Campus Dilemma – The Evil that Students Do


Third year was coming to an end. I didn’t want to carry the issue of Cindy over to my final. Precious still had another one year to stay after the semester because she had a little issue during her change of course.

After keeping to myself for two weeks after I met Oge, I decided to call Cindy. I needed to know where I stand with her. I called her on a Saturday and we fixed a time to meet.


“Hey” I raised my hand signaling to Cindy who was looking around for me.

“Look at where you are hiding” she said as she got to my table.

“Yea, I like it here. It gives me a clear view of anybody coming in or going out”

She sat down while we placed our orders.

“You are beautiful” I said to her.

“Thanks and you look good yourself” she said smiling.


After our order has been served, I started

“Actually Cindy, there is nothing I will tell you now that you don’t know already. You know we have not actually had time to talk since after our last date. I don’t want to beat around, I love you and will like us to build something serious like a relationship.”

Silence hovered around us while we stared at each other. I would have given my index finger to know what was going through her mind that moment. After a while of staring, she cleared her throat.

“Purity, I will be lying if I tell you that I have not been expecting this from you. I already have my reply for you, but before I give it to you, you have to give me time. There is something I want to take care of before I give you my reply.” She said looking me in the eye balls.

“Come on, since you have already made up your mind on what to tell me, why not say it out and not keep me on the edge.”

“Purity please don’t push it. I sure will give you a reply but not now”

“Are you seeing someone currently?” I asked.

“Purity please it’s kinda complicated and I wouldn’t want anything that will have to do with us meddle into it.”

“Why not be open and tell me about this complicated thing and not play with my emotions.”

“How can I explain this to you Purity? See you have to trust me and give me a little time ok?”

“You know what, you don’t have to give me the whole ‘give me sometime thing’. I already know where I stand with you. I know you have a boyfriend. That’s the only explanation to it”

“Hmmm!! Who told you that trash?”

“ It’s no trash girl. After we went out the last time, you left school for a whole week and you couldn’t be reached. Now you have moved out from school hostel. In all this you never cared to give me heads up as a friend. I saw you the day you came back from your boyfriend’s house.”

“Purity you have to calm down and listen to me. Things ain’t the way they are supposed to be now. That is why not minding how sincerely I want to be you, I still need a little time to take care of something.”

“Cindy, are you planning to use me as a fall back on or something?”

“Come on, I can’t do that to you”

“You know what, you can take the whole time in the world. I’m not waiting for you one bit. I gats move on while you take care of whatever it is you want to tidy up”

I stood up and dropped a thousand naira on the table and told her it’s for her cab and before she could say another thing, I walked out without looking back.



I usually resume school one week before school resumption, so as to get settled before the academic activities commences.

The holiday was actually packed with lots of events, some interesting and others not.

Before the school closed for the semester, Shania told me already that she will travel and because she doesn’t want to travel with her car, she will leave it with me.

Precious on her own side told me already that she will travel but it will not be immediately after her exams. I know all she was implying was that she was going to stay with me pending the time she travels. Which is not a problem to me. It’s something we’ve been doing.

I finished my papers before both Shania and Precious, while Precious finished last. My family house is not that far from school and since it’s a long vacation I will be going home. I can’t just go home with a car and tell my parents that someone said I should keep it for her. Hmmmm!! My mum won’t even hear of that. So because of this, I needed to go with Shania.

After Shania finished her exams, I drove with her to my family house. At least my parents will know who owns the car. She already packed her stuff so we agreed that she will spend like three days in my family house before travelling. She was very nervous at first but I told her how friendly my people can be.

I’m the last in my family with three elder sisters. I call them the tormentors of my life. They have always pressured me to bring my female friends home but I never yielded to them. So when they saw Shania, I saw how happy they were and I knew what trouble Shania was into. My sisters can be very naughty and raw.

When we got to my house that day, I met only my immediate elder sister and my mum. The other two went shopping. My sister was happy seeing Shania and they clicked immediately. Instead of taking Shania to the guest room, she took her straight to her room.

I was in my room unpacking when my mum came in. I relate well with my mum, so I already knew why she came. My Dad is not always at home.

“Mum what’s up” I hailed as she settled on my bed.

She will always laugh whenever I use ‘what’s up with her’. “I dey, how was your exams?” she asked laughing.

“Fine o. I dey vex for you sha. Shebina only once na e you call me during my exams and after you go talk say I be your paddy abi?”

“Don’t be angry dear. You know I went to visit your Dad now and you know …………….. na” she said laughing.

“Hmmmm!! I don’t know anything o. I talked with daddy last night self”

“Ok that’s good” she said looking at me and smiling. I already knew what that means. But I decided to play dumb small.

“What? Why you dey look me like that na?” I asked smiling.
She didn’t say anything, rather she kept smiling and looking at me.

“Ok, ok she is not my girlfriend if naem make you dey look me like that”

She still said nothing but kept staring at me smiling.

“Mum come on, she is not my girlfriend, she is just my friend. She came around because she will be travelling home and wants me to look after the car for her since she is not travelling with it”

“You guys don’t seem like just friends to me. But don’t worry, I will find out since you don’t want to tell me.”

We talked for a long time before she decided to leave.

“I will be down stairs” she said standing to leave.

“Ok I will be down soon”

“By the way, she is beautiful. I know you always have the eyes for good things but just be careful ok?” she said before walking out from my room.

Immediately my mum left my room, my phone beeped. Checking my whatsapp messenger I saw a message from my sister “interview session loading 90%”. I laughed and replied her “she is just a friend”.


We were all chilling in the sitting room after dinner. Since it was Friday, I was busy watching sport news. While the girls were busy discussing their thing. They wanted to watch one fashion thingy but I was in charge of the remote. It has been a long standing unwritten rule in my house. The person with the remote determines what everyone will watch, if you don’t like the station, bye bye. But this rule applies to only me and my siblings. Nobody tries that if my dad is around.


After a while my mum decided to retire for the night but not after she opened the room for the interview session.

“Shania where are you sleeping tonight, hope you wouldn’t mind if I steal your boyfriend for the night?” she said while everybody laughed.

My sisters already know the game. Shania became shy and didn’t know what to say but just to smile.

“Hope you wouldn’t mind?” she asked again. The already shy Shania nodded in affirmation, smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t mind me dear, you can sleep anywhere you want but you two must be careful ok?” she said walking towards her room.

“Mum you don try” I shouted behind her.

‘Thank you” she said without looking back.

Immediately my mum left, my sisters started. They wanted us to tell them the story of our life but just then, my phone started ringing. Before they could say another word I went upstairs with my phone and that was goodnight for everybody.


Shania wanted to leave on Monday, but my sisters persuaded her to stay more. She on her own side wasn’t in a hurry to go anymore.

I stayed away from Shania throughout the weekend. I know she was a screamer and should anything as little as a make out happen between us, everybody will know.

On Monday, my mum and two sisters left for work while my immediate elder sister left for an interview she had that day. I was left alone with Shania in the house.

It was Shania that actually woke me up that morning. I usually wake up late at home.
I heard the knock and with my morning stiffy, I went to answer the door. I hid my stiffy behind the door before sticking out my head.

“Good morning lazy boy” she greeted

“Good morning, how was your night?” I asked yawning.

“Hey don’t swallow me, food is ready. Go and freshen up and come down ok?” with that said, she turned walk away swinging her waist. I stared at her bum swinging up and down walking down the corridor. When she got to the stairs, she turned and looked at me with smiles all over her face before she walked down.


We woke up at almost 5pm. It was really a hot session between me and Shania. Thank God nobody was at home. Shania wanted to scream down the roof while we were on it. We were so used up after, that we didn’t even bother to clean up before sleeping off.

I yawned and tapped on Shania to wake. She looked at the time and I could read the expression on her face. I laughed and headed to the bathroom. When I came back I met her dressed up but she had some worries on her face. I told her not to worry. I know she was afraid that maybe my mum or siblings were back and will know something went down between us.

I dressed up and we went down together. She headed to her room while I went to the sitting, lo and behold, I met my sister Jenny in the sitting room watching one Telemundoish. Immediately she saw me coming down the stairs she cleared her throat twice and started laughing.

“J Good evening” I greeted her sitting down.

“Good evening ooo” she replied still laughing. From the way she was laughing, I know she was already aware of what happened.

“How was the interview?”

“It went well ooo” she replied again laughing.

“Has it been long you came back?”

“Yes, came back around 10:30- 11”

“Why you dey laugh na?”

“Nothing o” she said still laughing.

“Where is everybody?”

“They just left now. Don’t know where they said they were going”

I needed airtime so as I stood up about to go out and get the card when she started hailing me.

“Chief, chief. Chai!! Bad boy. I see your hand work. Na only you be chief.”

I turned and went to sit beside her. I know she knows something but if she came back that early she must have heard everything. From Shania’s screaming to my moaning. I wanted to know if my other sibling were aware of it but she refused to say anything.

“Omo you wan kill that babe? Where she dey self?” she asked laughing.

“She dey your room”

“Chai! But that girl can scream shuuuu, omo you are good, give me five.” She said raising her hand for a high five.

“Abeg keep your hand, I wan go buy card”

“Ah! Buy 750 own for me abeg, I no get money to recharge.”

“Which kin buy 750 for you, say wetin happen na?”

“I no dey beg you o. If you no buy am ee…………. Make I reserve my comment”

I know what she can do. So no need to argue. But still on that, I know she go everly talk.

I bought 750 card for her and 200 for myself. When I came back, I met her and Shania talking and laughing together. I threw the card to her and told her,

“Make sure you keep your own part of the bargain”

“Which bargain? I didn’t bargain anything with you”

“No try me o” I said and settled on the sofa watching the telemundo show with them.

After a while, I picked my phone and chatted Precious up.

“Hey what’s up?”

She replied after some minutes.

“I’m good hun, how are you?”

“I’m fine. How was your exam today?”

“Was fine o, will be through next tomorrow”

“Yea, I know. Will come pick you from your hostel after your exams tomorrow”

We were still chatting when Shania’s chat came in.

“Does she know?”

“Yea but don’t worry.”


“Yea, though she said mum and my sisters just left for somewhere but they are no problems”

“But she said they are not back yet”

I pinged Jenny immediately. “Shebi you said mum them just went out?”

“Chief of chiefs leave me o” she replied.

“You are evil”

“You are the boss. See as your bea just dey glow, chai make everybody do come back oo”

“Hey! shebi I don buy you card na, why you dey do like this?”

“Wetin be card? I want ice cream. Just buy me that and you have got yourself a deal”

After she told me she needed ice cream, I went upstairs and collected my wallet and together we headed out to get the ice cream. What an extortion.


I succeeded in shutting Jenny up till Shania left on Wednesday. She was very happy meeting my people after they made her promise that she will come again. My mum gave her some money before she left for work that morning.

The distance from my house to the airport is like a two hours’ drive. So we left early since her flight was twelve. We got to the airport by 11:00 and had to wait till around 11:45 when they called over the radio for their boarding.

I noticed her continuous staring at me while I drove her to the airport that at some point, she will be lost as to what we were discussing.

When they called for their boarding the second time, she stood up and we hugged. After we hugged, she picked her bag and headed towards the departure. After taking some steps, she turned and came back to me. I thought maybe she forgot something but when she got to me, she kissed me not minding the people around us. Breaking off the kiss, she said “Purity, I love you” and left. I stood there for a while before leaving for the car pack since I still have a two hours’ drive home. I hope another drama is not about to start in my life again.

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I came back a little late because I met a heavy traffic on the road. I already dialled Precious to tell her that I will be running a little late. It was then she told me that her final exam which was supposed to be held that day was shifted to the next two days being Friday.

I met my three tormentors at home all in the sitting room gisting. Immediately I entered, they stopped their gist and started hailing me. Just then I knew that Jenny has done it. And I also understood that for the next couple of days, I won’t hear a word except their taunting and teasing, that’s how tormenting they can be.

We were still gisting, with jenny narrating how Shania was shouting when my mum came in, after the greetings and welcome backs, she told us that she was going to see her husband the following day. We asked if everything was ok with him and she replied in affirmation, that she just misses him. All of us made jest of my mum before she left to her room.

After dinner, I wanted to stay down a little but those tormentors wouldn’t allow me, so I decided to retire to my room. I called Shania when I got to my room to ask after her journey and people. We talked for a while and said our goodnights.

I was planning on going back to school to spend time with Precious. I didn’t want to bring her home since Shania has registered her presence before my mum. In as much as I know that it wasn’t going to be a big deal to my mum, I see it as an irresponsible act flaunting girls before her. I decided on bringing her home when my mum announced she was going to visit my dad.


After Precious told me about her feelings towards me, we have been trying to connect emotionally. I started putting more effort to calling her, checking up on her during the day and some goodnight calls and messages too. But even at that, I still didn’t feel anything but just like someone advised me ‘give it a trial’.

Friday came and I went to pick Precious. I didn’t tell my sisters about her coming, wanted to hit them with another surprise. I had also wanted to tell Shania about Precious coming over, but after the airport incident, I decided against it. I realized that telling her about Precious’ visit would create images in her head.

We came back and met my sisters at home. After the greetings and introductions, I left Precious with them and went upstairs. When I came back down, I met them discussing the soap opera that was aired. Jenny already took Precious’ bag to her room and Precious was already feeling relaxed amongst them. I didn’t know anything about what they were talking about or the opera itself so I settled with my phone.

I checked up Shania and saw her new PM ‘The heart always want what it wants’. I pinged her and we started chatting.

“What’s up and how was your day?”

“I’m good and my day was fine, yours nko?”

“Mine was cool, missing you”

“Missing you too. I was just chatting with Jenny a while ago”

“Oh! Hope say she no tell you anything?”

“Anything like?”

“Nothing, you know how she can be na. How is your family?”

“All good. Told my mum about your family and she sent her regards”

“Ok that’s good, our regards too”

“Mummy nko, I called her a while ago but she didn’t pick?”

“Huh!! Call kee? How did you get her number?”

“Jenny gave it to me”

“Ok, she went to see her husband, will be there for a couple of days”

We were still chatting when Jenny’s message came in followed by that of Precious.

Jenny: “Chief! Chief!! them carry fine babes do you Juju?”

Precious: “Your sisters are very friendly, where is your mum?”

I ignored my sister and replied Precious.

“Oh! Sorry I didn’t tell you, she went to see my dad and won’t be back for a couple of days”.

After a while, my other tormentors joined in the chat. They were just blasting me from different angles. Changing funny DPs and PMs.

In the middle of our chat Shania called. I thanked God and left them and went up to my room. We talked at length about nothing in particular. I don’t know but it seemed like both of us were avoiding or waiting for who will bring up the airport incident first. When we were about to end the call, she said it again ‘Purity, I love you’.

After the call, I sat back to think about me and Shania. Love is one thing I never talked about with Shania. Why and where is this one coming from now?  I hope this is not going to come and spoil things for us or add to the already complicated things in my life.


Checking my chats after the call, Precious said she will discuss something with me later, while Jenny told me she would tell Shania if I don’t grease her palms amongst other things. That girl is actually upping her game in extortion.

I met them eating already when I went down after the call.

“Hey! What is this? Nobody even cared to call me” I said looking at them.

“We thought you ate yesterday” my eldest sister said while others laughed.

“Even you Precious, you couldn’t call me. So they’ve converted you to their side already?”

“Yes oo” Jenny shouted while Precious just smiled.

I joined them on the table. After we ate, we all discussed for a while before I left with precious for my room. As we were leaving, my sisters started making funny sounds. We just laughed and left them.

“Your siblings are very friendly” she said when we entered my room.

“Yea, though they can be very naughty most times”

“I’m enjoying them especially Jenny”

“That one is the worst amongst them. She is something else”

After the small talks the room became quiet, I was expecting her to say something but when she wasn’t forth coming I had to bring it up.

“You said you wanted us to talk about something?”

“Yea, but I don’t think it’s necessary”

“Come on, what is it?”

“Ok who is Shania?”


“Shania, who is she?”

“She is a friend, why?”

“Nothing. Do I know her?”

“No, I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“Has she been here?”

I couldn’t understand why she was asking after Shania. Not like they have met or something.

“What is it with all these questions?”

“You sisters have just been calling me Shania. I just suspect it has something to do with you”

These girls, can’t they just pretend for a little before Precious leaves?

“See am sorry about that. Shania is just my friend. Actually she was here and left before you came. She left on Monday”

“Are you guys going out or something? Is she in School?”

“Yes she is in school and no we ain’t going out or anything. She is just a friend”

“Why didn’t you tell me about her coming to your house?”

“Precious come on, is that necessary? There is nothing between us. She wanted me to look after her car while she travels. I couldn’t just come back with a car and tell my parents stories so she had to come with me”.

“Did she meet your mum?”

“Yes, why?”

“Hmmmmm!!! Purity am not comfortable with this she is just a friend thing you are telling me. Does she know about us?”

“Yes she knows about us. Can you stop it with this question thing already?”

“I just don’t feel right about this. I’m not just cool with it” she said and left my room.


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