Yahoo Steps to Cart iPhone from Client Format

You need to know how to cart iPhone from client format to receive that phone and get away with it. Moreover, not knowing the right steps to follow won’t even secure you the iPhone in the first place.


To cart an iPhone from a client, you would already have convinced the client for it. You also need to know the proper steps to actually add the iPhone to the cart to complete your order.

While this format will get you that new iPhone, you need to know a few dos and don’ts or steps as compiled in this tutorial.

how to cart iPhone from client format

How to cart iPhone from client format

Carting will not be the problem, but how to actually convince the client to follow the carting format for yahoo.

Below is the format to cart iPhone from client in yahoo:

  1. Run your yahoo tools

You would already have enabled your yahoo tools or requirement. If not, here is your quick reminder. You need:

  • Either RDP, VPN, or Socks 4/5
  • CCleaner
  • Secure browser

The tools above will protect your identity online by hiding your IP address.

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These security tools are collectively called OpSec (Operations Security). Even the browser you use is part of your security tools. A browser like Firefox or Tor is recommended, or any browser that does not disturb for personal information like your real name, etc. Google Chrome is an example.

  1. Convince your client

You would already have convinced your client for this iPhone carting format to work. Well, this article is not interested in how you can convince a client for their logins.

By convincing your client, you give them the benefit of the doubt to trust you not to scam them. You must not be seen by them as a possible Tinder swindler.

By the way, you need to have informed the client that you need an iPhone. You would have given them a reason “my current phone is bad”.

  1. Choose a carrier

The next step is to decide which of the ongoing carriers (lines) you want to use to cart iPhone from the client.

Iphone format for client

Some commonly used and working carriers include Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

After you decide which of these carriers to use for this iPhone carting format, you want to go through the website to know how carting works there. The steps to cart an item like iPhone are a bit different across these platforms.

Here are articles about the basic steps for the 3 carriers mentioned above:

Follow the embedded tutorials above to know how carting works on each of the sites.

  1. Collect client’s logins

While you have convinced your client to agree to your iPhone need, the next big challenge is how to obtain their logins.

But if they decide to complete the order themselves, no issues. This article is actually written from the perspective that you want to collect the client’s logins to cart the latest iPhone yourself.

The login information you need includes the following:

  • Carrier username and password
  • Registered email and password
  • Registered phone number
  • SSn (Social Security number)
  • Address and zip code
  • Security questions and answers (for Verizon or any other carrier that requires it)

Suppose you want to cart iPhone on AT&T but the client does not have an account there, you need their credit card, even if they do not have money in it, to add to a new AT&T you will create using a VPN.

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Generally, the information you collect from the client depends on the carrier you want to use to cart the iPhone.

  1. Visit the carrier website and add to the cart

When you get the logins, visit the carrier website quickly with a VPN showing the IP of the carrier location, for example, the U.S. Your RDP, Socks, or whatever you use to change IP should use U.S. IP if the carrier is for the U.S.

You can use to confirm your current IP address and location after connection.

On your preferred carrier’s website, use the search bar to find the latest iPhone to add to the cart. You will be directed to protection to choose a protection plan for your device. Set your plan to the $0.00 plan.

When you find the iPhone model you prefer, click the add to your cart option to cart the iPhone. You can immediately spam or bomb your client’s email address so that they will miss the carting notification. They will think it is just one of those spam email messages.

  1. Checkout

If you are already logged in, proceed to the checkout. You will be taken to the contact page when you provide information such as the shipping address.

How to cart iPhone with SSN

You can slightly change the client’s address but you cannot change the country. Suppose your client lives in the US, you cannot change the country to the UK but you may be able to change the city location.

Make sure to use the address where your picker or reshipper will collect and resend the iPhone to your location.

You will be charged tax for the carted iPhone depending on the shipping address you set.

Ensure to review the iPhone order. The total price should be $0.00. Also, money due for today should be $0.00 but you can set due monthly to any amount since the iPhone money is charged from the client’s bank account.

  1. Complete your iPhone order

When you complete placing the order, your client will be notified via their email address. They will be sent a verification, so if you collected their email logins, access their account immediately and obtain the code. Otherwise, you need to get it from the client if you do not have their email logins.

When you confirm the code, you may then be given an order number for the iPhone you added to the cart. The tracking number is also sent to your client’s email address, so log into it and retrieve it.

The tracking number helps you to track the iPhone. This depends on the carrier (line) though. Verizon Mobile and AT&T use FedEx for delivery.

  1. Obtain item from picker or reshipper

Finally, inform your picker or reshipper about the item. A picker will collect the iPhone as their package and send it to your location. Some pickers charge according to the value of the item. Some may charge 5-10% of the value of the iPhone.

A reshipper, on the other hand, may charge according to the weight of the iPhone, which may be cheaper.

A picker is usually the better option if you have someone you can trust. You can even have someone you know residing in the carrier location to pick it on your behalf and send it to your location.

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