Review: Best Website to Buy, Sell Cars in Nigeria

This simple Carmart Nigeria review should be enough to clear the doubts. Since the inception of in Nigeria, several persons have carried out numerous transactions with the company. However, a few more have either doubted or questioned the authenticity of the company.

Carmart Nigeria review

I’m a happy car owner today because of just reading reviews. Although the reviews looked too good to be true, I gave Carmart a try, and it’s been all rosy. As one who uses Carmat more often, I feel everyone deserves to know the truth because it matters.

The arrival of Carmart attracts lots of necessary things. One of such is the legitimacy of every vehicle ad on the website. Over the years, car buyers and sellers have had to deal with chronic scammers, but this isn’t the case anymore.

For the period I’ve had deals through Carmart, worrying about scammers has been less compared to other vehicle vending companies. I do not know how the company does this, but they are doing it exceptionally well.

The purpose of this article is to give sincere answers to bothering questions about this car vendor. Find out what nobody will tell you from this Carmart Nigeria review.

Carmart Nigeria review

Is the Price of Cars in Real?

After seeing a 2010 Camry going for as low as 300,000 Naira, who wouldn’t be surprised? Or, is it the Keke that costs as low as 135,000 Naira? Well, to burst your bubbles, the prices are just the way they appear on the website. In most cases, buyers still bargain and get away with luxurious vehicles at unbelievable prices.

is good site

I couldn’t believe my guts after purchasing a 2005 Toyota Corolla at 200,000 Naira from flash sales. I have gone on to own two more cars with less than a million Naira. Guess what? I make extra money by selling out the same vehicle at a doubled price.

With less than 500,000 Naira, two Bajaj three-wheel Keke is mine and I rent them weekly for money. It then suffices to say that I, on like many others, have turned Carmart into a vehicle flipping hub.

Do you still wish to verify the prices of cars in Carmart deals being real from this Carmart Nigeria review? Oh yes, nothing fake comes out of the company.

The Genuineness of Carmart Vehicle Sale Outlet in Nigeria

One of the few genuine things available in Nigeria is Carmart itself. Its outlets around Nigeria are the best places you ought to experience. If this is yet to answer your question, then I’ll add more to it. has a company goal, and the goal is to become the most reliable and flexible of all car vendors. Fortunately, the company extends its vision to the Nigerian market. And this only means helping multitudes to own car and to sell cars with ease. Every car outlet is built on authenticity, trustworthiness, warranty, and excellence. On this note, whether Car mart Lagos Nigeria or wherever, the Carmart vehicle sale outlet is not just genuine, but trustworthy.

Is a Reliable Site for Cars? is a very reliable site for cars in Nigeria. It’s not so easy to attract thousands of buyers and sellers in a company daily. It is the case of Carmart and it is primarily due to the company’s integrity long before now. That’s why they’ve been able to make names in top places like Car mart Lagos Nigeria.

On the website, scroll towards the bottom to find the company’s policy on a scam. Check on the link titled ‘anti-scam’ and click on it. The company’s concern towards its users is so incredible and such that they offer free coaching to curb scams. Not many websites do this because they’re either not aware of scammers or do not put their customers’ interest first.

Moreover, Carmart is available in over 100 cities across Nigeria. It further contributes to the fact that the company is all about realness and reliability. They are also a recognized institution in Nigeria and have not been reported as scammers by any agency in Nigeria. And as you may have known, scam companies are often immediately dug out, exposed and expelled from Nigeria.

Lastly, no site has reported Carmart as a scam so far. And if any website or forum would be first, it would be, where many security checks abound.

How is Carmat’s Relationship with Its Staff?

You have to know about this because you might want to be an employee of the company as a Nigerian. The company treats everyone one and everything about itself nicely. There isn’t any bad review concerning the company, and this is sponsored by how well they maintain values. If you have plans to get your way in there, you’re making no mistake. Just be good at cars and know how to also value cars because is all about cars in Nigeria.

Is Car Buying and Selling the Only Services from Carmart?

Carmart offers services beyond just cars. In short, anything vehicle is what the company deals with. Might be their only mistake is not branding themselves as ‘Vehiclemart.’

Carmart Nigeria review

The company make deals on several other services. They include:

  • Support for selling and buying of car parts.
  • Motorcycle vending.
  • Car rental.
  • Dealership of car accessories.
  • Trucks dealership.

As you can see, the services portal goes beyond just buying and selling cars. It is because there is a lot of happiness to dash out to Nigerians. Moreover, the company can assist with valuation. For instance, if a car seller has difficulties in valuing a car, the company can help to do so accurately. It’s simple, contact the support team and it’s done.

You have a wedding or any event but do not own a car? Worry less because Carmart is at your doorstep to rent out any car of your choice. If a car part is too difficult to find and purchase, contact Carmart, and the stress is over.

What Pricing Plans Are Available in

There are 3 plans available in with 2 plans being paid plans.

  1. 7 Days Plan
  2. 14 Days Plan
  3. Free Plan

These plans apply only to vehicle sellers since they’re the party putting up vehicles for sale. As a core vehicle dealer, I recommend opting into any of the two paid plans because of the features accompanying them.

The paid plans support contacting over 10 buyers daily, reaching the front page of Carmart, featuring vehicles on social media platforms, etc. The cost of these paid plans are as follows:

Free Plan – Free

7 Days Plan – 5,500 Naira

14 Days Plan – 15,000 Naira

These are the best plan pricing you’d find in any car vending websites in Nigeria for the features they carry.

When Will My Ad Disappear from

The company’s policy includes keeping the website clean for easy surfing. As such, Carmart enables an automatic cleanup that wipes out car ads that stay for long. That is, already sold cars will not remain on the website to set in any piece of confusion.

After 3 months, an ad disappears from the website. It is good for buyers as they wouldn’t have to waste time with vehicles that are no longer available. It also helps to keep the market place tidy.

On the side of sellers, vehicle ads can be reposted, but during the following month. If you want to sell out very fast, consider subscribing to any of the paid plans and sell within a few days.

Why You Should Buy and Sell Cars on

There are numerous reasons why you should buy and sell using Not many car vending companies in Nigeria feature these sorts of reasons. Here are the reasons to Sign Up and either buy or sell cars on Carmart.

Low-cost Pricing Plans

The premium plans in are the least I’ve ever seen. Despite that, there is also a free plan for those who do not want to pay. But then, the paid pricing plans contain several mouthwatering features that boost vehicle and vehicle part sales.

Genuineness of Cars

Every car available on is genuine, especially the paid ads that appear on the front page. These are all strongly assessed cars to maintain specific business values and ensure that no party suffers any loss.

Swift Services

Carmart Nigeria review ensures that every transaction taking place progresses at a fast pace and smooth. Buyers and sellers do not have to wait for ages before concluding transactions. The cars I’ve had to sell and buy using the platform went through a simple and straightforward process. There are no calls to difficulties, hassles, except that all paperwork and documentation must be done appropriately to curb fraudulent activities.

No Sales Charges

Other car vending websites charge for every sale on the website. It is not the case in because the company charges ‘0’ percent for every sale and delivery. It is a fact and not just about Carmart Nigeria review or anything.

Buyers and Sellers Capacity

The reason why people sell fast is because of the number of buyers available on the platform. Several platforms in Nigeria do not have a large user base, and as such, vehicles could remain unsold for months. However, Carmart offers you a platform with millions of buyers and sellers that will quickly buy out or sell a car to you.

Verified Cars

All cars are duly verified by the company to boost the security of buyers. However, a buyer would still have to play his/her role well enough to avoid becoming a victim to scammers. I’ve particularly experienced Car mart Lagos Nigeria, and it has verified cars.

Final Thoughts

This Carmart Nigeria review highlights that is all about cars, and cars are all about Carmart. You do not want to engage in vehicle markets that do not have enough users. Carmart also provides services for sales of spare parts, car rentals, and even car valuation which is absent in most companies.

As the name implies, it is the best car market place to sell or buy any car in Nigeria. I strongly recommend this vending website to any Nigerian who wishes to become a car vendor or car owner.

Finally, buyers and sellers must also play their roles in being careful to help the company deliver quality services. Report any scam incident or any suspicious account to the company for better services to Nigerians.

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