3 Tips to Write a Cold Mail That Lands You an Interview

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A cold mail is simply sending a mail to someone you have never met before, or sending it to someone who isn’t expecting your mail. I guess you must have read “E-Mail format application. Let’s assume you discussed with someone and he asks you to forward an application in a mail format, we call that a warm-mail. Research has shown that 80% of most job openings don’t get advertised because recruiters are worried if they really need someone for that role. The era of waiting to just apply for advertised jobs is past and right now, we are taking recruiters by storm. This system of job hunting is not prevalent in this part of the world, making it an avenue for serious job seekers to take advantage. In this article, I will show you some steps to sending a cold mail that will either land you a job/trial or most likely an interview.

cold mail to get a job

  • Have an Insider: He gives you all the necessary information about the company. The E-mails to send to, the problems they face and the caliber of people they work with. The receptionist, the I.T guy or just anyone can be a perfect Insider for you.
  • Show them what you can offer: I am sorry to say this, but this cold-mailing format is only applicable to those that possess value and can offer something immediately they get employed. Here is an excerpt from a friend’s mail that landed him a heavy salary job.


I have approximately about 8years experience in marketing and sales, and I have worked consistently with a target of about 10million on monthly basis. I understand that you give most of your marketers a target of 5 million and they are still unable to close it. I am coming in with the assurance of superseding that monthly target all the time. I have done it with my former and present firms, and I have enough evidence to back-up my claims’


I use a lot of marketing excerpt because this is the one area I am well vast in. But it applies to all aspects especially the technology sector. If you have a new idea that you think would shape a company, pass it across as a mail and attach your resume. If you think you can perform some wonders for a firm you located, pass it across in a mail to the HR or any top level executive and attach your resume and watch how they struggle for your attention.

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  • Give them a deadline: Brian Tracy said and I quote “Our daily decisions are based on emotions and backed up as logic.” Now you have shown them what you can offer to them in exchange of getting employed. Give them a deadline to act so that they would know that you also don’t have all the time in the world to spare.


‘I have communicated with a lot of players in your industry, and I have gotten favorable answers from them all. I will be happy to get a response within two weeks, as it helps me know my stand with your firm’


Giving a time limit shows various things;

  1. You know your worth
  2. You don’t have all the time, likewise them
  3. You know what you are offering.

I will leave you with this answer from a hiring manager about his views on Cold-Mails;

You need to know who receives your mail. Are you sending the cold email to an executive or to the HR department?

This is another viewpoint from: What would a good cold email look like for the banking industry HR or any other Industry HR

Sad to dash your hopes, but there is no such thing as a “good” cold email to any HR department or any company for that matter.

If the purpose of your email is to convey an unsolicited resume, what’s the point?

The purpose of an initial contact is to place you before the decision-maker who can actually offer you a job or walk you down to HR with a hire recommendation. HR is all about screening, testing, and covering their bases when it comes to recommending action to an executive.
If you want a job … Know something about the company you wish to work for and the people that work there. Call one of the executives and ask for a meeting. Bring a resume. Tell them why you will benefit the company and be as specific as you can. If you are not applying for a specific job, take a job as a janitor to get your foot in the door. Being inside — by any means possible — is better than being outside looking in.

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Before I retired (CTO of a financial services firm serving the banking industry), I tossed all emails from job seekers in the trashcan. Didn’t even bother opening the attachments (too risky). Most of the contacts were from headhunters who plagued me like locusts. HR was generally worthless as they did little more than pre-screen candidates and 99% were unsuitable after the first interview. I was looking for someone who could provide a specific benefit to our company or who had the background to be trainable. If they knew nothing about our company, our services, or our customers, they were out the door in one quick hurry.

If you do not care enough to learn about the company, chances are they would be crazy to hire you because you just told them you are a warm body and little else.

(Stephen Richard Levine, 40+ years of entrepreneurship and consulting activities in a multiplicity of fields.)

If you found this helpful let us get your views or questions. Comment below.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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