Top Causes Of Poverty In Nigeria – No 3 will shock you!!!

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Are you a Nigerian and want to escape the poverty circle? You should know some of the causes of poverty in Nigeria. Once you know some of the things that cause poverty in Nigeria, you will know exactly how to avoid it.

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Poverty, though destructive as it is does not just proceed from nowhere. The insinuation here is that the causes of poverty in Nigeria has its root. The cause of poverty in Nigeria could have the citizen to blame and most times the governments are responsible. Without much strain, we will be considering some of the deep causes of poverty in Nigeria

Occupancy of Public Offices by Unqualified Officials

In Nigeria, this is admittedly one of the hurtful situations that we face. Most public office holders pay and are unduly elected into public offices. Once this happens, the competency and effectiveness of that government is takes down. This really contributes negatively to the financial aspect of the country. When an official assumes office that he or she does not deserve, they can never be professional in it. It is never respectable when this happens because the office holders of this category do not come in with the interest of people at heart but to make more money for themselves.


Terrorism as One of the Causes of Poverty in Nigeria

This is the most vaguely unhealthy cause most countries suffer in recent times. We also confer in this burden here in Nigeria. As it is, most of the country’s resources for the citizen’s benefits channels to the fight with terrorists. Daily, Nigerians are forced to wake to series of bad news pertaining to terrorist attacks and the governments are made to become unstable. This has not only affected the monetary stance of the country but has further claimed lives as well. Due to the attacks from various sects launched against the country, the governments are now forced to divert funds. The purchase of arms and fortification of armories are what consume the funds. The building of arsenals now being the most favored projects has really affected the financial strength f the country. Are the governments to blame?

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Corrupt Leaders

When a leader or leaders of a country are corrupt, it affects the country from all administrative angles. A country ruled by a less competitive and corrupt minded leader will never do well. They citizens here, being wholly in subjugation goes down as a single public officer makes away with the fund meant for the entire citizens. It is usually heartbreaking when this happens and worst is when the guilty public officer takes a course or path without sanction.


Heightened Unemployment Rate

Another cause of poverty in Nigeria is the rate of unemployment. Before now, this has been one of the major causes of poverty in Nigeria. In a country where there is a very high rate of unemployment, it becomes rather difficult for the citizens. Where there is money only in the hands of few employed citizens, how will it move to the high percentage left? Employment is one of the various ways of poverty alleviation and it is also a campaign word from all intending office holders.

Poor Governmental Strategies

As an elaborate plan of action, Strategy can be a make or break for a government in a country. For instance, if the government’s plan and decisions do not go well, it can always end the country up in a mess. Usually, the ability or competency of a government gets its measurement here. It takes a competent government to understand what is best for the country. A less competent government will result to making decisions that will attract nothing but poverty to the country. If a country lacks technicality on how it runs its administration, it will falloff and not just falloff but it will affect the country’s economical stand.

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High Cost

This is often as a result of a poor or wrong plan of action by the government. Where there is inflation in the market, the prices of essential products and services will become very high. This will cause the products to be affordable only to the few. This should be one of the things that the government puts on a regular check to make life in Nigeria grow swift. From the preceding line, it is safe to say that poverty is not only when you lack, it can also be when you have but what you have cannot afford what is available in the market. As a citizen of Nigeria, not being able to afford that which is essential will hurt feelings.  It will make you feel poor and hapless.

Conclusively, the causes of poverty in Nigeria are generative and negative forces. They can always be averted if the decision from either the citizens or governments is aplomb. Poverty, as long as the better or more effective decisions are not made will always hover freely in Nigeria. In essence, both the Nigerian citizens and government should be responsible for putting up affairs. They should actively work on them to help in bringing down if not eradicating poverty in the country.

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