5 common mistakes graduates make after graduation that Hurts Their Success

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You may have heard about several common mistakes graduates make after graduation from the university, but you should take this seriously. There are several mistakes you can make in life that can be easily recovered, but the ones I am about pointing out are determinant to your success in life, so it should be avoided or remedied on time.

We are in a country where everything is increasingly difficult to achieve. This means that you would have to put in extra work and all before you can even get a reasonable job in the country. In most cases, all you have to do is know one or two influential people who will give you a job on a platter of gold.

Aside from everything written above, there are moves that jeopardize your chances of reaching the heights you projected for yourself while still at school. Those silly moves are the mistakes that most young graduates do immediately they come out of school

These are the common mistakes graduates make after graduation

mistakes graduates make

Waiting for Destiny Helpers to give you a Job

Do you remember those guys who told us to give them a call immediately we graduate from school so that they can give us a job?

Research has shown that 90% of them don’t pick up their calls again when you finally graduate and call them. It happened to me, and I am pretty sure that it happened to you who are also reading this post. Most times, the ones who finally help us are those whom we never gave a thought about till things became extremely difficult – but that is by the way though.

Wasting away time at home waiting for them to give you that promised job is not wisdom in the slightest. So if you are in that category, do well to think about the second point and implement it.


Submitting Job Applications without Self-improvement

Most times you might have spent a year waiting for a job, but yet you added no single VALUE to yourself. That isn’t wisdom and you have wasted a whole year of your life achieving nothing!

There are ways to improve yourself and value like I explained here; it involves adding much value to yourself. There are several ways you can do that, but one of the major ways is to;

“Get a Skill” 


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When you get a skill, you can easily add them up to your CV and become someone of great value. When your value is on the high side, you become a wanted commodity – which would help you financially.

Skills like Web Designing and Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphics Design, are among the simple skills you can learn within few months. It is up to you to take charge and get them now!

Taking up any Job

I am not trying to sound like a naysayer, but this is one of the common mistakes graduates make after graduation and they don’t get a job. The truth is that the moment you have gotten frustrated to a point, instead of improving their value and getting the right job for themselves, they look for the easy way out by taking up any job.

It is a general myth that employers want those with “Experience”, but this isn’t always true. Employers are on the lookout for those who have the right skill set and high productivity. So no matter how small you have started, it doesn’t guarantee you a better job in the near future if you don’t have the skills that employers are looking for.

Keeping your Job Search to yourself

Everyone around you should know that you are searching for a job. But before you tell people, be ready to answer the questions What can you do?

One of the common mistakes graduates make is to answer “Anything” to the above question. Nobody would take you seriously because you are meant to be a professional and not a “Jack of all Trade”

Know what you are trained for and become a professional at it. If your field of study isn’t a lucrative one with lots of opportunities, then you can switch to the ICT field – it has lots of opportunities for everyone with or without experience.

Depending on your University Certificate

Depending on your university certificate is one of the mistakes graduates make when they leave school. Regardless of your CGPA, nobody would give you a job for coming out with an excellent result – except on rare occasions.

The following factors that give you a job are;

Once you have any of the above three, you are already in to become a wanted commodity in the job market. It can be solidified by having all of the above.

Most of the common mistakes graduates make are self-inflicted and I hope this post will help in creating a preventive path for future graduates. I wish you the best, and I hope you subscribe to my blog for more informative articles.

Stay cool… cheers.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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