Campus Dilemma – The Evil that Students Do


The banging on my door woke me from my sleep. I realized the mess I have made in my bed. Jeez!!, so it was all a dream with Cindy tormenting me this bad. I rolled off the bedspread, got into my boxer and went to answer the door.


7.00am, summary, I slept after talking with Precious and had a dream with Cindy. No wonder they said most of our dreams are made up of our daily actions and thoughts. That Sunday just like other Sundays, I didn’t feel like going to church. I can’t remember the last time I went to church. I think the last time was in the first semester of my first year. Truth is that I am a staunch Catholic. In fact, it flows in my blood. My parents are knights of the Catholic Church. I started serving at the altar when I was 10years old. I lost the appetite for church activities after my first year and since then I have been worshipping God in my own way.

I did my morning drills of 150 pushups (30×5) and 150 sit-ups (50×3), had my bath and breakfast of noodles. After I devoured the noodles, I switched on my television and sound system. Thank God for PHCN, movie watching mode was highly activated. I resumed with the ’24hours’ season seven that I was seeing before.

Halfway through the movie, I remembered the note containing the number. I picked it from my reading table and dialed the number. After two consecutive rings without being answered, I dropped the phone and resumed with the movie.

About 20minutes into the movie again, the number started calling back. I ignored it twice before picking on the third ring.

“Hello?” came a sweet calm feminine voice. Immediately I heard the voice, my head ran a voice recognition search. The match was not found.

“Hello, good morning” I greeted.

“Good morning, sorry I missed your call” she apologized.

“No problem, so who am I on with?” I asked.

“Sorry, but don’t you think I should be asking you that,” she said sounding calm and respectful.
“Nah, I don’t think so. Someone gave me a piece of paper containing this number yesterday” I said as a matter of fact.

“Oh! My bad. Thought you would never call” she said.

“Yea I didn’t want to, but I guess my curiosity got the best of me”

“Well, thank God you called”

“So who am I speaking with?” I asked again.

“I’m Shania” she answered and was about to say something before I cut her off with another question.

“So Shania have we met or is something wrong?”

“About meeting, directly no, indirectly yes. But nothing is wrong” she answered.

“I don’t understand”

“Indirectly we met at Chitis on Saturday. Maybe you didn’t see me, but I saw you and you left an impression on me” she explained.

“Ok Shania, don’t know what to say, but I believe you saw me with someone yesterday and that someone is my girlfriend,” I said.

I said that not because I wouldn’t want to meet someone with such a beautiful voice. Who wouldn’t want to meet a girl that dropped her contact with you? In this part of the world, such acts are rare. But in as much as I would want to meet her, a part of my mind was telling me that it might be a set up by Cindy.

“Hmmmm!” She heaved a sigh before she continued. “I will pretend I didn’t hear the girlfriend part. So if you don’t mind can we meet? She asked.

“When?” I asked back.

“Today or maybe anytime of your choosing” she replied.

“Ok let’s make it today but the venue will be my choice,” I said.

“Ok, your way then. Let know whatever you decide” she said laughing.

“Sure” I replied before the call ended.

I was not into any sort of frat or organization in school. Even my town people meeting I no dey go. I hardly stay for any class gathering. But despite that, am always security conscious.

‘Let’s meet at 11:45 by 4 pm’, I typed and sent to her. 11:45 is a popular café in school

After that, I called Cindy but got no response after two rings. She must be in church. I sent her a Sunday message and resumed with my movie.


I got so engrossed in the movie because the next time I checked, it was 2 pm already. Whoever directed that 24 should be given an award together with Jack. I prepared to meet Shania. If voices determine beauty, then I think am going to meet an Angel.

I checked myself out in my mirror and nodded in satisfaction. I don’t dress heavily but looking simple and classic is one of my principles. I sprayed my ‘Royal Blue’ cologne and left.

Time check 3:40, I was already on a suya joint opposite 11:45 chatting with the mallam that owns the joint who is my friend. I switched my phone to silent mode and waited.

Some 20minutes later, a girl alighted from a cab in front of 11:45. “Wooow!” I exclaimed this girl is a definition of beauty. Even the mallam stopped talking for a while and stared at the girl. Cindy is very beautiful and endowed but this girl is more beautiful and more endowed.

She pulled out her phone and dialed a number. Immediately my phone started vibrating. I ignored the phone for the first ring. She dialed back again and I busied the call. She turned around and started looking at different directions. Just as I was about to go and meet her, one tall, huge dude alighted from his parked Toyota Avensis and approached the girl. My heart skipped that minute. Some guys no dey carry eyes see fine girls whether na person wife or not. I relaxed back to watch what was going to happen.

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For like three minutes, the guy was talking but the girl just behaved like he wasn’t even there, like he doesn’t exist. “This babe wicked gan” I said to myself and decided to throw the girl a lifeline and walked up to them.
“Hi guys” I greeted as I got to them. Shania turned and heaved that kind of thank God sigh also hugging me at the same time. The dude just stood there looking at us. I was surprised at her action with the whole hugging thing. I hailed the dude again stretching out my hand for a handshake which he reciprocated.

“Sorry bro, I guess she is your babe,” he said. Before I could say any response, Shania took over and started with intro 101.

“Stranger meet my boyfriend and sweetheart meet Mr stranger’ she said flashing a set of white teeth with a beautiful smile to the dude.

“Guy you must be a very lucky……….” The dude started to say before Shania cut him off.

“Yea, he knows he is lucky and if you don’t mind we will like to go now,” she said pulling my hand as she walked away. I looked at the dude and saw embarrassment written all over him. I drew Shania back gently for a proper introduction.

“My guy am Purity and she is Shania. Don’t mind her, she is my friend and not the other way round” I said to the dude.

“I’m Dave”, he said stretching out his hands once again.” and nice to meet you two” he continued. Shania smiled and apologized for her rude behavior.

“Am actually going to have some drink inside, hope you guys don’t mind if we share a table?” he said looking at us.

“It would have been a pleasure, but we ain’t going in(Shania looked at me). But if you don’t mind, let’s do this another day. I said to the guy.

“No probs, next time then” he said handing out a complimentary card to me. He took my contact before we parted. I hailed a cab with Shania looking at me. I told the cabman to drop us at Chitis.

We got to Chitis and coincidentally the table I occupied with Cindy on Saturday was empty. I led Shania to the table. We settled at the table and placed our orders when the waiter arrived.

“So why did you change the venue all of a sudden?” she asked.

“Nothing much just didn’t want to stay there anymore” I replied looking away.

She laughed before asking “Or you think I have got something up my sleeves”

“Do you?” I asked looking her in the eyeballs. She stared at me without saying anything before the waiter arrived with our order. She made to pay the bill but I refused.

“This meeting was my idea so I got the bill.” She said trying to persuade me to allow her to pay the bill.

“This meeting might be your idea, but the time and venue were mine so allow me to do what I have got to do,” I said and paid the waiter and she left. I served her drink and did same to myself. I took a bite from the meat pie before asking her.

“So do you recognize this table?”

“Yea I do, that was where you sat and here was the girl you came with” she replied giving me the ‘you think I don’t know why you brought me here’ smile.

I still had that doubt that she is a bait. But on the other hand, I asked myself. “Why will Cindy try to set me up?” it’s not like we are dating already. I decided to keep Cindy away for the time being.

“So to what do I owe this whole thing,” I asked her.

“Nothing much,” she said and continued. “Just want to be your friend. Well the truth is listening to you, how you listened to the girl while she talked, how you talked, laughed and your calmness and composure, I couldn’t help but get attracted to you”

With her boldness, I felt more awkward like something was definitely fishy. “Wow! All this for me” I said while we both laughed. “Thanks, Shania, but I didn’t seem to notice you yesterday. Who did you come with and were where you seated?” I asked.

“I came with myself and I was seated right behind you” she replied smiling.

“Well the girl I came with is my girlfriend,” I said looking away.
She laughed before saying “Dude am no kid. And I know the first date when I see one, so please don’t play she is my girlfriend card with me.”

Shania looks free-spirited and straightforward. I don’t know what has been happening between me and beautiful girls. First was Oge, then Precious, now its Cindy and Shania. Shania is not just beautiful and endowed, she smells stinking rich. Yes rich but very humble. She was in English department, 3rd year. As we left the café I said to her.

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“Shania, I like your personality and from now I think we are friends already. But I don’t think we can go beyond that. Am trying to see if I can build something with Cindy, the girl you saw me with yesterday.”

She heaved a sigh before she said “Purity you know what?”

“What? Tell me” I replied.

“Stop getting me attracted to you with your sincerity. Keep up with that, and you will have more of me coming your way” she said and we both laughed.

“You are funny and believe me, I feel honored that a beauty like you wants to be my friend. Truth be told, I can’t walk up to you on a normal day and ask you out” I said as we waited for a cab.

“Why?” she asked looking surprised.

“Who wan collect slap” I replied as we both laughed.

“Maybe from this, you can see how lonely I am. Purity do you know that I don’t get up to 3 guys asking me out in one month, and when I do, it will be those lust after my body or other things.” She said with pain showing in her voice.

“What do you expect, your beauty is so intimidating,” I said with her making face at me.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.

“Sure you can go ahead”

“Are you guys dating already, I mean you and the girl.”

“No, not yet. But I intend throwing up the question very soon”

“Ok” she said looking away.

“Ok, why?” I asked.

“Nothing” she replied smiling.

“Sure” I asked again.

“Where do you stay,” I asked hailing a cab.

“Diamond suites”

“Hmmmm!, rich man pikin” I teased.

“Your head” she cursed.

“Diamond suites,” I said to the cab man.

He said its three hundred Naira. I pulled out my wallet and drew out a note of one thousand Naira.

“And what do you think you want do” she asked looking at me.

“Nothing, just counting my money,” I said. I gave the driver the money and told him to give her the balance when she drops. I opened the back door and gently shoved her in as she tried to protest my paying off the driver.

“Driver gives him back his money,” she said to the driver.

“Don’t mind her” I said to the driver, parted her on the shoulder with a take care and left as the cab zoomed off.


I decided against taking a cab. I wanted to sightsee for a while. Walking around the school on Sunday evening can be fun. Along the line, I decided to pay Cindy a surprised visit since she has not called since the morning after I gave her two missed calls and a message. I called her a couple of times when I got to her hostel but got the ‘not reachable’ response and decided to head home.

I kept thinking of Shania on my way home. How real could she be? I hope some boys won’t kill me because of her. Many things were just going through my mind till I got home. I dialed Shania immediately I entered my room. After the first ring, she didn’t pick. I powered my laptop, fixed the AUX cord to it and highlighted some party jamz. I powered my sound system and immediately Wizkids ‘Holla at you boy’ rented the air.

A look at my quiet nature and someone will think that am a ‘blues’ or all these American hip hop person. But the truth is, I don’t do the blues or American hip hop ish. I rep Nigerian party jamz anytime any day. Am also a little good with my dance steps. I did a little of my legs and body tricks to the rhythm of the song and went to warm water for my cornflakes. Coming out from the kitchen, I saw my phone ringing and it was Shania calling. I picked and lowered the volume of the sound system.

“Sorry I missed your call, I was in the bathroom,” she said immediately I answered the phone.

“No stress, called to check if you got home safely” I said.

“Yea I did, all thanks to you.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

“Which song is that playing in the background,” she asked.

I raised the volume a bit more. “What are you hearing?” I asked as flavours ‘ukwu’ was on.

Laughing…. “That’s flavor, you play naija hits?” she asked.

“Yea, they are my favorite” I replied.

“Same here, hope you can dance and not just playing the songs,” she said.

“Am sure I can do better than you dance wise” I replied her.

“Don’t bet your school fees on it boy” she said laughing.

“Hmmm!! Seeing is believing. Till then we will know who is better” I said.

We had some other small talks, said the goodnights and ended the call. Shania is just a free-spirited fellow. I called Cindy once again and got the same old response. After a while, Precious called to remind me that she will be coming back the following day been Monday.


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