Celebrity Billing Format

Are you wondering if the celebrity billing format is still effective? Well, it is. Even though it has long been used, it is still in use, but you need to be very smart when using it before you can cash out from it. In fact, it is uncertain that the celebrity billing format can be used alone because it would be difficult to gain the trust of others. Think of a scenario whereby a celebrity asks people to send money to purchase a gift card. It is almost impossible. However, in this article, I will reveal the best celebrity billing format and how best you can explore them.

The major benefit of utilizing the celebrity billing format is that people will rarely suspect you and believe whatever you are saying. Meanwhile, you do not have a high chance of making sufficient money with this format unless you use special and enticing profiles.

Also, it is important to note that using white celebrities like musicians is not advisable, which means the option you should go for will be to use famous pastors, politicians, and entrepreneurs. With a famous pastor’s or politician’s profile, you can explore the celebrity billing format and make money for yourself.

Before revealing the various celebrity billing formats, it is important to discuss the tools needed for the celebrity billing format.


Tools Needed for the Celebrity Billing Format

To be successful at this format, you are required to get some important tools such as;

Working Social Media Account

Without a working and active social media account, no one would believe that you are the real person managing the account. Due to this, you need to make sure you are managing the account effectively. Additionally, you should ensure that the social media account you are managing looks very realistic and use a closely related name to the real celebrity.

If you can do this convincingly, people who do not check through people’s names would certainly fall victim to your scam, allowing you to cash out without too much stress.

Gain Followers

To cash out while using the celebrity billing format, you need to have a reasonable number of followers on your active social media account. To increase your number of followers, you are expected to post what the real celebrity would ordinarily post. Much emphasis should be placed on acquiring a high number of followers before billing them.

Meanwhile, if you are still finding it difficult to acquire followers, you can purchase Bot followers to convince people that you are truly the celebrity.

Best Format

Having an active social media account and gaining massive followers does not equate to success if you do not use the best format. Do not worry because we will still discuss the best celebrity billing format you can try out and cash out.


Multiple Kinds of Celebrity Billing Formats

This section will learn the multiple ways you can bill your clients if you decide to use the celebrity billing format. While doing so, ensure you have a working IG and Facebook account because most of your clients would be on those social media platforms.

Here are the various billing formats associated with the celebrity billing format:

Musician Celebrity Billing Format

If you are interested in using the musician celebrity billing format, you must be very smart and clever about it to avoid getting caught. For example, you can opt to sell fake tickets to people for a show. Since it might be a tricky task for Nigerians, you should focus your attention on white clients.

An example of the musician celebrity billing format can go like this:

“Hello, my name is Gabriel Omosebi, Davido’s Manager, famously referred to Davido’s aide. My artiste will be travelling all the way from Atlanta to your city to host a show, and we are presently selling tickets for a reduced price of $80 instead of $200. If you are interested, please respond to this message, and I will show you the process you need to undertake with the purchase.”

You can use the confirmed show details that the real Davido will use to push the show to make it very real. This means that if Davido was to have a show in Chicago some days from now, you could also tell your followers that you are having a show in Chicago. If your clients still doubt, they will simply have to check online and see that you are telling the truth.


Pastoral Curse Billing Format

This celebrity billing format works best for female clients because it is believed that the female gender is more gullible when it comes to religion.  So if you will be utilizing a Pastor image as your celebrity format, the format is likely to work for you.

A point worthy of note is that this particular celebrity billing format associated with religion is not advisable for religious folks because of the spiritual implications. Still, you can proceed at your own risk if you aren’t bothered.

Create your Pastor Profile to look real

The next step to take when following the pastoral curse billing format is to create your profile that looks exactly what a pastor would look like. Most importantly, your profile should contain things like prayers, bible quotes, inspirational posts, testimonies, and additional things that make your profile look very real.

Find Prospective Clients

After creating a real pastor profile, the next thing is to find clients and start bombing their DMs. While sliding into their DMs to bill them, you should endeavour you follow the proper steps so that people will not find out and block you. Also, if you are a G-boy looking for quick money, this format isn’t for you (check out other formats like the grant format for yahoo).

Bomb the Client with the Format

The right time to bomb the client while using your pastor profile for the celebrity billing format is now. You can begin by using the below format:

“Good day my brother/sister in the Lord, the Lord sent me to you, especially because of the things that go on in this platform, and I cannot let my followers go astray. The Lord revealed to me that you have been going through temptations, trials, and tribulations, and the Lord directed me to tell you that your time of suffering has come to an end.

The Lord also revealed to me that you have been struggling financially, but you know that the Lord is capable of reviving your financial situation because you are true, destined for great things. At this point, you can pray for your client and tell your client that you are only but a messenger and you have delivered the message for which you were sent to deliver.

Then you can round up by saying you are a minister of God who goes about preaching the works of God, and you only survive by living on the donations by strong, devoted people of God. So if you are touched by the message and want to donate and help God’s ministry, you can do so, and the Lord will favor and multiply your income. God bless you. Here is my Payoneer or PayPal address (Proceed to enter your Payoneer or PayPal address).”


Entrepreneur Celebrity Billing Format

The entrepreneur celebrity billing format is similar to the one discussed above. You will simply be pretending to be an entrepreneur looking for people to assist depending on their needs. Here are some of the best entrepreneur celebrity billing formats you can try out:


In this case, your clients will apply to receive grants from you. From there, you can use their personal information as a confirmation form to ensure they are eligible for the grants. It is also best that they pay a certain amount of money as an application fee for their applications to be considered.

People will have no reason to doubt this grant format if you have a working website and you can continue to cash out for a long time.

Crypto Hack

This particular format is quite difficult if you don’t understand how the crypto world works. To make this format work well, you need to act like someone who wants to donate crypto coins to your followers. However, for your followers to claim their won coin, they must pay a certain amount of money.

You can hack their wallet address if they disclose it in some circumstances, but this option is meant for technical users.



The above-discussed options and more can be explored when you want to use the celebrity billing format. It is never a tricky task, especially if you are committed, strategic, and patient. It has worked for people in the past, and it is working for people currently. All you need to do is follow the steps in the right way, and you will be smiling at the bank in due time.

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