Format to Collect SSN from Client

How to Collect SSN from Client Easily

Do you need SSN for establishing a bank drop, carding, or other fraud methods? If yes, let us help you solve your issue by revealing how to collect SSN from a client.

SSN stands for social security number, a nine-digit number that grants many advantages in the United States. If you have a client’s complete name, birth date, and hometown, you can decrypt it.

Additionally, you may sell your client’s SSN for $40-$100 through the dark web or any carding site, in addition to carding, establishing a bank drop, becoming a credit card fraudster, and so on. To prevent being conned, you’d need to use an escrow service.

You may find it challenging to discover a client’s birthdate if you choose to decode your client’s SSN.  Many websites/databases provide people’s birth info for free or for a low cost.

Fortunately, this post discusses the various formats to collect SSN from clients. You may gather the whole SSN or some details to help in deciphering the SSN.

How to Collect SSN from Client

collect ssn from clients

Formats to collect SSN from Clients

Before we go through how to collect SSN from clients, keep in mind that voter registration lists and other public databases may contain your client’s information. The area number is the first three SSNs, while the group number is the fifth and fourth. On the other hand, the last four numbers are harder to figure out since they indicate the time it took the customer to finish their SSN application.

If you are smart enough, you can persuade your client to send their complete SSN instead of trying to find out their SSN.  This fraud may be carried out in various methods, and the most frequent of which is to use any yahoo format, such as military dating format.

The following is the format used to collect SSN from clients:

  1. Dating Format

The most audacious yahoo format to collect SSN from clients for yahoo business is the dating format. When a client falls in love with you, they become very easy to manipulate.

Once you start dating them, you can tell them to do anything for you, and they will do it. But first of all, you have to make them trust you and believe you.

Once a client starts dating me, I use the following lines to get their SSN.

Hi Babe,

I need a little bit of help from you, and I don’t know who else to ask. I want to be paid a certain amount from my investment portfolio, but my SSN is kinda not active, due to my credit score. I don’t know if I can use your bank account and SSN to receive money to be paid out. The amount is just $15,000.

I will be happy if you can do this for me, I promise to also reward you for your loyalty.

Much love baby!

Create a Social Security Number (SSN) using the client’s social media account

Many individuals share personal information on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You may obtain free personal information if you go to forums, particularly if your target has hinted about their social media identities.

Trading platforms are another source of free data. People post personal information on Craigslist, for example. You can gather the information required to generate an SSN. You may also use Craigslist to get information from phish vendors. You’d have to pose as a legitimate buyer, which means you wouldn’t send unwanted emails or spam sellers’ inboxes.

Get their Date of Birth

When you have the client’s complete name and address during the phone call, you utilize it to look up their social media profiles, particularly Facebook. Users’ dates of birth are visible on Facebook, but you must go to the bottom of their timeline and hope they haven’t concealed theirs.

You now know the address as well as the date of birth. A user’s school and school address may also be found, confirming their city of residence.

The only issue now is obtaining the last four digits of the SSN since you already have the client’s name, date of birth, and address to create the first five numbers. You may need to start a discussion with the customer to obtain the final four digits, which will lead them to reveal the date they registered their SSN.

It’s difficult, but you may start by stating your name (something fake, of course). Tell them it was terrible and that you have no idea what they’re going through. They will unintentionally disclose their dates, which you must record to decode their Social Security number.

Clients born after 1988 have the simplest SSNs to decipher. So you’re looking for customers under the age of 35. Why? The Social Security Administration began establishing SSNs for infants and older children who did not have one.

Home Address and Details

Most vendors will like to speak with you over the phone or through video, so make sure you have a phony US phone number they can contact. Negotiate as though you’re going to purchase the item when they call. Decide on a price that will keep the transaction alive, and arrange to see the seller at their home. Yes, sellers on Craigslist like it when prospective buyers come to see them. Because the seller believes it is for commercial reasons, they will provide their address.

Website phishing:

collect SSN from clients

A Phishing Website Requesting for SSN

Using phishing format, you can collect SSN from clients. How do you go about doing it? Obtain the client’s information by tricking them into giving it to you inadvertently. Phishing captures sensitive information, and even if you succeed, the client may never know.

This section discusses three types of phishing attacks: website phishing, SMS/email phishing, and phone phishing.

Website phishing enables you to get your Social Security number by visiting a phony website. You can pay a developer to build a phishing/pharming website for you, especially if you aren’t a developer. It’s worth noting that some developers may decline this offer, particularly if you mention that you’ll be gathering visitor information such as SSNs.


  • The name of the website
  • Access to a hosting account

To begin, buy a domain name and hosting, which will house your website’s contents. If you don’t have any money, you may start with a free 000webhost website.

Now, hire a developer to create an e-commerce website that looks like Amazon or eBay. You’ll use the site to post bogus and low-cost goods, then share the URL with your targets. Tell them you ordered anything from the site and that it’s a new one attempting to establish a reputation for itself.

Make the pricing of the goods reasonable. For example, if an item is worth $30, do not advertise it as $3 on your phishing site. You may put a price of $24 on it. Under each item, be sure to include “Discount Sales for New E-commerce.”

You’ll also build pages for “about,” “contact,” “privacy policy,” and “terms and conditions.”

Contact the inbox of your target(s). Citizens of the United States are required. Send them a phony purchase receipt and inform them about the forthcoming primary site. To gather additional SSNs, you may urge them to distribute the webpage across different media.

SMS/email Phishing

You’ll need the following items:

  • Customized email address or a fake phone number

You can collect SSN from clients with different methods, including SMS and email phishing. For instance, you may still make a phony website that promises you’ll win a fake iPhone or a fake lottery. When a hungry target enters their information, including their Social Security number, it is saved on the phony site’s hosting account.

You may even pass it off as customer support for a subscription that your target has purchased. You must, however, learn about the client’s membership.

Assume your customer has an active AT&T subscription; you may persuade them to give you their SSN by falsely claiming that new government regulation necessitates it. You’ll need a phony phone number that’s been tailored for you.

Now, send a simple message to the phone number as shown below:

Dear [client’s name]

Following federal government guidelines, AT&T is not required to acquire customers’ Social Security numbers to improve transaction security.

This policy is the result of a stakeholder meeting with the US federal government. Whether we previously asked for your SSN or not, you must resubmit it to continue using our services. Please respond solely with your SSN to this automated account manager.



Phone Phishing

Phishing over the phone also allows you to collect SSN from clients. Importantly,12-17 and 65+ are the target age groups. You’ll need three things: a call phishing script, a phony phone number, and the client’s phone number.

The phony phone number must be a customized US phone number. If you call from a regular US phone number, you’ll only get 45 percent of the time. A personalized phone number, on the other hand, raises the success rate to 90%.

What is the structure of a phone call? Please make contact with a potential customer over the internet and strike up a discussion with them. Collect their phone number or check their social media profiles. Because many individuals no longer disclose their phone numbers online, you’ll need to start a conversation to persuade customers to do so.

Joining a trade group is the quickest method. People desire to communicate with one another. If no one in the group mentions their contact, they’re most likely doing it via their inboxes. So, choose a random customer, talk about purchasing their goods, and ask for their phone number so you may contact them for additional information. Of course, they’d distribute it quickly.

Now dial the client’s number. Let’s look at an example phishing script:

  • Scammer: Hello, [name of client]. The customer care agent, [name of phone service in the United States], is on the line.
  • Potential Client Reaction: Hello, great to meet you…
  • Scammer: We will require SSN from our consumers due to recent modifications to our service rules following state guidelines. Please note that if you recently shared your SSN with us, you will need to do it again.
  • Possible Client Reaction: What is the reason behind this?
  • Scammer: The instructions are thought to…


This article discusses the ways to collect SSN from clients. As mentioned earlier, SSN is a nine-digit number that grants you several benefits in the United States.

While these numbers are vital for living in the United States, people from far and wide exploit the number for fraudulent reasons. Check this article above to discover the ways to collect SSN from clients and make money from them.

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