on and build your own content from there.

  1. Get a Manuscript

The manuscript of any book clearly states any part of a book. Few people who write books create outlines and begin to complete it. In most cases, the finished manuscript would be the completed book. A manuscript could either be an empty draft, end draft and an outline. However, the final draft should be free from errors emanating from spelling, grammar and punctuation.

This then implies that your end manuscript should have been read over again before you go ahead to publish it as a book. Make your writing structure professional so that your target audience can see how serious you are. If you are in possession of a manuscript, the book you want to publish would be a lot easier.

  1. Select rightly the best illustration and colour

If you are writing a book that concerns academics, endeavour to use the right diagrams and pictures as at when due and the same thing applies when you are applying colour to the book you want to publish.

In another case, if your book would be generally based, endeavour to use the right pictures which may look professional and use the colours which you know a majority of the public will like.

  1. Publish and promote your book

This is the last stage which concerns publishing a book. Before considering this stage, you must have figured out how to handle the other stages prior to this effect. However, when publishing a book, make sure there is an experienced person who will stay in the place where the book is about to be published.

The person’s job is to detect the little mistakes which you might not have seen in your manuscript or the mistake the typist made when typing the book. When it has been checked thoroughly and confirmed, you can now go ahead and publish your book.

After the publishing of the book has been done, the next thing to do is to market your book to the public. Marketing your book solely depends on the audience you are targeting, so base your distribution and marketing on the people you know will patronize you.

Cost of publishing a book in Nigeria

It is important to find out the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria before diving into publishing a book. It is also important to note that there is no a straight-forward answer to the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria. You can either publish the book yourself or you hire a publisher.

Publishing the book yourself will require a whole lot of money that is because you would have to get an effective editor who would edit your writings. You would also have to get a graphic designer to choose the best colour and illustrations to the book you are publishing.

Then the next step is then to publish but you must be able to market your goods effectively. All the aforementioned steps will require money to achieve but the profit that comes with a large scale is something that cannot be overlooked.

If you are going to publish a book through a publisher, the publisher you will hire will take care of everything except the writing of the book. After the completion of the book you are to write, you would then hire a publisher who would publish the book, launch it and market it to a targeted audience.

You would only collect a small share of the money that comes from the sale of the book because the hard work has been done by the publisher.

The second option is very expensive and that is why I will advise you to opt for the first option. The cost of printing items such as ink, paper, plates and films should also be taken into account when you want to publish a book.

As of 2017, there were complaints amongst people in this field considering the high cost of publishing a book in Nigeria. The costs are however getting higher by the day because of the low economic standard.


While making a brief survey amongst publishers, I got to know that 500 copies of a book cost 100,000 Naira. But everything depends on the pages of one book and the quality attached to that book.

All in all, there is no estimated cost of publishing a book in Nigeria, because of how the prices of the printing item vary.

If you need the contacts of publishers who can help you publish your book, then you can drop a comment in the comment section.

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