7 Best Career Choices for People Over 50 Years

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“Age”, they say “is just a number”, very well said. In this article, I’ll show you the best career choices over 50 years of age people can do to continue earning. The norm designed by society somehow restricts the elderly as you know. And for this reason, the experience is lost in most jobs available.

Hello Sir/Ma’am, I have a way for you to bypass this traditional age bracket problem of a thing. Trust me, this article will revive your professional dreams and set you on course to work for the next 15-27 years.

You must have been trying to figure out new career ideas at 50, right? Here you are to figure out more and more including how to get a good job after 50 to please wifey. I’m glad you’re ready to work and I must confess that the society is lucky because of the experience you’ll bring into the field. And lastly, don’t bother about job hunting after 50 years of age because these jobs are easy to get.

Here are the top 7 best career choices for people over 50 years today.

1. Librarian

career choices over 50

Librarian? Yap, a good choice

At 50, the strength and urges are still there but you wouldn’t need much of this as a librarian. It’s really interesting to stay in a library because you don’t get to stress yourself or hurt your eyes.

There are numerous places where you can set in to begin this job. Two of such are schools and state-owned libraries. Guess what, this is a career that will never go extinct or lose value. Moreover, this career is less demanding and even easier if you studied any education-related course at college. Do you know what interests me most about walking into that library and getting rid of the job? It’s the same thing I told my dad who was 54 then and getting to 60 now. I said:

Dad, becoming a librarian at this age will expose you to extended knowledge through reading, getting to meet studious students, time saving, etc.

Don’t think about this again because it naturally makes up as one of the perfect career choices over 50. In addition, library jobs are perfect jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience.

A librarian earns as high as 50k Dollars annually. This would, however, depend on the institution you find yourself. That is, it can always be bigger or lesser.

2. High School Counselor

I am audacious and I love being real with everything around me. Seeing what society is fast becoming, you probably have been complaining about the look of things. I know you’ve been bothered about the sort of crazy things youths do and how they get glories for them. Counselorship as one of my best new career ideas at 50 is a suggestion to help fix things. How? When you apply and get this job, it leaves you with the room to meet with the youths. You’ll be able to impart the knowledge you gathered from experience and correct their mindset.

It is better than harboring those things and watch society go berserk. What do you think?

Something tells me you’re already itching to pick up this career! Sir/Ma, don’t worry about how to get it because I’ll show you how to get a good job after 50 years of age as we proceed. The pay scale falls between 64,000 and 83,000 Dollars per annum.

3. Administrative Service Manager/Head

I have been emphasizing on experience and this position is a perfect fit for that. As an administrative service manager at 50, you’re most likely bringing two things to the table.

career choices over 50

  • Proper experience to guide the team through.
  • Some sort of respectfulness and balance in the system.

I don’t know whether you quite understand the implications of the statement above. Let me explain it further. For instance, where a teenager or an individual in his twenties administers, there won’t be much respect. This is not because the other workers are jealous or something, it’s just something natural. For administrative positions, especially in government-owned institutions, people over 50 are always the leads. This is also the case in some private institutions because the employers want to curtail certain ill attitudes from the workers.

Note that administrative position jobs are not really jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience. That is to say that one must have some sort of experience or qualification for the field he’s venturing into. For example, it’s rare to find an elderly man with medical qualifications administering an engineering sector. This is exactly why your qualifications must synch with the description of the job.

Thinking of the pay? Well, keep your mind on at least 70k Dollars per year.

4. Teacher

If nothing is working out with your professional job hunting after 50 years of age, teaching won’t disappoint. For me, teaching is not a career meant for a selected few. It is one of the career choices over 50-year-olds tend to disregard. As a young counselor, I have made career choices for over 50 olds a couple of times. The first thing I often do is try to read their psychological fitness for teaching. This is necessary because not everyone over 50 can reach the demands of teaching.

career choices over 50

Show Youths How to Live!

Have you been considering becoming a teacher? Before you go into that, you should first understand a thing or two about the career and about yourself. If you ask me, the best ways to figure out yourself are to:

  • Meet an educational psychologist.
  • Undergo teaching practices (if you’re not experienced or been out for a long time).
  • Offer to teach a student for free or paid.

With these three in place, you should be good to gi. An average teacher earns between 5,000 Dollars and 10,000 Dollars on monthly basis. It can be more than this depending on the school level as well as the institution in question. Lastly, I can confirm that teaching jobs are good jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience.

5. Market Analyst/Researcher

Consider market analysis as another of the new career ideas at 50 to pick from. Companies all target becoming the best in their locations and above competitors. For this to take place, they require market analysts whose simple task is to study the market and report back to the company.

You quite require some experiences in the field and if you have none, you can take online courses.

Market analysis will make a very decent option if you have qualifications relating to marketing. And again, the job is simple and requires a close study and spy on the progress of the competitors around. Basically, grabbing this opportunity puts you at a safer course and spares time. It never dawned on me that career choices over 50 such as this could be swift until I witnessed one. Establishing yourself in this field earns you in thousands of Dollars.

Using Glassdoor should make it easier to know the availability of this position.

6. Engineer

career choices over 50

Engineer at 50s

Engineering is split into various fields which make new career ideas at 50 to opt into. This career, as you know, does not discriminate age. The tech sphere requires men/women of several ages even older than 50 to come together with ideas for a better world. It took me time to consider this as one of the career choices over 50-year-olds can do smoothly. But then, I’ve realized that this is such a good addition and must grace this article.

What branch of engineering do you have qualifications for? Is it Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Geotechnical or Management engineering? Trust me, you’re still very young at 50 for any of these fields of engineering.

To be truthful, the belief is that you possess something out of the experience that we need to improve technology in the world. Your experience could help bolster the perfection of machines and their capabilities.

7. Travel Agent

Career choices for over 50-year-olds such as travel agent are such you shouldn’t miss out in Nigeria. Travel agent jobs are not much of jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience qualification isn’t necessary. That is, you do not necessarily require certifications to establish yourself in the field or be employed there.

If you have the money, establish your office or just pursue the career as an employee. The number of people who travel daily, weekly and monthly is massive. And in most locations, there are too few travel agent stations to link up potential travelers. Becoming part of this or welcoming it as a career is what I strongly recommend.

How to Get a Good Job After 50 to Fulfill Your Professional Dreams

With the various recommended careers for this time in your life given, we have another puzzle to solve. Oldies have no idea how to get a good job after 50. Some sit back feeling down because vacant positions keep disappointing them with age specifications. This is not to be any more because your job hunting after 50 will end today. Here is how to package yourself for the interview and get a congratulatory letter.

a) Established Connections

On a more serious note, things shouldn’t be messier with you. I mean, you have friends and at least 50% of these friends can link you up. Hungry for a job? Pick up your phone and inform at least three of them. Tell them to inform you of any or all available positions (if possible). Ask questions and compel their minds to secure you the job.

b) Powerful Resume

Build your resume around powerful experiences. You may have over 100 experiences but you sure don’t require all of that. Pick the most powerful few and allow them to speak for you. During your interviews, you can chip in more times when you had to handle a thing or two. Pull this well and you’d be earning yourself not just the job but respect.

What about writing a perfect CV and Cover Letter? If you can’t handle these, we can.

c) Look Agile and Lively

Weakness is one of the reasons why employers fear to take in 50-year-olds. This is a very insensitive move because as 50, humans are full of life. However, not all humans are filled with life at this age and it is then your responsibility to prove that you do not belong there.

d) Be Confident

Oh yes, you need to be very confident and positive about kick-starting the career.

Finally, apply mostly for the jobs that suit your age to boost your chances.

Following the above should secure those career choices over 50-year-olds can take on to extend earnings.


career choices over 50

Home to Work Daily Attracts Respect

You couldn’t have asked for more on the career choices over 50-year-olds should pick to earn. These are just what you require at the moment to keep your head and hopes up.

To make things easier, I chipped in a short guide to show you how to get a good job after 50. You may never find something as real as this article out there and I urge you to take chances. Do you recall that I started this article with a popular quote? That quote says it all concerning the stigma of job hunting for people over 50. And like I keep restating, the experience is what every 50+-year-olds bring to the table which is most important.

Come on Sir/Ma’am, get out there, find and get that job. You’re as strong as youths and more experienced than they are. Either become an employee or an employer because your career dreams must be fulfilled.


“Age is just a number.”

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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