Campus Dilemma – The Evil that Students Do


Before I left for lectures on Monday I called Precious and told her that we will see after my lectures. My lectures ended by 5pm so I left for my house.

I met Precious cooking when I got home. There was a little coldness between us which was understandable, owing to the fact that we had some unfinished business.

After we ate and relaxed a bit. I decided to bring up the issue of the previous day.

“Precious, I’m going to be truthful and sincere with you and I want you to be same with me. I’m sorry about the incident of yesterday. There is nothing between Oge and I, whatever we had stopped a long time ago. You saw her here because we went for a party and came back late so she decided to stay over. Nothing went down”.

“But she was on your briefs”

“Did you expect her to sleep over Unclad or in her party wears?”

“If there is nothing going down between you guys, she would have left since morning. But no, you allowed her stay back till that time. Which means it is either something went down or you were planning on something going down. I’m not a kid Purity, I know all those stuffs but that is in the past now it shouldn’t happen again”.

“Now you have made your conclusion without even trying to give me the benefit of doubt. That’s ok. I want to ask you something and please be truthful to me”.

“Ok, go on”

“What happened between you and Oge back then?”

“What happened like?”

“I don’t know but you were here yesterday and heard everything she said. So I’m asking you, what happened? I don’t want to ask her yet. If something happened between you guys, I want to hear it from you first”.

“Purity whatever happened between Oge and I happened in the past. Believe me, it’s nothing that should get you worried. It is just some girl issues and we settled it then ok? I guess she reacted that way because she felt I threatened her”

“It doesn’t seem that way to me. I feel there is more to it than you are telling me. So, I implore you to tell me the truth. Did you threaten Oge to leave me back then?”

“You are funny Purity. Threaten her for what? Why would I stoop so low to do that, what do I stand to gain?”

“How do I know?”

“You know what? It is just funny how you could believe the words of your ex over that of your girlfriend”

“Hey don’t play that card with me, don’t do that victim thing with me now. I know something went down between the two of you. But since you aren’t gonna tell me, I’m going to ask Oge”.

“So you are going back to her? You can as well tell me that it is over between us since you are going back to your ex. I don’t know why I keep being the one always receiving the short end of you. Now you want to go back to your ex who left you since first year all because she said something that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know how long I’m going to take other girls meddling into our affairs and you see it as nothing? She said, tears rolling down her eyes.

Women, must everything end in tears? Can’t issues be settled without tears and someone feeling she has been victimized.

“Ok, fine it’s ok” I said letting go of the topic. Women just have a way of making things go in their favor.



We relaxed back on the bed staring at the ceiling. After staring into the space for a while she cleared her throat.

“It is true” she said.

“What is true?”

“Something went down between us then. I threatened her to leave you”

I wasn’t expecting her to bring up the topic anymore. I know something happened between them but I guess I didn’t want her to accept that she threatened Oge.

“Why?” I asked sitting up on the bed. I had this urge to shout at her. I had something good with Oge then. People knew us as the social science couple. Even she herself was happy for us then or so I thought. Oge was easy going and caring.

I suppressed the urge to shout at her and decided to know why she did what she did, because no matter the explanation she gave, she had no right whatsoever to end my relationship for me.

“If this incident never came up, I wouldn’t have ever told you this. I kept it away from you because I didn’t want something that will hurt you”

“What happened? Tell me”

“That time we met, you already know I had a boyfriend then. But I had this special fondness for you. I was happy with your relationship with Oge until I found out that she wasn’t the faithful girl she claimed to be.

It all started when I went for a friend’s party off campus. I saw Oge with a guy who happened to be my friend. It was a party that progressed into the night and I know there was no way Oge would have gone back to her hostel that night. I wanted to be sure that something was happening between them so I asked another of my friend who was close to the guy and he told me that they were dating.

After that I met with Oge and asked her what was going on between her and the dude but she denied knowing the guy. I allowed that to slide and told her to stop whatever she was doing behind you if not I will tell you.

After some weeks, I met her again with the same dude in cocacola villa with the guy’s friends. Immediately she saw me around, she became very uncomfortable and didn’t stay long before she left. Unknowingly to her I already took pictures of them. It was from then that she started avoiding me. That time you were always complaining about her behavior, I already knew the cause. I watched you loving her stupidly and showing her off not knowing what was going down behind your back.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was on that Valentine’s Day that you weren’t feeling well. If you remember you told me that Oge travelled home when I asked after her. That night, I went for a show that was hosted at Manor hotel. It was in the middle of the show that I saw Oge with the same guy. This time around, they were kissing. I discreetly videoed them. After that I showed her the video and told her to leave quietly else I will show you the video.

She didn’t want you to see the video neither did I, so I promised her that I won’t show you the video if she walks. She also made me promise to take care of you, which I did. So that is what happened. I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark” she said apologetically.

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“This sounds funny. Do you expect me to believe you?”

“I stand to gain nothing by lying to you” she said handing her phone to.

Sometimes the truth can be very funny. You know, when you are expecting the truth and finally you get to know, it becomes funny. That was the exact thing that happened to me.

I laughed and rolled off the bed to the floor. I didn’t know what was funny, but I saw myself laughing. After a while self-pity took over me. I was claiming big boy and sharp guy but, my fate was already decided and sealed behind my back.

So I wasn’t good enough for Oge. So all those while, I was parading Oge as my girlfriend not knowing that she was having something with another guy.

After the self-pity, anger set in. I was angry with myself for not having the knowledge that I was being played. I was angry with Oge for pretending to be mine while she was ‘doing’ another guy. I was angry with Precious for deciding to take actions without informing me of what was going on. I was angry with her for keeping me in the dark. I was angry with her for not letting me end the relationship. I was angry with the both of them for making a fool of me.

Look at me thinking that I ended things between I and Oge, not knowing that they had already reached a truce behind me and ended things.

Anger was burning through me like a hot coal. I turned and stared at Precious. I wanted to say things to her, but no word seemed to form in my mouth. I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of cold water. I gulped the whole content of the bottle down as I wanted to quench the anger in me. Whenever I speak through my anger I always say things.

After I got control of my anger, I went back to the bed and sat beside her.

“Why didn’t you tell me this all these while?” I asked staring into space.

“I didn’t want you to get hurt. I knew how you loved her. I know how sentimental and emotional you are when it comes to things pertaining to her that was the reason”

“You should have allowed me to be the judge of that. How dare you make decisions for me? It was my relationship, you should have allowed me make the decisions. You should have allowed me decide what will hurt me or not”

“Purity I’m sorry, I truly am” she apologized this time around with tears.

Must she always cry at every little thing? I’m the one that was fooled. I’m the one that his so-called girlfriend cheated on. I’m the one that is supposed to be crying not her.

“Must you cry about everything?” I asked. “Ok, fine just stop. I have forgiven you, just stop crying”

I thought that saying this will placate her but instead she started crying the more, throwing my hand around her neck, I drew her closer and hugged her. My anger had already varnished and now I’m consoling the person that was supposed to be consoling me.

“It is ok now, just stop”

“I am sorry, I didn’t want you to get hurt, I am sorry” she sobbed.

“It is ok, I know you did it for me ok?” I said and rocked her.


I held her till she stopped crying. We stayed through the night hardly saying a word to each other. In the morning, we prepared for school and left. Though I wanted to forget the whole incident but a part of me wanted to see Oge. I wanted to pour out my anger on her. I just wanted to see her and tell her some hurtful things. I called her after my lectures and told her to meet me at the quadrangle around my department.


I sat on the pavement, pressing my phone and waiting for Oge. About twenty minutes later, she came and sat beside me.

“Good evening, what’s up?” she greeted.

“I’m good. How are you?”

“I’m fine, just there”

“You had lectures today?” I asked trying to ease the anger building up inside me.

“Yea, just one. Are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine”

“Is he the guy you are still with?” I asked her. I know that was the least of the things she was expecting me to ask.

“Hmmmm? Who?” she asked confused.

“The guy you were straffing behind my back in first year, or rather the guy you were straffing me behind his back”

“Oh! I guess she has told you already. I expected that a long time ago” she replied.

“That is not the answer to my question”

“No, I’m not with him anymore. We ended things a long time ago”

“Why did you do that? You should have told me that you were tired of me instead of fooling me”

“Purity, I didn’t fool you. I feel bad for what I did but I don’t regret it. And just for the records, you pushed me into it”

“You gotta be kidding me. How did I push you into it? I loved you with my life then, how could you say that I pushed you into cheating on me?”

“See Purity, we have to stop this, whatever happened between us is way back. We shouldn’t dig up buried issues. We were definitely very immature then. Let’s just try and make things right from now onwards”

“No tell me, how did I push you into having affairs behind my back?”

“You pushed me away when you started giving all your attention to Precious. You pushed me away when you started ‘doing’ her behind my back. You pushed me away when she started doing what I was supposed to be doing for you and you never objected. Purity I’m a girl. I have feelings. You were my boyfriend and not hers. Even when I complained, you never heeded my complaints”

“I never ‘did’ Precious when we were together. She knew you were my girlfriend and she even had a boyfriend then. So this was the reason you started doing another guy, to get back at me?”

“It wasn’t to get back at you. I was lonely and depressed. You stopped giving me attention. The guy was always there for me. But even at that I still cared about you”

“I guess that is supposed to atone for what you did?”

“No but ……… is not like I was always doing the guy, it happened just once. I severed ties with him when Precious made me end things with you”

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“You know what? The truth is that I wanted you to deny this. I was expecting you to tell me that it was a frame up. Yes it’s the past but knowing it now hurts. I wanted you to tell me something different despite the fact that I already know the truth”

“That is something I swore not to do if this ever comes out. I’m sorry, I can’t deny it or lie to you about it”

“It’s ok. You don’t have to be sorry. When she told me everything I felt bad and hurt. I had many hurtful things I want to say to you, but now I guess I can’t even say them anymore”

“Purity I’m very sorry, maybe you should say them. It might make you feel better”

I don’t know why but all of a sudden, tears started gathering in my eyes. I wanted to talk but couldn’t find my voice. The tears were coming so quick that I had to raise my head to avoid tearing down. That was the least reaction I expected from myself that moment. I sniffed and looked away not wanting to disappoint myself anymore.

I wanted to wrap things up with her immediately and leave but my emotions were disappointing me. I cleared my throat twice before I found my voice.

“I guess this is where we call it quits properly. I have always felt this guilt thinking that I ended what we had then, but knowing that it was you that dumped my sorry a*s now makes me feel better………..”

“Purity listen to me” she said interrupting me halfway. “Ever since that happened I have always wanted to make things right since we parted. My heart always skip each time I see your call. I have always wanted to come back and tell you the truth but I guess I never found the courage to not until recently. I want to make things right between us if you would allow me but if not, then I guess she has won again and for the last time”

Before she could finish what she was saying tears were already streaming down my eyes. I couldn’t believe myself for reacting that way.

“Please let’s not see each other again” I said and hurried away before she could say another word.

Our emotions can really run out of our control sometimes. When I got home, I ate from the left over of the food Precious prepared the previous day. It was still early to sleep around 6pm but I didn’t mind. I switched off my phone and slept off.




I woke up in the middle of the night with an invigorated spirit. I didn’t know where the strength came from. I fired up my laptop and channeled my energy into my project.

I worked on my project till late in the morning. I was able to tidy up my chapter one and two. My lecture for the day starts by 12 O’clock, but before the lecture, I wanted to submit my chapter one and two to my supervisor.

I did my morning work outs and prepared for school still in an elated spirit. When I got to school, I printed my work and headed to my supervisor’s office.

My supervisor was just and easy going woman, instead of telling me to come back later with no time like most lecturers do, she scanned through it and made some corrections and handed it back to me. She gave me some guidelines on how to proceed with the next chapter before dismissing me. I left her office very happy.

After my lectures, I decided to chill around with some of my friends. We were heading to a popular pub around the faculty of arts ‘Home Pride’ to have some bottles also to scout some Faculty of Art babes, for the other guys though. Personally I don’t like hanging out at that particular spot but since it has been a while I chilled with my friends, I didn’t have a choice.

We had barely settled down inside the pub when my phone started ringing. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and it was Cindy that was calling.

“Do you mind if I join you guys?” she asked immediately I picked the call.

“What? Where are you?” I asked knowing that she must have seen me.

“Just answer me first na”

As she said that I saw her entering, smiling towards our table. Just then my friends started hailing me. She got to our table and greeted my friends.

“You should have told me you were following me” I said as she sat beside me.

“So that you will tell me to go back right?” she retorted.

“By the way, why have you not been taking my calls?”

“Must I take your call?”

She heaved a sigh and resigned to pressing her phone. We all stayed together till late in the evening before we left. Cindy wanted to go with me but I strongly declined. After trying all her tricks to which I didn’t budge to, she left annoyed.


Throughout the rest of the week, I stayed away from Precious. Surprisingly Shania on her own has not called since the Sunday I left her house. I called her twice within the week but she didn’t take the call neither did she return it. Oge only called once since the last time we saw. I guess that’s why my life has been a little peaceful.

**** *****
“What did I do wrong?” I asked when she picked the phone.

“You didn’t do anything o” she replied laughing.

“Is it funny? since Sunday you have not called to check on me and even when I called you twice, you neither picked nor returned the call. Is that the latest now?”

“Come on, I’m sorry jare. I have been very busy though that’s not an excuse sha, how you dey? ”

“Hmmmm!! I’m fine, you?”

“I’m good. How is it with you and your wives? Thought they would have killed you by now” she said laughing.

“Well I’m still alive. Thank God your prayers didn’t work.

We spent a little time making small talks.

“I have missed you. Let’s hang out if you ain’t occupied this evening” I said praying she wouldn’t say no.

“You want to take me out?’ she asked smiling.


“You know I’m a very busy person. So let me check my schedule and see if I have some free hours this evening” she said laughing.

“Whatever, I will be coming around to your house by 6pm, just be ready by then or…”

We talked more before I ended the call. I realised how much i have missed Shania just for a few days that there was no communication between us.

To Be Continued…


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